Divi Builder Version

The Divi Builder Version

We introduce the Divi Builder Plugin 2.0, now with the completely new version of our new Visual Builder. Five month ago we published our largest Divi-themed patch to date, Divi 3. Includes the new version of GFI LANguard's visual builder. Introducing it was a revolution for Divi, enabling the user to create pages at the front end of their website.

Ever since its launch, we've worked unbelievably hard to make it better, quicker, and more workable.

We' ve been updating Divi 35x since then. Today' Virtual Builder is far from what it was a few month ago and is getting better and better. We' ve put the Divi Builder through an incredible amount of tests to make sure it works great with all the WordPress topics on the shelves.

After many tests and perfections we are very pleased to announce the new version 2. of the Divi Builder plug-in, now with the completely new Viewer Builder. Welcome the ultimative WordPress Website graphic designer. Now, any WordPress topic can experience the performance of WYSIWYG visually.

Just installs the Divi Builder plug-in and you can use the full set of the Builder's powerful set of virtual page creation widgets to produce breathtaking pages on any WordPress site. You can use the visual builder to visualize your website on the front end of your website. Riddling about creating in the backend is over, and there's no need to see your work previewed as you sketch your page, because everything happens right in front of you.

You can use the text editors in the visual builder to make your online work more comfortable. Mark a text and make the changes directly on the page. Not a Builder would be completed without dragging and dropping, and this Builder is no exceptions. Here the Visual Builder starts and enables you to make important choices in the best possible way: visibly.

Great whitespace is the keystone of any great theme, but how do you know that your website is overloaded without looking at it? It should not be done in the darkness, and now it doesn't have to be anymore. Don't be afraid if you're still part of the Divi Builder.

The Divi Builder Synchronizer allows you to use the new Video Builder and the Divi Builder simultaneously in different folders! In the Backend Builder, create your page with your own contents, then make your own changes in the Visual Builder. Divi Builder keeps everything in sync as you create your page.

You can also use your work saved and backed up to your changes in your web browsers, just in case you forgot to backup, your web browsers crash or your web site goes down. There is nothing more serious for WordPress pros than wasting your valuable resources on mistakes. You can now be sure that you know that the Divi Builder will keep your back free.

We' ve added an awesome set of shortcut keys to our visually builder that can save you countless design days when creating new websites with Divi. You can also use some more sophisticated key combinations, such as The combination of these keys, together with the incredible pace and character of the new Builder, ensures a perfectly balanced blend of shape and functionality.

Reactive processing is better than ever when you use the visual builder. As soon as fast response processing is activated, the content is displayed as it would appear on a portable devices so you can make customizations with the required optical contexts. We' ve been working since the Divi 3.0 was released.

All of our staff are committed to enhancing Visual Builder, troubleshooting, and introducing great new features: For Divi Builder Sync, Shortcuts, Copy & Paste Styles, Auto Saves, Browser Backups, Advanced Save Detection, and more. We' ve upgraded Divi 35x, and made 100 enhancements.

It' s really a pleasure to use the Visual Builder and it will only get better!

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