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Worldpress plugins for elegant Divi themes Just one of our plug-in and you will find new moduls in the Divi Page Builder. Use the new moduls in the same way as the standard moduls pre-installed with the Divi themed. Just like the standard Divi cartridges, our plug-ins can be conveniently set up in the cartridge configuration.

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divi builder plugin review - drag & drop page builder (2018)

Elegant Themes introduced its Divi Builder Plugin in the 4th fiscal year of 2015. Developed as a complete page creator for dragging and dropping, the long-awaited Elegant themed plugin searched for one of the most frequent issues around the Divi themed. However much clients liked the Divi themme, they were worried about its portability.

If you ever wanted to change a topic, you'd have to unravel a devastating jumble of shortcuts for all the pages or postings created with the Divi themed. Divi Builder Plugin started to solve the problem of portable computing for all those who thought they might want to change the subject at some point.

Simultaneously, Divi Builder went about making it simpler than ever to make nice page and postal layout that would look good on any machine. This article will take a look at what the Divi Builder plugin has to offer regarding both functions andality.

There is a great deal to discuss and I will address as many issues of the plugin as possible, but be warned: You will still discover new functions you didn't know about even after a few weeks with this plugin. The installation and activation of the Divi Builder plugin couldn't be much simpler.

Just use the WordPress standard installation program or your preferred FTP program to load the zipped files, click "Activate" and off you go. Oh, and you will also want to make sure that you are downloading and installing the Elegant Themes Updater plugin and entering your Elegant Themes user name and API key.

It ensures that all your ElegantThemes plug-ins and designs are automatically updated when an upgrade is performed. After activation, you will see a handy "Use The Divi Builder" icon that will appear above the standard WordPressditor. The Builder can be enabled for each page or article, or you can use the standard Builder on demand.

Let's get to some of the most important functions before we get into the real use of Divi Builder. This plugin is equipped with many functions that are suited for novices as well as experienced use. While the user surface is quite simple to use, it can definitely take some getting up to date.

Importing and exporting single items, lines, modules and whole page laysouts can save an enormous amount of work. The Divi Builder makes the whole thing easy and user-friendly. No matter whether you duplicate a page page hosting on another site, copy a particular line and module to another page, or duplicate the themes option setting, you'll quickly appreciate portsability.

The Divi Builder plugin includes over 30 pre-defined layout options in additional to the option to customize, print, export your own layout libraries. The latest release of Divi Builder plugin (1.3 at the moment of this writing) Elegant themes introduces Divi Builder Divi Leaders. This is a function to help you test different layout and optimise your website for conversion.

As soon as enough information has been gathered, Divi Builder provides the necessary statistical information for your use. You may have different objectives, but you can pursue things like these: The Divi Lead is a relatively new addition, so I didn't have much spare man maneuvering around, but my first feeling is that it looks very upbeat.

Every single line can be configurated with 1-4 column in ΒΌ steps. Divi Builder Plugin provides stunning 45+ capacity that covers almost anything you can wish for. Because of these plug-ins and Divi Builder's capability to insert section, line, and column, you can build a nearly limitless number of layouts.

Even customize the text to fit your desktops, tablets, and mobiles - practically eliminate the need to build custom query forms. As soon as your layout is created, it's simple to turn certain items on and off (even for certain unit sizes), block and edit, copy, or store in your lib.

There' s nothing more disappointing than creating and optimizing several page lays outs for endless hours, just to get someone else to deal with your preferences or, even worst, to remove your laysouts. DiviRole editor resolves this issue by enabling the site admin to adjust the permissions for each users roll.

Arguably the most precious part of the Divi Builder plugin is its ability to work with almost any WordPress topic. I' ve used the plugin for various Genesis kid topics myself, and for the most part the whole thing is smooth. An important thing you should keep in mind is the width of each page or contribution you work with.

Divi Builder plugin can only work within the limitations of your already available layouts. If the width of your Contents Area, for example, is 860px, this is the maximal width that Divi Builder can work with. Another area of disappointment I encountered when using the Divi Builder plugin is the trend to change the way third parties style form-fillers.

If I use a plugin like contact form 7 or Ninja Forms, for example, the standard Genesis style will be dropped if I use the same short code in Divi Builder. The speed dial from contact form 7 is located on the right -hand side in a Divi Builder text modul and the same speed dial in the standard text editor on the right.

On the other hand, there may be an easy way to solve this issue that I am lacking. After using the Divi Builder plugin on many web sites, it's difficult to see how you can make the user experience simpler. In the past I have used a few Page Builder plug-ins where there was almost enough free space to take a short snooze between page downloads - this is not the case with Divi Builder at all.

A small disadvantage is that since Divi Builder does all its work in the backend, there are a bunch of clicks to store and update the page or even posts to see your changes. The Divi Builder has a built-in previewer, but frankly, I like to see the current page.

Another neat thing that Elegant Themes might consider is the option to store changes to the Divi Builder and refresh the page or article with a click. Frankly, I think Elegant Themes has a serious advantage in this division - especially the price setting. You have 2 layouts that are just as amazing (the custom layout doesn't contain any plugins):

Development Licence - The $89 per year development licence gives you full use of the Elegant Themes Libraries, complete with plug-ins. And I think that's a lot, especially considering the speed with which Elegant Themes has introduced new features. And even if this prize only includes their plug-ins, it would still be a theft.

I used Elegant Topics personal service and can't really make a complaint. Turns out it was a plugin issue that was quickly detected by technical assistance. All in all I like the Divi Builder Plugin very much. My own experiences are that it works well with other framework like Genesis - I have also used the plugin with several different kid-shemes.

Divi Builder plugin is not perfectly. All in all, this plugin saves me countless working days and helps me to create a page design that would otherwise have proven very difficult. My Elegant Themes development plan is due to be renewed this year. Without the recent added value of Divi Lead', I would still sign up for another year - no question asked.

Are you looking for an easy-to-use Page Builder plugin that also offers great value and good customer service, then you've come to the right place.

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