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The Divi Child Theme Plugin for Kids Themes

Use a free plugin to create highly customizable Divi Child themes! The Divi Children is a free plugin that has been specially developed for Divi users. Presentation of the new Post Layout Builders Use a free plugin to instantly customize Divi Child theme content! The Divi Children is a free plugin that has been specially designed for Divi people. And it does the tedious part of the work for you so you can concentrate on your creative work.

However, the benefits of Divi Children do not end there.

Each child theme that Divi Children creates includes a variety of customization functions via the WP Customizer. EZ-Builders in the 3.0 plugin has made everything even simpler for you! The Divi Children software captures information about you and your website so all you have to do is press a single key to get a new children's theme with lots of fun functions.

Any sub design that Divi Children creates can be adjusted through the WP Customizer, with many options available. Over 250 new customizer buttons are now ready to meet your every need. For Divi Children it´s free, but why do you share don´t a little in return?

Vivi Kids Plugin: Simply customize Divi with a subordinate design.

Now I´m will be talking about a plugin designed to automate the creation of child topics, but specifically for a particular child topic: Divi, from Elegant Threads. First of all, let me tell you that this can´t is an unprejudiced critique, but this is only because I happened to be the author of this plugin.

Divi Children is a free plugin, so I really don't think you care if the developers are a little enthusiastic. While the plugin will only be interesting for Divi theme fans, there are already many Divi out there. So, I thought that the current 2.0 of the plugin might be a little bit useful in this blogs because it has a couple of new functions to make Divi very easy to adapt without a line of coding.

Divi Children? What is Divi Children? The Divi Children is a free plugin that can be downloaded from my Divi,divi4u.com website. This plugin is designed to help Divi editors simply click to build Divi sub-topics. Divi Children's first release of Divi Children captured information about you and your site and added a feature to adjust your credit for the bottom line.

Also, it let you modify the standard screenshots and contained a Divi problem fix and a few other handy functions. This is not what I had in minds when I launched the Divi Children proj. How I explained on my contribution Divi Children 2. 0 Snow Peek:

Divi even more customizable without coding, the actual object of Divi Children is to help you adapt Divi to a much wider scope. Myself, don´t likes the Divi pages out there that look quite the same (and that's what Divi scammers have as their primary reason against Divi).

The way I decided to combat this was to use sub-themes, and in particular to use a plugin that could make Divi sub-themes that could be easily customized. According to the new release 2. As Divi Children has become more than just a plugin for the production of children's topics, it has also become more than just a plugin. Naturally, it will automate the entire design development sub-system.

However, the child topics Divi Children create are not only empty, empty child topics, but also child topics that are equipped with many functions that help you adapt Divi. These customization functions are taken over by the Divi Children Engine, which is set up by the plugin for each child theme it generates.

In addition, Divi Children 2.0 lets you upgrade your Divi Child theme to ensure that you have full control over all new Divi Children Engine customisation features. This not only goes for the child topics that Divi Children creates, but for all Divi child topics, even if they were designed by you later!

Divi Children Engine is a package of packaged child related programming language (PHP) executables that are grouped into a seperate directory within your child theme. There will be a number of things to take good care of that will help you adjust Divi very simply without having to tap a line of coding and preview all your changes thanks to the WordPress Customizer.

Aside from all the customization it offers, the great thing about the Divi Children Engine is that all the source is kept separate from the remainder of your child topic file. This way it can be upgraded at any point to incorporate new functionality or support upcoming new releases of Divi without damaging your subordinate theme file.

Each child theme that Divi Children 2 creates has a number of customization stages available to you in WordPress Customizer (in fact, each Divi-Child theme that contains the Divi Children Engine is 0, whether it was initially made by Divi Children 2, an older Divi Children release, or manual by you).

First adjustment stages packaged with Divi Children 2. 0 are: Learn more detail about the available options for each of these parts and see them in operation on my Divi Children 2. 0 Release Mail. These customizer adjustment portions are available for the whole site, but the Divi Chidren Engine also includes some user-defined selecters and code that can be used to adjust Divi module parameters as well.

If you are working on pages, you can find a foldable " Divi Children Customizing Code " on the right side of the Page Builder at you´ll, where you can generate some customized styles and tags that you can insert into Divi Module to modify one by one. Divi Children Customizing class and ID are pre-defined choices designed to accommodate Divi module customization.

The Divi Children 2.0 comes with the first package of user-defined choices that includes the following: The good thing is that you can make as many of these user-defined sorters as you want, and thus extend the customization options endlessly. Available also in the Divi Children Customs Code section is what I´ve has called "Magic Codes".

Those are identifiers that concern don´t the css but the function of some divi moduls. In each Divi Modul template there are a number of user-defined selector fields: So in the moduls for which we want to modify their functions, why don't we let "CSS Class" for true customizing and use "? ID " to tell Divi that we want the modul to do something different?

By inserting the latest posting feed and the Magic Codes of "' no_newest_post_feed' into the box "CSS ID" of various Divi-Blog module, for example, you can compel the blogs to show only the latest posting, or the exact opposite, all posting except the last one: Vivi Children 2. 0 is only the beginning.

Achieved through the Divi Children Engine and the new install/update system, the versatility will allow many other fun things to help you tailor Divi through your children's topics. Most of the heavy work is already done, so now it will be much simpler to create more customizer parts as well as new custom selectors or new magic codes in the near time ( for the 2. 1, 2. 2. 2... releases).

Many things still make Divi pages look too similar, and there's plenty of room for improvement so you can adjust Divi in seconds. And if you liked what you´ve saw on this article, you can get more information about all the Divi Children feature on the Divi Children 2. 0lease mail.

This free plugin can be downloaded from the Divi Children plugin page.

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