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What does the Divi topic cost? It' more than Ocean, Astra, Avada? A lot of folks wonder how much the Divi topic will cost. It' s the truth that it is not clear to everyone, because the Divi topic has the special feature of being marketed under different licences. There is also a comparision of prices with other WordPress topics like Ocean WP, Astra or even Avada.

The Divi de ElegantThemes Contents What does the Divi de ElegantThemes Contents cover? Which is the prize for the Divi-Topic? How much does the Divi one-year subscription cost? How much does the Divi lifelong subscription cost? May I get the Divi Topic for free? Are Divi more costly than the Ocean WP Pro themed?

Are Divi more costly than the Astra Pro themed? Are Divi more expansive than the Avada Premier themed? The Divi Builders are more costly than Elementor Pro? Finally, I would like to say which licence you should use. The Divi de ElegantThemes licence, what is included? When you purchase the Divi Topic, you get access to all the topics and plug-ins ElegantThemes has to offer in Premier.

That means that by choosing the Divi topic, you can use the following: the Divi theme: the ElegantThemes flag topic most often used by geeks or web agents. The Special Theme: a "magazine" topic that is a Divi closest relative. An interesting topic if you want to make a life style or information blogs with different category.

It has a very beautiful look and Extra is compliant with Divi Builders (the Page Builders already included in divi). The 86 other WordPress topics of ElegantThemes: i.e. you can use any other topic on this site. Warning, these 86 other topics have taken a few folds after the publication of the Divi topic, do not anticipate unbelievable topics.

Divi Builders Plugin: You say: "but Divi Builders is not divi? "No, this is what I told you in the paper that allows you to fully appreciate the difference between Divi and Divi Builder.

ElegantTheme licence allows you to use Divi Builders as a basic page Builder, as you would with a "Lambda" topic. Divi Builders is therefore fully compliant with all WordPress topics. The Divi Builders 72 pack layouts: The Divi Builders provides you with all-in-one page set-ups that you can easily set up with one click! Altogether there are 549 layout packages divided into 72 packages!

Bring the Divi themed now! It is my case, since I have divi, I use it in all my customer related products and I also implement new versions on my old pages by forwarding them to divi. And I also told you how I redesigned BeTheme to Divi for one of my customers.

I have come to convert (almost) all my pages to Divi. Why? Cause I can't bear to depend on the good will of Themeforest's topic creators, who only upgrade their topics when they look at them. When using Themeforest designs, you may have realized that in order to receive Visual Composer upgrades, you need to buy a seperate licence or waiting until the design is (finally) updated.

Using Divi it's neat, I seldom ( not to say ever ) had conflict with plugs and above all, the upgrades are regularly and easily done. You can also read: 10 good arguments for choosing Divi! What does the Divi topic cost? What is Divi asking for, anyway?

So, if we recapitulate and opt for a Divi licence, you will not only have the Divi subject, but also everything that goes with it, and you will be free to use it... or not. However, all these utilities can be used on an infinite number of websites, regardless of the licence chosen!

The difference in pricing is the length of your license: ElegantThemes one-year licence gives you one-click one-year acces to the 88 WordPress topics, the 3 plug-ins and the 549 downloadable layout... for 89 dollars a year. Unless you revoke your licence after one year, your websites will work, but the design and plug-ins will not be updated.

Yearly Divi licenses cost about 92 per year (this can vary depending on currency rates). Everything contained in the one-year subscription is also contained in the life-time subscription, except that you will be charged only once. It will cost you more at first ($249), but less in the long run.

Divi's lifetime licence costs you a one-time fee of approx. 255 (this can vary according to the currency conversion rate). Could we get Divi for free? My Google Analytics stats as well as my Google Search Console show me regular user visits to Divi Hints after typing "Get the divi topic for free" in the browser.

First of all, Google crashed by suggesting my web site to web surfers looking for Divi for free. I' ve just got Divi's childhood subject to suggest to you. The design was created by designers who spend years there to make it a showpiece that is used around the globe. After all, evil persons or disloyal sites that freely provide Divi to you may be angry to see this kind of "counter tape" and benefit from incorporating malware into the plug-in's or theme's coding.

You know, I often get a lot of sayin', "Divi's expensive." If Ocean WP is a free and much valued topic, even if you want to use all its functions (the EXTENSION BUNDLE CORE), you have to pay: $129/y for an infinite number of websites or 132 Euro TC per year/or $519 in lifetime always for an infinite number of websites or 533 Euro tax to be paid at once.

Ocean WP Core Bundle licensing fees are determined by the number of possible installations and duration. For comparison: The Divi licence cost 92 Euro per year or 255 Euro at once, while the Ocean WP Core Bundle functions cost 132 Euro per year or 533 Euro per year for an infinite number of locations.

Astra is a very strong subject. It' s available in the free edition, but if you want to use the pro edition, you have to pay: $249/year for an infinite number of websites, i.e. 255 Euro TC per year or 699 Euro in life or 718 Euro TC paid at the same to use.

Find out more about Astra here. So, for this comparison: The Divi licence cost 92 euros per year or 255 euros at a single cost, while Astra Pro cost between 60 and 255 euros per year or between 255 and 718 euros at a single cost for an infinite number of locations. VS Divi Avada. Ávada is a subject that is for sale on ThemeForest.

That is the best-selling topic on the website! It is used by thousand of locations.... What's it gonna cost you? Avada themes cost you the humble amount of $60 or 62 Euro TC. There is an "extended license": it corresponds to the life span, e.g. for use on an indefinite number of locations.

Are we really able to match Avada's expanded franchise with Divi's lifetime franchise? So the only thing that is different is that Divi sends the Divi builder, as Avada introduces its own Page Builder - the Flee Builder - which is a true all-rounder. Find out more about Avada. Divi Builders is part of the ElegantTheme licence and its cost is the same as for the Divi themed.

However, if you want to check the Divi Builders rate against Elementor's, here's what you need to know: To these prices you must buy a premier topic added (or use a free design).

That means you have to update your licence every year, so after 10 years you pay 1999 dollars, that's exactly what! So, if we compared the two vendors, Divi Builder costs you 92 euros a year, while Elementor costs 204 euros a year for the same number of locations.

What Divi licence to use? You still think the Divi thing is pricey???? When you are going to make a basic blogs just for your own pleasure = > use a free topic like Astra, Ocean WP or Hestia (read my Review of Hestia On WP Training). However, if you want to use Divi while you' re thinking about creating a unique website/blog = > Divi will cost you more than other options.

However, you will save an unbelievable amount of your website creation and worry less afterwards, because there are many web based tutorials about Divi that will help you, especially in the Divi Tips Blog and in the ElegantTheme's Blog, but not that..... When you are planning to build several websites or blog in the near or far away future (even if only 2 or 3) = > choose a site that will cost you less in the long run.

No matter if it' cash or cash, because every new WordPress page needs a lot of patience to train a new topic, believe me! In conclusion, Divi is definitely the best value for WordPress topics. However, this position obliges me (and perhaps the 500591 other buyers of the Divi license) only.....

What does the Divi topic cost?

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