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Stylish Themes Demo Site 10 Layouts - Divi themed layouts The Divi Almonds page is a replica of the Divi themed demo page, made by Elegant Themes for Divi 2.4 and published by Aspen Grove Studios. Available as your prize name, this is your downloadable prize in the Aspen Grove Studios Demo Zone, which features a number of different templates, among them replicas of the beloved Elegant Themes demo pages.

You can use this demo zone page for your next web built! We have created a number of Divi 2.4 demo pages of Elegant Themes and reformatted them into layouts packages that you can upload and paste into your Divi library. Just browse to this detailed demo zone page, load the JSON directly into your Divi library, and start enjoying the use of the layouts in your next web page creation work.

This is a collection of fantastic business websites created with Divi.

To be able to help other business owners achieve their full potential is one of the most stunning things about being a webdesigner and to exceed their objectives by furnishing them with probably the only most important asset within the trendy daily budgeting mix: their website. In order to help you get inspired for your next Divi web site we' ve put together a fantastic collection of web sites created with Divi.

Whilst there are literally hundred and thousand of Divi sites, we have tried to put together a collection of themes that are singular, somewhat uncommon and less obvious Divi out-of-the-box. Some of our most popular web sites created with Divi are not listed in any particular order: Endure Web Studios' design of Collaborate Consulting's web site is neat, concise and wonderfully made.

Combined with a nice colour palette, appealing and inviting pictures of Berggren, many appealing quotations and persuasive endorsements, Simplee Online is a great resource of inspirational for those who want to create a website for a singles individual make, coaching, VA or the like. The website of the Samui Garden Villa, created by Zenage Designs, does an excellent work in presenting a nice holiday resort in Koh Samui, Thailand.

Most of the site is created with a one-page layout, with a blogs function providing more information about the environment and outside hyperlinks leading clients to outside reservation and billing sites. Endure Web Studios also has another great website that is part of the Reason Group. Videomedia, angle cuts, clear overlay, an unbelievably well structure section of the projects and yet another nice colour pattern make this small office location super practical and striking.

Cuaderno Web's one-page website offers web designing and graphics designing service (logos, artwork, etc.) and is animated thanks to unique typefaces, great hand-drawn artwork and lots of whitespace. In such a fast-paced, action-packed sector, a manufacturing company needs a website that gets the ball rolling, and this Divi website does just that.

Fascinating cinematic sequences and drama are the focus of this building, complemented by a cooling colour range and discreet type. The New School of finance website, created by Marie Poulin, uses vibrant colours, impressive images and lots of useful material to attract the interest of prospective schoolchildren.

Created by Made Cat Market, the website and on-line store of the Dolly Love Dallas Dolly Doll's magazine is angular, tempting and comes alive with great photographs. Created by the Acme Campaign, the website of the Rome New Design St. Peter Hotels is easy to use, concise and clear.

This website uses a predominantly one-sided structure with room type described in seperate pages. The website, created by the DOERS creative studio, offers many appealing items, among them impressive pictures, subtile animation, beautiful matched scripts and interleaved paragraphs, all of which are offset with lots of whitespace. Although not a website, the latest additions to this listing were made by Sydney-based web designer Green Peas for Breakfast.

Every customer website created by Green Peas for Breakfast uses custom navigational menu, interesting animation and fantastic illustration to add a lot of detail to the brand itself. View some of Green Peas for Breakfast's fantastic customer sites by following the link below:

To create a Divi website for a company, take a look at our Divi Corporate Pro children's site. Divi Commercial Pro is ideal for on-line companies that work entirely virtual, or for off-line companies that just need a presentation page to present their tangible product or service, and comes complete with a range of conversion-driven items to help companies win and keep customers.

This includes: two homepage versions, a homepage portfolios merry-go-round, a Testimonial section already installed, an individually created blogs with already included archives and much more. Interested in using Divi Business Pro in your next web page development work? We want to know more about Divi and extra kid topics!

Hopefully you liked this Divi website listing and were inspiration for your next webrelease!

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