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You' ll also find the best free and high quality divi-layouts, child themes, plug-ins, messages and tutorials. Featuring over 500,000 subscribers, well over 1,000,000,000 Divi sites, and a vast, open and supporting user base, Divi is the most loved WordPress theme available today. What does Divi charge? Elegant Designs is available for $70 per year or $224 for lifelong entry through the above discounts and contains 87 themes (including Divi) and 3 fantastic plug-ins (Monarch, Bloom and Divi Builder).

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Well, when it comes to evaluating a topic like Divis designs and performances, I usually look no further than the topic demonstration. Many-sided, many-sided themes like Divi, however, are able to do so much more than we could do with a few specially developed demonstrations. In order to show this - and to show the full power of Divi - we need to look out into the wilderness to see actual, living web sites created with Divi.

This article will present a compilation of 25 breathtaking Divi pages that you can use as inspirations - and at the end of the page I will give you the chance to split your own Divi website. Introducing out of the way, here is a small compilation of my favourite Divi web pages created with Divi.

The Greedie Goddess is also a good example of how Divi can be used to market your product on-line - in this case wholesome smoothies from fruits and vegetables. The Findability Science website will certainly make an unforgettable first impact with a full-screen wallpaper that welcomes you. There are also conspicuous results with the use of para-laxes.

With the Divi topic, Dan Dascalescu has created a wonderful website for photographers. His breathtaking photographs take centre-stage with a clean and neat left-hand navigational menus. Next up are the photographic sites, next up is the breathtaking site of Stacey Lavi from Ottawa. The Stacey adopts a different style and adds a nice, individual wallpaper that really adds to the website's elegant colouring.

Here, too, her photographic work will remain the focus of the website, as one might have expected. Would you like to see what Divi looks like when equipped with a more minimalistic look? Visit the fashion or famine diary for vinyl clothes. Featuring large pictures and classy typefaces, this website shows that you don't have to use Divi's many sophisticated styling tools to create a nice website!

Thanks to a smartly designed layout, however, it still looks clear and organised. Your website mirrors your trademark well, with many funny pictures showing your uncommon product. Or use Divi to create stunning dining themes, like this great susphi à la maison in France shows.

This website looks breathtaking, with a slide control in fat, clear visual symbols of community service and a link to the restaurant's own products. Then back to back restaurants sites, with Masons Bar and Bistro introduced next. This website uses prominent pictures, with a full-width home page picture that accompanies classy picture rasters, and nice paraallax effect that defines the headings of each section.

Next, we created a website to promote the breathtaking Vancouver Island. You might think that this site is rich in pictures showing the area' s pristine nature. This site is neat and well organised and offers everything a visitor needs to know about the place - plus some beautiful galleries.

I think the Timeline mission website shows how breathtaking a Divi website can be. Featuring a full-screen wallpaper and breathtaking para-laxe effect, the site is the ideal storefront for the team's "missions". Next, we have a good example of how Divi can be used as a blogs topic - the homepage even serves as a land page.

Of particular interest to me, however, was the website's blogs section. Website proprietor Ashley Rader uses beautifully embossed thumbnails in her blogs alongside a plain side bar with plenty of whitespace. The Academy of Mine uses a light and colourful, slim and highly effective pattern. Visit the prices page and you can also see the Divi price chart feature in operation!

This website mirrors the Academy's missions well, with a funny and colourful look and a cheerful typeface. Yet another visual breathtaking photographic website, and this year it' s Dan Carr's turn. Up to now we have presented three photographic sites, each of which looks totally different and proves that Divi can be used in many different ways.

Carr chooses an impressing full-screen picture where extra pictures are shown in an organised raster further down the page. The site also uses some of Divi's more sophisticated moduls - it offers para-lax effect, rasterized blogs and a breathtaking picture album. Our homepage offers a full range of classy pictures, client feedback and a comfortable online enquiry and enquiry system.

There is also a blogsite with neat, organised, packaged entries. Luxurious accommodations require a challenging, elegant website. Samui Garden Villa's website offers the right conditions with its nice image selection, parallel axis effect and contemporary colouring. And as you might think, pictures of our latest creations are shown in a prominent position on the homepage, with a special section pointing to some of their latest creations further down the page.

All I can say about the breathtaking GlobalChurch Project website is Wow, with its beautiful contrast of colour. Blogs are just as amazing, though it takes a whole different approach to designing - keeping things neat and easy, using its own fonts, and showing a non-intrusive e-mail opt-in format.

The next thing we have is Nomad Capitalist, a nice example of how Divi is used as a business issue. They use a relatively basic styling, with a large full-screen picture, as well as a merry-go-round connected to all the places where you can see the movie. Another example of Divi's diversity that shows that the topic can be used in almost any sector.

Yet another website for photographs and another example of how a gifted photographer can show Divi off in an impressive and eye-catching way. It has an extraordinary look, with pictures of different size that are joined together to produce breathtaking results. The homepage also features integrated videos and slide controls so that the entire website feels demanding, classy and dynamical.

How to Beast cries out for manhood with his selection of fat titles and plain designs. With its clear styling, small miniature views and clear side bar, the blogs look great. There is also a plain e-mail opt-in at the top of the page, which matches the aesthetic of the site very well.

It uses a stamped, user-defined wallpaper and also uses a nice black-and-white-gold colour theme. This website also offers a brick-style blogs that looks astonishing! Heidi Brockmann's, a nutrition coaches for the spirit and your whole being. It uses smooth colours, elegant lettering and beautifully designed pictures that really match the mark, right down to the tea.

There is also a classy weblog area with large, packaged thumbnail views. Eateries, blogging, photography, e-commerce, businesses - whatever, Divi can do it. Hopefully this website selection has given you an impression of the level of excellence of the designs you can reach with Divi. Divi offers you an excellent website construction tool with the help of Page Builder's flexibility, almost limitless customisation possibilities and more than 40 high-performance webcages.

Obviously, we could never have covered every meritorious Divi site out there in one piece. DIVISITE SUBJECT. Editorial note: Due to the high probability of spamming, we will not allow hyperlinks in the commentaries to Divi-sites. Miniature view of the articles from Dooder / shutterstock.com.

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