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Divi, by Elegant Themes, is one of the most revolutionary - not to mention the most popular - WordPress themes published to date. The Divi Store is a complete product archive with all our children's themes, plugins and extensions. Every product is tested for each new version of Divi and WordPress. Divi hides UberMenu on the phone and displays its standard, responsive menu, resulting in a non-functioning mobile menu. Available as part of ElegantThemes.

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Compatible with Divi through elegant designs

It makes it simple to fix Divi by Elegant theming ( ET ) incompatibility by resolving the problem where Divi and other topics overwrite the "Number of displayed incidents per page" option of the meeting schedule, thus affecting page layout. This also fixes some problems with the Mini Calendar widget and the advanced eventlist widget (both available with EVENT CENTRE PRO) when placed in a side bar when using the Divi themme or Divi Builder plug-in.

ET's theme (not a plugin like Divi Builder) sets it to 5 by defaults. This enhancement resolves the problem of Post_per_page / Pageination in all view windows of the current album. Should Divi and Divi-based topics require further corrections for compatibilities in the near term, this enhancement is likely to be upgraded to include the necessary extra corrections.

Integration Manual | AboutMenu 3 Knowledge Base

The Divi uses a two-menu system (one for the desk, one for the phone). Divi hides UberMenu on the phone and displays its standard, fast-reacting menue, resulting in a non-functioning cell phone menue. The Divi creates a disturbing and interrupting atmosphere on the screen due to reststyling. In order to fix this, you can either (1) use manual integration to substitute the two menus with UberMenu only (recommended), or (2) insert CSS in order to compel Divi to display UberMenu and no longer its fast response menue (no longer suggested due to too much rest adjustment in newer versions).

It is recommended that you download and enable a Divi Kind themes before continuing. First of all we substitute the topic menus with UberMenu by means of manually integrating them. We will then make some changes to the preferences and optimizations of your website's style sheet to make things easier with the topic's headers and UberMenu. Eventually we will make some changes to the portable menus.

Make sure you always make changes to the children topic to get them when you upgrade Divi in the near future. if ('on' == et_get_option( 'divi_disable_toptier') ) ) $menuClass . {\a6};$primaryNav = ''; primeNav = wp_nav_menu( array('theme_location' =>'primary-menu' =>'primary-menu','container' =>'','fallback_cb' =>'','menu_class' => $menuClass,'menu_id' =>'top-menu','echo' => false ) ) ; wen (''===$primaryNav) :

else : echo( $primaryNav); endif; ' no_text' => true, ) ); Conditional replacement of the themes with UberMenu manually integration: $menuClass ='nav'; if ('on' == et_get_option( 'divi_disable_toptier') ) ) $menuClass . {\a6};$primaryNav = ''; primeNav = wp_nav_menu( array('theme_location' =>'primary-menu' =>'primary-menu','container' =>'','fallback_cb' =>'','menu_class' => $menuClass,'menu_id' =>'top-menu','echo' => false ) ) ; wen (''===$primaryNav) :

else: acho( $primaryNav); enif;'no_text' => true,) ); Divis headers don't run natural, so we have to make some changes. While this may differ according to the head you are using, if you want the logotype on the right and the logotype on the image on the left, adjust the orientation of the menubar to "Right" in the Control Panel.

As standard, the topic's logotype is absolute, leading to a problem with flowing. Customize your vertical cushioning at the highest level in the Customizer to match the menus with your own design logos. Upholstery Top:0; Upholstery Bottom:0px; Width:100px; Display:none; Upholstery Top:27px; Upholstery Bottom:27px; Customize width and cushioning to fit your needs. palding-top:15px; padding-bottom:15px; float:left; max-width:50%; max-width:100%; If the topic's logotype is perfectly placed, it overlaps the fast response switch and prevents you from snapping on it.

When not using the above source you can use it to place the fast response switch over the logo: position:relative; z-index:40; position:absolute; top:52px; notice that the value "top" may need to be adapted for your particular website. x padding:0; in your css tweaks so that the menus can be expanded to the full size of the browsers area.

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