Divi Landing page Examples

Examples of Divi Landing Page

The lndng is a one-page layout that was created with conversions in mind. Set of 5 High Conversion Landing Pages, created with Divi Greetings to the 10th of our Divi 100 Marathon. Maintain the vote for 100 trading Days in a range of fantastic Divi ressources as we downcount on the stunning Divi 3 releases. The creation of an efficient landing page is not simple, and in order to realize it, you need to do many items just right.

Whilst the copy is entirely up to you, we can help you with the look and feel - or more precisely, with the Divi themed. Our flag ship topic lets you use Divi Builder to build nice landing pages and optimise them for converting to Divi Lead's test tools for A/B use.

This article takes a look at five landing pages created with Divi that we think all check the right box (es) when it comes to achieving high levels of convert. Each of the following is a landing page created according to the Divi topic and highlights different facets of what makes a great landing site.

This, plus the term "conversion" in the name, of course made it a matter of course to add it to our Divi Landing Page examples as well. But as if that wasn't already enough mead, ConversionLab's specialty is landing page converting, and as you would think, their experiences shine through.

The landing page starts with a clear navigation panel with parts like Why and How as well as a conspicuous call to act in the nook. At the bottom is a now common full-width headers that contains a beautiful hand-written section on the wallpaper - a small detail that gives the process a personality note.

Navigation sidebars are also a great complement when you consider how excessively long landing pages tended to become. Provides a simple way (a dot) for the visitor to move up and down the page without using the keypad. Continue with the blurb modul, which is used very effectively here with coloured symbols and succinct description.

Next we see the Testimonial Engine with a powerful quotation surrounding oversized parts on both sides - plus a beautiful percent counter to make the site look more interactively. Maybe our favourite part of the whole site is the feedback page, which will appear when you click on one of the many requests for actions.

It' s a sleek side bar that slips out from the right and allows you to keep searching the site as you fill it - so clients never have to exit the landing page to make a request. Furthermore, it offers the possibility to register for the newsletters and thus also helps to record lead data!

Let us start with Devine Wellness - a beautiful, 'certified organic' example. Developed with Divi, Devine Wellness is a great example of a well-done landing page. The use of contrast colours immediately attracts your interest and arouses your interest in the full-width products with a full-width head of para-lax.

Concerning endorsements, we believe that posting some powerful examples on your landing page can have a better effect than letting your users drown in them. On this page you will also find a clearly arranged listing of the products used. That is underlined by an accordion modul with other related issues so that the whole area does not get inflated from the beginning (as is often the case with landing pages).

In order to complete the process, the website contains a galery of the Divi created products and a basic enquiry sheet that is perfectly suited to collect more lead or answer customers' queries. The Boxit is the embodiment of a concise (but effective) target page. There is no need to spend your valuable attention on floral description, only the most important functions of the tools.

But it is still a brave decision, if you consider how full of information landing pages is in general - especially those that are aimed at selling, such as Boxit. There is a navigation panel with a Boxit brand name, followed by a full-width headers that allows the whole range of products to be grouped into three symbols.

This section with the most important functions is a cover text modul with user-defined symbols, followed by a demonstration area (via a basic feedback link to get you connected to the service) before you go to delete with a call to the action to buy the item. He is a twelve year old Kauai wunderkind, and his page happens to be a good example of a good landing page (and the child is not evil in the ears).

This website uses a beautiful green-orange colour scheme (matching Pierce's record design) and the record itself is the heart of a full width headers that contains a very succinct call to act. Down, the site contains encapsulated sound and videomodules (as one would want from a music site ), and it concludes things with a basic subscription to the mailinglist and a series of socially minded symbols.

It' all quite simple, but with Divi it looks really good. The 28 Day to Alpha is a more traditionally styled example of a landing page that is clearly aimed at a more male audience, in case the programme name and James Bond-inspired backdrop are not enough to make that clear.

The landing page opens with a strong headers that makes good use of contrast, followed by a listing of publication where the item was cited. This is followed by a Divi Blurb four-line four-line tradition with user-defined symbols and a beautiful use of letters in fat to create a design between informationagraphs.

Most of the remainder of the landing page is after the book, with alternate text and picture lines on opposite pages to make it easier to read, and leads to the decisive call to act - a breeze for those who have come this far.

Although the 28 Day to alpha does not necessarily use many of the extended Divi theme's functions (apart from bubbles, header and testimonials), it serves as a good point of departure when you try to enhance it. Setting up high-converted landing pages is an arts discipline, and if you want to try it, you might as well walk the whole pig and equip yourself with all the necessary equipment to do so.

Divi's easy drag-and-drop constructor and A/B test tool gives you everything you need to make your landing pages look different from the rest. In fact, we happened to have a few items that will help you start setting up Landing Pages with Divi. Mastery of conversion design with WordPress and Divi Lead.

Explore 10 Conversion Rate Optimization techniques that you can test with Divi Lead.

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