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Update Divi Feature! New, flaming quick and easy with React 16 Part of our greatest goal in creating Divi was to help web design professionals be prolific and increase the effectiveness of their workflow. This means that you will be empowered to create nice web sites and that you will be empowered to create them quickly. In order to achieve this, we have developed a utility that is both rugged and simple to use, that is full of all the adjustment choices a web design engineer would need, and that is presented in an intuitively way, but on the basis of all of these things, the performance of the applications themselves is important, and today's upgrade is about making it quicker.

We' ve heavily tuned our version of our tool, our visual-builder, to enhance your site's ability to perform when you make changes. Easily put, when you adjust the look of your page, these changes will now appear much more quickly than before, thus decreasing the feeling of delay or glitchiness and making your page more visually pleasing.

Every press of a key senses quickly and responsively, the adjustment slider slides give a sleek and gracious touch, and the colour selector exploration is simply beautiful. This increase in power will be particularly apparent on older machines, which means that the ability to build visuals will be much more available to everyone. So if you've tried it in the past, but were disheartened by the feeling of tardiness, upgrade it to the latest version and try it again, because I think you'll be amazed at how quickly and responsively the builders have become!

Divis Visual Builders is a front-end app based on the React Javascript libary, and today we update this base to the latest version, React 16. This goes hand in hand with intrinsic enhancements in power along with new features that enable us to develop even better and quicker quality work. Better, quicker version of visual builders powering by React 16 is still available today, so why not get Divi and do a Spin?

Tell us what you think in the commentaries and don't miss out on dropping by again next weekend to get even more great Divi up-dates.

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