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Easily modify Divi child theme. <font color="#ffff00">-==- proudly presents

Appropriate for any company that wants to yours on-line selling goods, divi e-commerce vessels with a number of unbelievable functions that make the sale easier. The two homepages come packed with a number of amazing featured and trending item display options to help spotlight remarkable articles, a Deal of the Day timer to present time-sensitive deals, and an outstanding e-mail sign-up page to expand a subscriber base.

This flawlessly crafted shop features a nice design coupled with an individually crafted side bar for WooCommerce. In addition, each page of the products, with three different styles to select from, contains a number of core features such as breadcrumb navigational features, tag and category stylistic features, and user-defined column tabs to prevent distraction of extra information.

In addition to a blogs function and nicely crafted About and Contact pages, divi E-Commerce contains already created and stylish shopping pages, such as shopping cart, account login and checkout pages.

Over 180 stunning ready-made layouts for Divi theming.

Just the best way to work with Divi: find chapters, create layouts, done. The Divi section is amazing: it helps you modularise your work, save your precious design and save your precious work. Locate the right section for your layouts. Locate the section you need, organised into 18 catagories, designed by the best Divi artists who are always add new styles.

Simply select the desired section and see how it looks together in a single look that you can build in just a few moments using our free layouts generator. If you are happy... a few klicks brings your page to your Divi site.

Meerjungfrau Bundle - Divi UI Kit + Divi Topic

After the great succes of the unicorn bundle we are happy to announce a new bundle of Divi UI Kit and some funny bits. Take a look at this fantastic module listing! Then visit the demo page to verify every one of the great themes that will be featured in our next series.

This is a useful package of products to make your web design so much simpler. In order to start, simply reinstall the plug-in and start importing the libraries. Automated Update - Get plug-in update directly to your desktop screen. Grab the update of the Meerjungfrau package as you unroll it. It is no longer necessary to fetch and reinstall topic data by hand.

Automated CSR & Script Integration - The wizard plug-in autogenously inserts all necessary CSR and JavaScript codes for your website's templates and animation. Enhanced Custom Changes - 90% of changes can be made in the modulesettings. Watch the video tutorials for each of the modules to see what you can modify.

The Mermaid Assistant plug-in can be easily integrated into Divi and any Divi Kind theming. May I use the Unicorn and Mermaid plugins together? That' s why we made the mermaid a plug-in. This way you don't have to merge two submenus.

It' all done by the plug-in. Simply assemble and begin construction! In-depth video tutorials - 46 and more.... There is also a Google document that shows all our moduls and suitable video to make it easy for you. Check out the Google Google Doc Tutorsheet. Mermaid Bundle provides web designer with a set of tools that, in conjunction or individual, make the process of designing and creating web sites so much faster.

Mermaid Bundle contains all module and was developed especially for the needs of a webdesk. Emphasis is placed on building blocks that are used in almost all websites. This includes blogging, dating opportunities, personal pages, and more. The Mermaid Bundle also includes some separate kit options.

Normally the package saves you a lot of cash. Please see our video for help on installing and using the Mermaid Package module. There is also a Google document that shows all our moduls and suitable video to make it easy for you. Check out the Google Google Doc Tutorsheet.

Please note: For this page you need the Divi-Topic. Remember that you will need at least some Divi and WordPress expertise to take full advantage of the Mermaid Bundle.

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