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Live Divi Preview

With Divi 2.5, Divi Role Editor, Live Preview and much more! Vivi 2. Here is 5, and it's full of some really great new stuff that will enhance your Divi Builders experiences by jumping. When you right-click something in the Builder, you get fast and easy acces to frequently used functionality and some completely new utilities such as copy and paste from one location to another, lock contents that can be modified by other people, and disable elements in the Builders from showing up on the frontend.

Whilst I'm on the subject of how to save yourself a lot of valuable amount of your precious personal amount of your precious free space, I'd just like to say that you'll really enjoy Divi's new Live Preview function! Vivi 2. Those small companies make up a large part of the Divi community, and we want to include more functionality that will make it easy to create stunning sites for their customers.

As a result, we developed the Divi Role Editor, a completely new utility that allows designers to manage the type of activities their customers can perform within the Divi Builder. As well as undoing and restoring all the operations you perform, Divi will log all those operations and recreate a new historical state for each one.

Not only is it possible to undo and restore your changes with the new Undo and Redo Divi 2 button. It is also possible to quit the setting window by clicking Esc or press Enter to store your changes. Previewing live is something we like to present in Divi 2.5.

Previously, all changes made to the preferences for modules, rows or sections had to be stored before they could be displayed on the front end of your website. It can be a big wastage of time, especially if you make many fine-tuned customizations to the advanced design properties of a team.

Divi 2. 5, you will see that all preference panes have a new Live Preview symbol. Live Preview also provides quick response tests that let you see exactly what your article will look like with desktops, tablets or smartphone solutions. Divi 2. 5 If you right-click in the Builders, there are a number of new functions that can be discovered.

Divi now works just like any regular piece of softwares, and the control elements you're familiar with right-clicking are now available. In the Divi Builders Copy & Paste is now available! Modules, lines and segments can be photocopied and then inserted anywhere on the page. In order to perform such a job before, you would have to store these elements in the Divi library and then download them from the libraries on your new page.

If you only want to copy and insert the element once, using the Divi Library is not perfect as it can cause confusion (even right-clicking to copy is much faster!). "Once a modul, line or section is "disabled", it will be deleted from the front end page of your site, but will remain available in the builders GUI in deactivated state.

You' ll notice that elements that are currently deactivated in the Builders have reduced their coverage for ease of use. You have many choices why you want to deactivate an element and keep it from being displayed, but still keep it alive in the Builders for later use. An example is when you have a punctual or seasonally scheduled listing that you want to turn on and off during sales or when you just want to store the article for later because you're not 100% sure if you want to make a commitment to go live.

" Blocking elements stop them from being processed, shifted, or removed until they are unblocked. It is only possible for an administrator to block and unblock elements. When an administrator blocks elements within the builders, smaller users cannot change these elements. It can be very useful if you are working with customers and want to avoid them tampering with certain elements while at the same time changing others.

We' ve often hear from our clients that changing the name of elements within the builders can be a little cumbersome, especially since the Admin Label box is often at the bottom of the modules setting lists. Divi 2. 5, it is now possible to rename a modul, a line or a section with the right mouse button, so that it is no longer necessary to reach into the setting fields to organise your page.

Vivi 2. The new preview function of 5 is also available via right click. To view a modul, line or section immediately, simply right-click and choose "Preview". "This is especially useful for large pages where it can be hard to find a particular element in the frontend preview.

Divi Builders is now more organized than ever. Furthermore, lines and sections can now be renamed, and these labels appear in the Builders when a section or line has been compressed. You can also save elements in the Divi 2 libraries in Divi 2. There is no need to modify an element in the Builders to use the Save To Libraries tool.

Were you ever afraid to share your finished Divi website with your customers? Ever had a customer customize the Divi Builders preferences without first letting them learn how to use them, ruining all your work? Well, we're glad to say those past few weeks are behind us Divi 2.

Launches Divi Roll Editor, a new utility that allows you to restrict/control each Divi Builders feature for each of the WordPress operator rolls you use (it also works for customized operator roles). Give your customer a customized WordPress Guest Roll, and then open the Divi Roll Editor to navigate what the Guest is permitted to do.

You' ll soon find that the Divi Roll Editor provides you with the necessary tool to securely distribute a website to your customers so that they can manipulate pages within the limits set by their roles. You can, for example, set up a roll that allows your customers to modify without deleting them.

Allows you to set up a roles that allows client to modify only certain category of preferences but keep the remainder invisible (e.g. allow user to modify general preferences but not advanced theme preferences or custom CSS). They can go further and restrict specific preference modes within the General Preferences, for example, by enabling customers to modify text contents within a modul, but not allow them to customize the modul's layouts configurations and styling choices.

On the top layer, the Divi role editor allows you to restrict your ability to browse to large groups of topic preferences. If, for example, you want to set up a customized roles for your clients with regular administrator rights, but want to restrict the permissions within Divi that would normally be available to admins, you can do so.

The Divi Thread Options, Divi Thread Customizers, Divi Module Customizers and Divi Library can be disabled. What really makes the Divi Role Editor shine is when it is used to restrict permissions within the Divi Builders itself. At the widest possible pane, for example, you can restrict a user's options for editing, adding, or deleting a module.

After spending a long amount of your attention building the Divi page layouts, you might just want to allow your customers to modify your module and forbid them to even add new ones or delete them by mistake. Actually, you may not want to allow them to use Divi Builder at all if you are not sure if they can use it at all.

Once a subscriber has the option to append or modify moduls, you can set very unique policies for what kind of modul preferences they can modify. A good starting point might be to deactivate the advanced design options and the custom CSS tabbed pages. In addition to deactivating whole setting tab pages, you can also choose the type of setting available on these tab pages.

You can, for example, allow your customers to process only text contents and colours within each team. Those preferences are very simple to comprehend and usually give customers everything they need to administer their own website without giving them the opportunity to change the layout or look of a page.

You can also restrict what kind of custom building tools are available to your customers to include in their pages. Usually it can be more complex to deactivate them ( e.g. the portfolio ones ) or to deactivate those that would be useless for your customers ( e.g. the code one ).

Maybe you just want your customers to be able to edit/add text and images to their pre-built pages, in which case you can deactivate everything except the Text and Image module! Configuring this, coupled with restricting advanced design settings and custom CSS within these engines, makes for an unbelievably optimized Divi Builders adventure!

Divi can now be as easy or as progressive as you want her to be. We' ve worked really tough, and the Divi 2 height. Rely on me when I say that we are listening to every individual customer service pass and every individual features inquiry, and we are planning to capture every individual until Divi is completely flawless There have been many enhancements made to Divi 2.

Add preference to show items from select category in Shop module. Caption assistance for Divi gallery added. Supported Enter and Escape button in Page Builder modal added. Enabled ability to deactivate user-defined column Padding on phone. Quick tags pane added to minuteMCEditor in Page Builder. Codemodule:

The problem with some contents removed from the modul has been resolved. Full width meal module: Enhanced theme options added. Blogs module: Additional submenu links colour options in the navigation options In. You can now sort the moduls by name. Solar Tab Module: The problem with duplicating tab pages in a globalen modul has been solved.

Several problems with the row elevation area in the Page Builder solved. The problem with more tags in the moduls has been solved. Corrected conflicting behaviour between shop engine and blogs engine when ordering items by likelihood. The problem with the addition of stored lines with a special ranges columns has been solved. Corrected picture zooming when loading the page when using the weblogs.

The problem with customized symbols in the Gallery/Portfolio application has been resolved. The Testimonial Module: Updated the width and elevation setting of the pictures to 1-200. The problem with the picture in theblurb module when defining a false picture pathname has been solved. Corrected conflicts with some MailChimp plug-ins that use other MailChimp classes. Corrected full-screen editing behavior of the tinyMCEditor when it was activated in the Builders modifyport.

Follow social media module: The problem with the Skype button hyperlink has been solved. The problem with the endless blogs loops when a posting contains the Portfolio Engine has been resolved. Optimize page builder file load in WP-Admin. The problem with the Preferences symbol was resolved and the Special Area was no longer displayed in some cases. The problem with the preview in the Customizing where different WordPress addresses and location addresses were specified has been solved.

The problem with unpredictable behaviour when pressing the return key in the constructor has been solved. The problem with the picture editing utility tip that was not displayed in the Page Builder text box has been resolved. Corrected the problem with duplicating pre-defined layout when activating a subordinate design. Corrected the problem with the colour of the blend margin when selecting a user-defined blend colour in the Gallery, Portfolio, Filterable Portfolio and Shop module.

The problem with the incorrect overall number of library page layout numbers has been resolved. Corrected some bugs when adding camcorder or camcorder sliders without configuring preferences. SmartText entry: The problem with "Justified" text alignment has been solved. The problem with WooCommerce-related products appearing when the sidebar is activated has been resolved.

Corrected the clash between the choices for the current colour of the menus and the colour schemes. The problem with displaying gallery mail type on categories pages has been solved. Corrected the problem between the Highlight Colors dialog and the preview buttons. The problem with the Side Navigation and Back Up button's z-index has been resolved to ensure that it is always on top.

Corrected undesired location in master navigation system when using two logos together: centred and hidden. The problem with the scrolling transitions of the logos has been solved (making it smoother). The problem with the disappearance of adSense in the footing line widget was solved.

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