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Locate Divi music layouts for the Divi Wordpress Theme by Elegant Themes in the Divi Layout Directory. Marketplace for Divi Child themes, layouts & plugins. templates in full width for each theme & Page Builder).

10 Divi Child themes for musicans

The best way for a performer to develop his music, talent and service is a hot website. The Divi is a good option for players and luckily there are several children's topics to help you get on. We take a look at 10 Divi CI topics for artists in this review.

Musicans have a wide range of needs for their web sites, which can involve any mix of a store to buy their album or merchandising item, an agenda to view forthcoming shows, information about the performer and the nature of their work, a feedback page, course bookings, auditions and video or CD link.

Most of these children's topics have been developed specifically for the music industries and offer the above -mentioned functions. A few are universally applicable children's topics that are well suited for use by musician. And as a compliment, I've added a page design package to this mailing for those who only want to include one page design in their existing sub-theme.

Subordinate topics are in no particular order. The Solataire contains a uniquely customized headers, which displays the menus as a central online menus on the screen and by default on your phone, a customized audioplayer so your guests can listen to sample music, a touring page with purchase link for your ticket and the WooCommerce feature so you can resell your music and items through the stylish store page or module.

There is a large typeface that corresponds to the style and has a contemporary look. It' a good option for anyone in the music business. The JOSEFIN BAND is a homepage for the JOSEFIN theme with many page layout and user-defined module and contains the Page Builder Everywhere plug-in. The scroll shows many two-column segments, full width segments with parallel axes, number counter, a stylized blogs, a stylized contacts page and much more.

Contains the WooCommerce Inclusion. The DJ 1 Page is a one-page page with areas for music, video, event, photos as well as a dedicated feedback area. There is a right-side slide down menue, css animations, css section separator, event count down and service linkages like Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Youtube, etc. There is a full-width picture galery, stylized switching, CTAs with multiple layouts, stylized personal module, a three-column testament section in parallel axis, and more.

The SoundCloud section is shown in two column with symbols for the Audioplayer. Service is presented in different layout with different superimpositions and colours. A stylized e-mail message is included, as well as price charts and contacts. The Divi Ultimate Bands is a homepage for the Divi Ultimate theme. Showing a full frame with CTAs, embed videos, a slide control for displaying records, designed Testimonial segments with superimposition in parallel axis, designed Audioplayers with cover art, an event schedule with Ticket-CTA and a designed Blogs section.

Sono was developed for DJ's and musician, with a special emphasis on lives. Featuring a full-screen headers with CTA and overlays, it's ideal for your home movie wallpaper. Show your devices and your service in the three-column about. There are also stylized service and blog pages with matching side bars.

Developed for any kind of event management activity, Eventus is ideal for presenting your event and your music service to your audience. Featuring full-width background images in prallax, intersecting block labels for the section, stylized overlay with floating motion overlay, 2-column and 3-column blogs, stylized e-mail and contacts, and a full-width art gallery.

Unusual typefaces fit the theme stylistically. A universal children's theme with many small little creations, Diamond is ideal for a performer who wants a website with a minimum but distinctive outline. There are 11 page layout and 78 elements in the libraries. Personal moduls show you or your bandmates and Projects moduls are ideal for your service and album.

Blogs post and side bars are designed to fit. Makes a Splash is a universal children's theme for various branches, among them creative people such as performers and performers who present their records, shows and music service. Contains an interleaved logotype, bent borders, fly-in motion, user-defined page headings, etc. The Music Studio Layout Pack is a good option for those who don't want to use a ready-made children's theme for their music website.

Comes with 5 page layouts - Home, The studio, Musician, Equipment and Contact. Pages contain section dividers and several stylized moduls. So if you are interested in creating a website for musician, these 10 Divi Kid Topics for Musician are a good starting point. You have a wide range of functions, among them built-in music player and stylized sound module to playback sound clips, stylized store module to sale your music and merchandising items, meeting pages to keep your supporters informed about forthcoming meetings, price charts for your music service and much more.

I have been a guitarist since the early 80's and would like to create a website about guitars.... and I know exactly which children's theme I will use on this page. What is your favourite Divi Kid theme for musician from this album?

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