Divi page Builder

The Divi page builder

One visual Drag & Drop Page Builder for each WordPress theme. Creating stunning WordPress websites has never been easier. Update Divi Feature! New workflow for creating Divi Builder pages

We' re now presenting a new page building work flow to our visually builder that makes it even simpler to get new sites up and running quickly. When you now begin creating a new page in Divi, you will be welcomed by three page building choices. Begin from the beginning, or go directly to the Divi Library to download a ready-made lay-out.

It also introduces a completely new way of creating pages in Divi: Pages duplication. Immediately start cloning any Divi Builder page on your website and directly load it into your own application to launch your new page. We believe in the performance of our free Divi Layout Packs and in the many customized Divi layouts you store in your Divi Library.

Bring these concepts to the top of the Builder and enable you to quickly get to your elements when creating a new page. Dependent on the kind of page you are creating and the state of your site's evolution, you can select the way that best fits your needs.

The new page building work flow is fully customizable, and you can even adjust your preferred standard path within the user interface preferences of your application. However, if you want to avoid the selection entirely, select one of the three choices when loading the Viewer. When you want the Builder to work exactly as it does now, just select Start From Scratch as the standard page building method.

When you frequently load laysouts when creating new pages, you can select Load Prefabricated Pages as the standard path. Whenever you start the visual builder, you go directly to the libraries and can work from there. If you don't use our ready-made page designs, and even if you don't use the Divi libraries to make your own customized page collection, you can still take advantage of our new way of page replication.

Rather than create all your common designs twice and not have to point to different pages while you keep building your site, you can just copy an already created page and bypass the cumbersome replication of your customized theme and page layout. Each of your current pages works similar to Divi Library layout and can be called from within the Builder at any point.

It is important that every page is immediately included in the Builder to start your new look! New page building workflows are now available, so just go ahead and load Divi and rotate it. Tell us what you think in the commentaries and don't miss out on visiting again next weekend to get even more great Divi-news.

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