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Stylish designs - the new drag-&-drop page generator for designs The Elegant Themes is one of the premier WordPress themed stores, and its flagship Divi has been a huge hit, especially thanks to its drag-and-drop pagebuilder tools. Now for the first the same Divi Page Builder utility (from Elegant Themes) has been made available as a stand-alone WordPress plug-in, meaning that you can easily extend Divi's stunning drag-and-drop mail and page manipulation capabilities to any WordPress-based website - no matter what you use!

So if you want more complete visibility into what your WordPress site looks like, this plugin might be what you're looking for. Divi Builder is now available as a stand-alone plugin and works with any WordPress topic - not just Elegant Themes. I used it with a kid topic for the Genesis frame during the test and almost everything worked as anticipated.

It' a rather big thing, since the ability to even include a simple page design editor in WordPress can really help you improve the home page and internal contents of your website. Of course, there are other independent page creators for WordPress, but as we'll see soon, Divi Builder has several functions that set it apart from the rest.

That is the heart of this plugin. The Divi Builder works with articles and pages, so regardless of the kind of contents you create on your site, you can create your own layout and fill it with an amazing number of contents engines. All you need to do to get going is click the appropriate icon on the Mail or Page Editors screens and then interact with the Builder.

The Divi Builder follows the column and row layouts system. That means you can include any number of paragraphs or lines in your posting or page, and then split them into any number of rows before you include your customized contents. It' a backend builder rather than a frontend builder, so you have to switch a lot between folders to see what the backend visitor viewing looks like when it goes live.

That' not perfect, but Elegant Themes has done a good job of making the whole thing as frustration-free as possible. For a better understanding of how the Divi Builder backend behaves with the frontend aspect of a posting, this picture from the Elegant Themes blogs does a good job matching the two views:

Although there may not seem to be much correspondence between the two at first sight, once you understand the Builder API, you should have no problems navigating and determining which modules refer to which elements on the frontend of your site. People may say that the ease of quickly uploading backend representations of your contributions and pages could even accelerate the designing for you.

There' certainly an item of fact, and although frontend constructors like VelocityPage or Upfront are awesome, they have their own peculiarities and constraints. The Divi Builder gives non-web designer the ability to build their own extended page styles without the need for programming knowledge. Don't be afraid if the theme isn't your strength, but this plugin also includes a large variety of ready-made themes that can be used as they are, or as the basis for your own individual themes.

That means that no mater what kind of website you are creating, or what pages you want to include in your current website, it is likely that Divi Builder has a ready-made appropriate look and feel that you can simply customize and customize. Or you can store your own designs, attach them to the libraries, and even create them for use on other websites using Divi Builder or Divi Theme to export them for faster designing and creating.

Divi Builder contains 40 contents moduls that can be simply pasted into your user-defined columns and rows layouts. A few of the features from the Contents Modul are Call to Action button, timer, e-mail opt-in form, cards, price table, testimonial, videoslider and much more. When you activate Divi Builder on your website, you immediately substitute the features of innumerable other free and commercially available plug-ins in one step.

The majority of our panels have a number of variants so you are not tied to the standard configurations, and almost all of them have an amazing number of configurations so you can customize them to suit your website and visions. When you need a universal kit to build almost any kind of website, Divi Builder's capacity module is about as near as possible.

The Divi comes with a roles slider that makes it simple to determine which layer of users can use what items in the Builder. When you have co-authors who write for your blogs and don't want them to begin to create customized postings, you'll certainly appreciate this function.

As an alternative, you may want your co-authors to use certain Builders module, such as full-width header and image. When you are a web design professional and worry that a customer will break the customized design you created with Divi after submitting his website, the Roll Editors will help decrease the chance that this will happen.

Choosing a WordPress username roll, such as Autor, allows you to specify which plugin items, if any, can be used. So if you already use the Divi Topic - which incorporates Divi Builder feature - the good thing is that this plugin gives you an easier way to change topics without interrupting all your customized styles and page layout.

Enabling the Divi Builder plugin on your website but changing from the Divi topic now gives you an exits policy to leave the Divi topic behind (not that there's a need to stop using the Divi topic, but it's great to have options). It' s noteworthy that any work you do in Divi Builder will be interrupted unless you leave the plugin enabled on your website.

Whilst this is to be expect with this kind of utility, it is noteworthy as the topic and plugin lock-in is a serious problem and you should think about it when selecting a new one. Fortunately, with the price plan available for Divi Builder - which we'll be discussing in a moment - you don't have to be concerned that you're bound by costly agreements to run your website the way it should.

Whilst there are many great functions in the Divi Builder plugin, there are some aspect of this utility that are my favorite. The ability to view full-width pictures and other kinds of contents (that go beyond the postcontainer's edges) is a major visual characteristic I've used in some popular blog posts.

Now with Divi Builder, there's no need to modify topics or hack your templates to be able to add full width to your post. Just paste a full-width section into the Builder, then paste a full-width modul and its contents, and you're done. However, how well this effect works depends on the topic you choose.

Leaving the mail box is not simple, and with some designs it doesn't work as well as using the Divi theming. Every modul has a myriad of preferences that regulate the look and feel of your website, giving you plenty of visibility into the look and feel of your website - from the overall look to single postings and pages.

But if you don't need this kind of supervision and just want to get the work done as quickly as possible, Divi Builder won't get in your way. In addition to being able to store your layout for re-use on another website with Divi, you can also copy its items.

You may find a WordPress topic that doesn't like Divi Builder, but it seems that most well-programmed stream topics will work well with this drag-and-drop plugin for the page creator. However, the only area where the Divi Builder did not work as intended when using a third-party topic - in this case Altitude Pro for Genesis - was working with full-width or full-screen layout.

Besides the full width module already described, when building a user-defined home page with Divi Builder, it was not possible to build a full width page that would fill the whole webpage. But if your design has a full-width pattern that you can use on your pages, or you can make one yourself, it shouldn't be a big deal.

For whom is the Divi Builder plugin intended? Given its usability and low cost, Divi would be best for someone who is new to WordPress and web designing, but still wants the opportunity to do something special without having to employ a-pro. While it may seem like this is among someone skilled in web designing, its time-saving capabilities - as well as the way Divi Builder makes it simple to easily transfer and paste user-defined page layout and themes between websites - make it attractive to anyone who wants to reduce the lead times of a web designing outing.

You will not find any new features in the Divi Builder plugin if you are already using the Divi theming. If, however, you are a Divi Topic Owner but are considering a change of topic, Divi Builder should help you switch to another topic without loosing your ability to navigate to custom layout or context module that you are using.

In order to get into the Divi Builder plugin, you need to join the Elegant Themes Club: this is not a bad thing because there are many advantages and pricing starts at only $89 per year. In addition to the Divi Builder plugin, you get five other plugs, among them the high-performance e-mail Opt-in Forms Builder Bloom and the fully loaded Monarch plugin for full online community collaboration.

In addition to that, for your $89 you get full coverage of all 87 topics - Divi included - as well as any other topics published by Elegant Topics during your subscription. Whilst Divi is the main topic of this line, there is a new topic in the pipeline that is said to be even more mega.

Unless you're a regular subscriber, you can enroll in the Lifetime Access-Plan and pay a one-time $249 charge for accessing all topics and plug-ins forever. There' s a $69 upgrade to join Elegant theming, but this does not involve accessing Divi Builder or any of its other plug-ins.

I' ve been using the Divi topic for some time, so I'm used to the Builder and know how it has been improving in recent years since its inception. Well, since anyone can use the power of the Divi Builder on their WordPress website (no matters which topic they use), and also dispel the anxiety about the lock-in, this will certainly be another great achievement for the Elegant Themes Clubs.

Featuring more than 30 high-quality example layout examples and 40 contents module that can be added to your articles and pages, Divi Builder is a truly versatile utility that can be used for any kind of website development work. Already using the new Builder plugin from Divi?

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