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Luckily, there are many well-designed over-pages created with Divi to inspire you for your next Divi design. Divi-layouts are ready-made modules, lines, sections and pages that you can load directly from the Divi-Builder or from your Divi library and use in your Divi websites. There are 9 Divi websites with interesting pages about pages.

All too often, the over-page becomes a place where information about the business and its members is spent without much redesign or style. Luckily, there are many well-designed over-pages that have been made with Divi to help you get inspired for your next Divi theme. We' ll look at 9 Divi sites with interesting about pages in this column.

Pages contain typical teams and person profile, corporate information such as corporate identity and philosophy, competence listings, contacts, etc. I also look at the layouts, the use of pictures, colours and type. I show a picture of the section I like and argue about what I liked about it.

Just go to the end to find a few hyperlinks that will help you create your own interesting over-pages. Lines change with which colours they begin, thus forming a chess board pattern grating. The majority of pictures are the same. Contacts and registration forms have the same colours. It has an interesting teammember area with full-screen overlapping pictures.

Some of the pictures glide to the right as you move and show an overlay animated with the person's name and separator. Multiple segments are overlapping the foreground and using changing items. In my favourite area I show the pictures of the members of the teams over stylized characters of their first name. Pictures are overlapping characters and other pictures.

Pictures and characters are based on the design of the website. It uses a stylized design with a stylized design over the picture. Without the picture, the same design is used as an e-mail call to perform the bottom of the page operation. To the right, there are two pictures above a frame to make a multi-column design.

Every picture is a PDF-downlink. The stylized navigational slide control on the right side also pleases me. On this website, the company's missions, visions and assets are presented in an interesting slide control that contains a wallpaper with overlays, text and stylized point guidance on the right. Your winning schedule is presented as a time line with large numbers and symbols, each item being a different colour and placed on an interesting backdrop.

It uses full-width episodes for the Heroes section, corporate information, pictures of teammates with text and hyperlinks, role models, and some CTAs. For me, the multi-column picture collage with a monochrome color frame as the caption is striking. Also I like the picture of the teammember placing a quotation in the picture.

There is a biographical page with a full picture, titles and names above the picture back. Organic is provided in two colums, followed by a picture galery of the work. What I like is that this page uses a full frame as headers. Doing this is usual on home pages, but they are not so favorite for about pages.

Personally, I adore the color in the picture and the shade effect on the head. This is our look at 9 Divi sites with interesting over pages to help you get inspired for your next Divi site. There are many posts in the ET-Blog for more help with your Divi-Designs.

A lot of them concentrate on a lone item that we usually see on a well-designed over page. What of these About pages are your favourites?

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