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But so much so that there is no preview - what you see is really what you get with Thrive Architect. Now Divi comes with all 800+ Google typefaces. In Divi 3.0.83 (updated 18.

10.2017) the handling of scripts has been fundamentally revised. With this new addition, Divi now offers a number of new typeface choices, over 800 Google typefaces, and the option to simply add your own typefaces to Divi-Builder. Check out the full article on Nick Roach's font-update "Divi Features Update!

Extensive rework of type options, better headline controls, and countless more "text options" for more detail. In order to help you find the desired typeface in the vast collection of typefaces, the type select box is displayed when you tap with a selector. Whenever you use a typeface in Divi builder, it will be added to your Recent Type listing and displayed at the top of the type-screen.

Now all Divi cartridges have new character design features like small capitals, strikethrough, dash under and stroke through. More than 800 Divi typefaces feature vibrant type weights that load into the new Ultra Thin to Ultra Bold type weighting option. Each module allows you to set the title level for each module and apply user-defined style to H1-H6 titles.

Allocate H1, H2, H3, H3, H4, H5 and H6 user-defined character sizes and style independent of each other. How can I view the Divi script? Since Divi uses Google typefaces, the best place to preview Divi typefaces is on the Google page. Simply enter your text into the Entry Panel and you can see what your typeface will look like with your own contents.

As soon as you have a typeface you like, it's easily found in Divi Builders using the typeface finder functions.

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