Divi Remove Designed by Elegant Themes

Remove Divi Designed by elegant designs

Let's remove the footer text on Divi that reads: "Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress". Delete " Designed by Elegant Themes " in Divi. Stylish designs result in some stunning WordPress themes and are definitely a good value for your while. You can get many high value themes from these boys for the avarage cost of a payed themed! Divi is one of her major themes, which is a very customizable design that incorporates a constructor.

The first thing you will see when you preview Divi is that the bottom line says "Designed by Elegant Themes".

The most frequently asked question in Divi boards and groups on Divi is how to remove "Designed by Elegant Themes" in Divi. Notice that this item has been upgraded to version 3.0. Twenty-seven of Divi. By far this is the simplest way, but the switch only came out in some of the newer releases of Divi.

Sorry, I don't know the precise release number when this modification took effect. These instructions should still work with all Divi releases. If you are signed in to WordPress, navigate to the Divi drop-down list on the far right. The Theme Options may need to be clicked, which depends on which Divi you are using.

You should no longer see the bottom line when you are previewing your website. From a technical point of view, we have only hidden the bottom line here. When you are in chromium and right-click on the bottom line and select "Inspect Element", you will see that the source is still there, but your regular users will not.

Sadly, this source file has meanwhile evolved and is no longer valid for the latest Divi i am using release, which is 3.0.27. However, it does work for some of the older releases. When someone knows in which release they deleted this, please post a comments below. It' a great example of why coding for a design is not always the best option because your own custom changes can be erased if you want to upgrade your design.

If you are signed in to WordPress, navigate to the Appearance pull-down list on the far right, then select Editor, which is located underneath. To the right of the page, navigate to the "Theme Footer". You should see a similar key to the one below and you should be able to see it: php printf( __('Designed by %1$s | Powered by %2$s','Divi'), Elegant Themes', WordPress'); ? ? ?

comm " target="_blank">Link to www.yourwebsite. com Your website now displays the refreshed bottom line.

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