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Although the Divi-Builder is now available as a separate plugin, you can only buy it as a bundle. Cause you get an annual access to Divi Builder, all the beautiful designs of Elegant Themes and all their plugins. Now that the Divi Builder plugin is available, it should be of interest to anyone who wants to use the powerful Page Builder tool from this topic on other WordPress templates.

Division 3 Review (September 2018)

Often when folks say divi, they don't notice they're related to two different things. Divi Topic & Divi Builders. Whereas you would use the Divi themes only with the Divi Builder, you can of course use the Divi Builders with any WordPress themed. First of all, the Divi topic is beautiful, but I find it easy.

When I create a website with Divi Builders, I use a more contemporary design. Divi Builders is the most progressive page creator I've ever used for WordPress. The Divi Builders is a speed dial constructor. I don't like it, but you'll have to choose for yourself whether it's a biggie or not.

At the moment, you cannot use Divi to create user-defined header and footer. It is not possible to create user-defined library pages or page styles. divi said that's going to happen, and i'm fairly sure that they're highly-motivated to deliver. Above mentioned links grant a 10% rebate on the purchase of Divi. Divioupon not required.

Well, I can understand why folks buy Divi. Although it is not my own decision of the page creator, it is indisputable that it is the most progressive. The Divi crew has also evolved over the past 12 month into a well-oiled bike with incredible functions and improvements. Those ratings & compares are my opinion base on my use and my test.

Even though I was asked for my remarks, I would like to make it clear that I have always refused! I' ve never been hired to post or tape a review, EVERYONE! Further information on my review can be found in my transparency report above.

Divi Topme Review 3.0 - Honest thoughts from someone who used it.

Divi? What's Divi? Division is a high-performance multi-purpose WordPress topic from a business named Elegant Themes. Divi combines a high degree of customisation with a high-performance Page builder to allow anyone, even those who are fully literate, to build a nice WordPress page. Whilst Divi has many ways to customize designs, Divi Builders is the actual driving force behind its triumph.

Divi Builders is a page builders specifically designed to work with the Divi topic. Since I believe that it is the basis for the Divi triumph, I will discuss the Divi Builders and all other Divi topic feature in detail in this review. Which types of websites can you create with Divi?

As I said before, Divi is extremely flexible. They can even use it to build an eCommerce website with WooCommerce, although to be frank, I think a special WooCommerce topic is a better choice if you want to build a shop. But Divi can, but he's not specializing in it. I' ve tried to draw a lot of samples to show you how diverse Divi can be.

If you have doubts whether these samples actually work with Divi, you can always verify the sources! Divi Builders is one of the most important functions that makes it simple for anyone to build intricate themes. It is a high-performance pagebuilder which allows you to process in the front end as well as in the back end (more about this later).

Divi Build is the best page creator I've ever used? When you hold a weapon to my mind, my first two options are Elementor or Thrive Content Builder. Thrive Content Build is the first of two. Divi Builder's a tight-ass second. However, the fact that there are better page makers does not mean that the DiviBuilder is bad.

In addition, the Divi builder is conceived in such a way that it can be easily integrated into the Divi theming. So, if you mix the Divi Builders with a design specifically developed to take full benefit of its features, it's definitely a high-performance page builder. What you get is a great page build experience. Ok, so I tell you that Divi Builders lets you work in both the frontend and the frontend.

When I only had to choose a Page builder type, I preferred Frontend builds. Both have their benefits, so the fact that the Divi Builders allows you to move smoothly between them is actually a big one. Creating pages with Divi? Ok, let me give you a short example of how you can actually create your pages with Divi.

Once you have Divi up and running, you will see this new Use The Divi Builders icon on all your postings or pages. The only thing you have to do is click on it to open the page backend: While you can create your pages in the frontend section, I think it's more fun to show you how to use Divi with the help of the toolbar.

The Divi Builders design essentially consists of two concepts: Rows and columns - view them as the frame in which you can place your contents. Module - these are the items that actually show your contents. The Divi has module for almost any type of contents you need to build. Here is the complete module list:

Frankly, as far as module is concerned, Divi has one of the best listings of any page creator I've ever used. Personally, I like Thrive Content Builders (which I use to create the page for this review), but they lack important features like search and contact form. For Divi, these are the moduls. With Divi, you can store your layout (or just certain parts of it) so you can re-use it later.

A thing I really like about Divi is that it contains ready-made layout in the constructor. So instead of always assuming an empty screen (or one of the patterns you've saved), you can assume one of Elegant Themes' professional designs. Divi themes are always available in your libary and can be loaded with a few mouse clicks. What's more, the Divi themes are always available in your libary.

One more great thing about the Divi Builder are the Undo/Redo badges. Most WordPress page creators provide a kind of audit trail, but not all provide a special Undo/Redo function, so this is a big plus for Divibuilder. The Thrive Content builder also has this function and I use it all the while.

One more thing I really like about the Divi topic is how well it uses the WordPress Customizer. Matt Mullenweg and I believe that the WordPress Customizer is the enabler for the WordPress world. Since Divi uses the customizer, you simply make the changes and immediately see how they impact your website.

With Divi, you can use the customizer in two ways: How to customise the style for your design. First use is default for most theming. However, the second use is quite one-of-a-kind and in turn suggests the advantage that your Page builder is fully embedded in the topic you are using.

Let us begin with the basic use - the adaptation of your design. Honestly, most of it is WordPress topic default material. Divi has a thing that I really like: Googles suggests using at least 16 pt fonts for your phone, so it's great that Divi lets you get into the changes from the customizer:

For me it doesn't matter much, but if you are one of these guys, Divi can adjust its headers in different ways using the WordPress Customizer. With Divi, you can also fade out the nav until a person begins to scroll. Altogether, I think Divi gives you a lot of headers to choose from.

This is where Divi becomes one of a kind. The WordPress Customizer can actually be used to customize the appearance of your WordPress customization tools. To the best of my knowledge, there is no other theme/page creator who makes this possible. You can still customize each of your moduls, but it's great to be able to quickly make default settings for the look and feel of your moduls.

Normally it is quite tricky to deploy A/B tests in WordPress. However, good A/B test plug-ins are expensive and tricky to incorporate into your design. The Divi makes A/B experimentation simple with something named Divi Lead. If you activate splitting checking, you can build more than one version of your modules: Frankly, this function alone almost made me use Divi instead of Thrive Themes.

It is a high-performance, high-performance function. There is no simpler way to do A/B testing with WordPress. When you choose the Divi topic, I suggest that you take full use of this function. There is one area I haven't even mentioned yet - the Divi themme options control panel. It' also where I think Divi can get a little stuck.

Wish they had tried integrating these features into the WordPress Customizer. It' mighty because you have so much power, but it sometimes feels a little like you' re walking through the silt. The one thing I like about the Theme Option Panel is that it lets you simply insert user-defined sections of your own coding into your or .

When you are the only one who has accessed your WordPress page, this function does nothing for you. However, if you want others to have easy control over your WordPress accounts, it's great that you can use Divi's built-in role editor to limit the menus they can use.

Divi Topme LEO - Will it be as good as other themes? Well, I don't think there's any need to care about Divi topic SOE. I have never had to directly approach Elegant Themes to get help. Divi Supports eco-system is astonishing. The Elegant Themes has a comprehensive knowledgebase with video and online training materials.

Find third-party Web sites that create tutorials to get the most out of Divi. One of the advantages of choosing a favourite topic is that there is a lot of information. I' ve been reading some customer feedback from angry clients who have been excited about the people supporting Elegant Themes.

How about Divi and theme Lock-In? Once you have found my article by looking for something like Divi themme review, there is a good possibility that you have seen Chris Lema's article about Divi and themes lock-in. Otherwise, here's a short summary: Divi Builders uses so-called shortcuts to help you build pages without having to know how to encode.

If you ever have to change topics, it can be a draw. Fortunately, Elegant has tried to alleviate this situation by making a plug-in of Divi Builders. This means that if you need to change the topics on the street, you won't loose your nicely styled contents as long as you keep using the Divi Builders plug-in.

Thrive Content Builder, the page-builder that I use on this website, also uses shortcuts. At the end, I chose that the advantages of Thrive Content Builder offset the potentially negative impact of the lock-in feature. However, if you are the kind of individual who likes to change topics every 3 month, you need to think hard about whether a shortcode-based page builder is right for you or not.

Other page creators such as Beaver Builder and Elementor do not depend on shortcuts. Elegant Themes introduced the new plug-in edition of Divi Builder's Plug-in in March 2017. Well, I think the effects of the issue binding are even smaller. This is because you can use the same Divi Builder as part of the Divi themes and as a stand-alone plug-in.

Now you don't lose developer capabilities when you change designs. Divi Topic Prize - How much does it costs? The Elegant Themes gives you two different points to buy the Divi themed. Something fast mathematics should tell you that if you are planning to keep Divi for more than ~2. 75 years, the life schedule is progressing.

Either plan also gives you easy entry to any other Elegant Themes products, which is a great value in itself. The Monarch Mobile Application - a high-performance plug-in for attaching mobile devices to your website. Additional topic - although not as much loved as Divi, this is a great topic in itself.

Plus a lot more topics and plug-ins. You should buy the Divi thing. The Elegant Themes' Divi them is right up there with Thrive them ( which I use on this page) as far as I'm concerned. What's more, it's a bit of a thrill. The choice between Thrive theming and Divi fell quite literally onto the wires. At the end, I picked Thrive Thames.

If you' re more of a "creative guy" than a "marketing guy," I think Divi is a better choice for you. The Thrive themes are minimalistic and conversion-oriented, while Divi allows you to make much more attractive themes. Only thing stopping me from 100% endorsing it is the lock-in issue.

But I am also involved in the Thrive Themes system of my choice and have been lucky so far. When you buy from a serious firm and like the subject, I really don't think Thema Lock-in is that big. Stylish themes and divi are extremely popular, so I don't think they will disappear in the foreseeable future.

And, as I said before, the stand-alone Divi Builder plug-in now makes it much simpler to change topics over time. Create your contributions and pages beyond the possibilities of the simple WordPress editor. Well, then I strongly suggest you try Divi. Disclaimer: The divi-sites in this article are affilate-sites. This means that if you click on a hyperlink on this page and buy Divi, I get a small surcharge.

Apart from that, all my views are my own, and I don't take credit for good ratings.

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