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The Divi is designed to be WooCommerce compatible. Locate Divi Shop layouts for the Divi Wordpress Theme by Elegant Themes in the Divi Layout Directory. The Divi is designed to be WooCommerce compatible. Luxury Divi Child Themes, Layouts, Courses & Membership.

Browsing 14 Divi Websites with Amazing Shop Styles

The Divi is an outstanding theme for building your own shop on-line. WooCommerce fits seamlessly into WooCommerce and the shop engine can be designed like any Divi engine. A lot of shops have been created with Divi to help you get inspired for your next Divi game. We' re going to look at 14 Divi sites in this review that have stunning shop themes.

I consider the shop modules within the layouts, single pages, overlay, use of pictures, colours, writings, etc. I show a picture of the shop or the page and talk about what I liked about it. He uses the Divi Builder to create the pages that place the items on a stylized backdrop with a framed shadows.

Every element of the design is Divi designed, with text, pushbuttons, sales badges and ratings. The Shop modul shows your items on a different wallpaper. Even the pictures of the finished goods have a blank backing and fit together very well. Our name is displayed in red and the logo is displayed in red. The logo is displayed in red and the logo in red.

The site has one of the most original pages I've ever seen. There is a picture of the case of the item, but then when scrolling it shows the item in parent. While scrolling, the text of the item is scrolled over the wallpaper with an overlaid so that you can still see the item below the text.

Okay, now that that's out of the way... This shop page shows four column views of your items across the entire width of the site. This includes a small flashing green symbol that fits the font and highlighting of the website. Full width pages are also displayed. Now I like the use of large pictures and neat photos of my work.

A stylized symbol is displayed on the overlays. An interesting buy-it-now tool with an animated symbol and graduated over-effects is available on the products page. The shop is a perfect match for the page design. Use a light bluish overlays and open the item within a pop-up so you can see the item detail, make a selection and put it in your shopping basket without exiting the shop page.

Places the shop modul above the wallpaper of the park. There are also stylized scripts and a suitable overlaysymbol. Pages also contain the wallpaper and stylized type. On this shop page there are various link pages with large symbols and texts. Pages of products categorized contain a stylized side bar that shows categorization and searching.

Stylized frames, a hyper symbol, text that changes colour on hyper, and a rating system for stars are among the items. Full width pages are displayed. There are many style items in this page as a link to shop category. Pictures, text, partitions and pushbuttons are included. Stylized edge and button are included in the range.

Each page is displayed in full width and contains pit shadows for your pictures, a stylized separator bar and a stylized icon. On this page we use pictures with stylized background and text as a link to the different category. Every shop page shows each item within a stylized section containing three pictures, item information and a pushbutton.

Pages are full width with three text bars and two multi-column layouts containing a movie, text and picture. It shows the shop modul in a stylized series with a framed shade effect. Text and button are designed in dark to reflect the brand identity of the group.

There is a slightly opaque cover with a special symbol of roses. Pages with grey highlighting and a stylized shop page to show similar items. Here the items are displayed on the homepage as pictures with shade effect and prices. If you move the mouse over the picture, both the size of the item and its shade will be enlarged.

When you click on a specific type of products, a page with pictures in a slide bar and a descriptive text opens and marks the symbol in the navigation bar on the right. It uses a clear layout for the two-column shop engine, which shows a large picture of the titles, text and buttons for each article.

Inside the products page you will see an icon slide bar, all the text you expect, stylish button styles, switches for price information by land, embed movie and another round of switches for all information about the products. The shop uses some interesting selling tags. Pictures of the products deliver the colour and contain a title and an inlay.

Full width pages contain pricing and buttons. A Pixlee slide control is included in the section entitled Produktbeschreibung. It shows different ways of showing your items and categorys on the homepage, beginning with the slide control in the heroes section. The next step is an alternate lay-out with a large picture and text on one side for the catagory and a shop modul on the other side that shows the items in two-column.

The next is a shop modul, which is displayed in four rows with a shade effect for each item with a purchase key in the inlay. Full width pages of the products contain some interesting typefaces. This is our look at 14 Divi sites with stunning shop themes to help you get inspired for your next Divi site.

The ET Blogs have many items to help you with your Divi Shop design.

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