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Twenty-three Divi websites with unique page layouts It' s hard to create a lay-out that is totally one-of-a-kind from beginning to end. The majority of Web sites need a good lay-out with fundamental information and usually use similar items to view that information. We' ll take a look at 23 Divi sites with different page designs in this section. While many of these pages will have only one single characteristic, others will be entirely inimitable.

I will show a picture of the singular features and talk about what I liked about it. At the end, just go around for a few lefts. Inclined pictures and graphs have been used for years, but it is rare to see text with titles. It has many blocs in its layouts that contain hyperlinks to targets.

Some of the features that stand out about this site are the alternate segments with superimposed pictures with upright text. Text is multicolored and is placed over the black backdrop. Pictures are displayed and move to the desired position. The use of pictures as a link to pages is quite widespread, but this website does it in a singular way.

Pictures are placed in two full-width column, which removes the room entirely on all sides. Every picture uses sleek overlay. Each section of this website is presented with a staggered heading in the back, just visible. The text is shown above the wallpaper caption to display another caption in small text and a dayline in large text.

The site has a singular link section to show the different compilations. On one side of the page are the left hand side buttons, so that the remainder of the page remains blank. It shows a picture skew over a small backdrop and shows the year of the harvest in large text over a small edge of the picture.

Places the caption to the page below the picture. Use the same look as a store CTA. This cut itself shows a two-coloured motif with a circle and an angular line. It is a one-sided style where most of the layouts consist of the menus. On this website a time line is used for a great look.

When you click the desired item, a template for that item appears. The two time axes have a changing look and are reflections of each other. These layouts concentrate on the artist. Shows monochrome pictures in a multi-column format without spaces. First colored section shows three full width full width full width full width full width social link.

Her pictures contain her shadow so that the backdrop looks as if it were part of the picture. One thing that turns out to be quite special is this one section with three CTA's that use the website wallpapers in Parallaxe. And they are neat and fit neatly into the website layout. A thing that proves to be quite one-of-a-kind is the area of the portfolios.

This shows the full width of the asset allocation, with each element given a large number. There' s a song name and a hyperlink in here from hangover. It uses some one-of-a-kind graphic items in the wallpapers. In the Heroes section, a movie is shown that scrolls from page to page and through the text. Parts of the movie are concealed behind a backdrop with an angled corner worn by the remainder of the page.

On the right side, the heroes section of this shop offers the heroes' section with the productslider and two smaller posters to create a clear layout in Magazin-Stil. Banner use a hyper motion to move the picture up and display an advertising slogan, information about the site and link. The website uses a box theme and keeps the logotype and menus on the monitor when you are scrolling.

What I particularly like about this section is that it shows a picture in para-lax with several different section sorters. It has a peculiar possibility to create a linkinglist. Use a 2/3 1/3 columns layouts to show an picture on the bigger page to attract your interest. On the other side are the titles and hyperlinks, which are centred and contain an arrows for enumeration characters.

The site has several distinct features, among them a rhombus-shaped tag connecting a number of pictures, an inserted picture in another picture, several staggered and superimposed picture and text moduls, and several mutually superimposed boundaries. It has a special section for blogs, which shows the contributions in a multi-column design.

The ones without pictures are holidays and have a different coloured text than the others. The one I found particularly singular was the blogs section. Employs large maps that look sleek and contain the information expected: picture, track, meta, subway, extract and mehr lesen key. However, what is noticeable is that you can use a scrollbar below the blogs section to browse through them from page to page.

Drag the sliders to display the number and name of each transparency and highlight the name of the transparency. There are many graceful backgrounds on this page. This section contains stylized top and bottom separation, including several angle and colored elements that match the website theme. Every stage of the procedure has a number in the back with the text above it.

These designs are used throughout the website. This is our look at 23 Divi sites with uniquely designed page designs and features to help you get inspired for your next Divi site. It can be hard to create something truly special in our stunning designer age. Luckily there are many posts in the ET-Blog about designing your page with Divi.

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