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Where is the difference between the Divi theme and the Divi plugin? Both the Divi theme and the Divi plug-in are great ways to create web sites. So in this paper we will be answering the following questions - what is the different between the Divi theme and the Divi plug-in? Here is a look at the shared feature set. Each of the builders is available in both products: Divi Builders, Front End Builders, Profiles, Rows, Classifications, Profiles, Module, Layouts as well as Preferences.

Saving and loading laysouts, importing and exporting them, adjusting Divi builder preferences, performing a/b testing, undoing, restoring and viewing progression. Here is a default display within the Divi theme. And the only thing different is the subject itself. Here is a lay-out within the Divi theme in the wireframe screen.

Here is the same page with the Divi Plugin. This works exactly the same way, but the design must match the theme design. The design uses side bars so that the design blends into the area of the human being. Here is the wireframe design with the Divi Plugin in the Twenty Sixteen theme. They both use the Divi library, where you can design, post, and store your page or post content.

They both contain the role editor in which you can select who has acces to which Divi functions. However, the topic has a few more options. Divi Builder Help is available in both Divi Theme and Divi plug-in. Divi-layout works as long as they don't need functions that are only found in the Divi-theme.

Here is a look at the layout available in the Divi plug-in. Divi Theme has several adjustments that distinguish it from the Divi plug-in. Here is what the Divi theme has, what the Divi plug-in doesn't have. There are five parts to the Dashboard menu: Topic Options - include General (35 options incl. CSS), Navigation, Builder, Layout, Display, Ads, SOE, Integrate (custom areas of code) and Updates.

This design will add many new tag to the Text page. On the right side a new area named Divi Mail Settings will be added. Allows you to suppress the page layout (sidebar links, right, or without) and navigation before scrolling. The use of the Divi Builder will add point navigation and hiding and showing the mail titles in the Divi Page Settings.

Sites contain the same new tag and Divi Page setting that have been added to the Post Setting. Sites have a new function named Preset, which contains two preset options. contains the headline, the bodyshell, the sidebars, as well as the bottom line. Empty artwork is empty so you can use Divi Builders to build your own headers, bodies, footers, and side bars.

Divi Theme brings several additional utilities to Theme Customizer: You can use the Customizer to make adjustments globally for each individual modul. Divi Theme will add Theme Customizer and Modules Customizer to the Role Editor. Divi's theme features three new broadgets (About Me, Adsense, and Advertisement), and several broadgets that feature a side bar, four footers, and a custom widget-area-builder.

Subordinate topics inherit their functions from the superior topic, so in order for Divi's subordinate topics to work, they need the Divi theme. This example above is a children's theme named non-profit, which only works with the Divi theme. Divi plug-in works within the theme of the theme you're using and allows you to build Divi layouts in the Contents pane.

Here is a look at the differences in the Divi plug-in. Note that the dashboard menus are restricted because they do not influence the theme's functions. Including it:: Divi plug-in does not tag the WordPress editors and does not append page design choices. When you need side bar design choices, you need to trust the functionality of the design you're using.

The page setup does not contain the WordPress editing tag or page layouts any more. With no page layouts adjustments, your layouts must exist within the design's theme. The Divi plugin contains the Builders, but not most of the Divi theme related features, as you can see from the compare.

When you want to have full power over a website, you should use the Divi theme. The Divi plug-in - contains the Divi Builders, Divi Layout and Divi Libraries. While the Divi plug-in is great for those days when you need to use a different design, you want easy and convenient use of the Divi-builder.

It' also good to use when you are away from Divi so that your contents keep all the Divi cartridges you have used. What do you use between the Divi theme and the Divi plug-in?

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