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Ultimate WordPress Theme and Visual Page Builder. Themes Divi, Wordpress, Elegant themes, Elegant themes, 3.0.92. The Free Divi 3.

0.51 WordPress Theme is the most intelligent and flexible theme in our collection.


Corrects the problem with Divi 3.0.92 by ElegantThemes, Inc. that undesired contents were added at the beginning and end of the contents in subordinate submodules such as price tables, sliders, etc. when stored in the Backend Builder. - A problem has been resolved that the point navigator in the video sliders modul did not work properly.

  • It fixed the problem that the Show Comments Count checkbox in the Comments engine didn't work with other title layers than H1. - It has fixed the problem that the Fullwidth Header Modul in VB with a certain set of options does not correspond to the real frontend results. - KB was not loaded when the table of contents plus[toc] short code was added to the page.
  • Addressed a Google Language Plugin incompatibility problem. - Key waviness of the modul has been eliminated in wireframe state. - Saved category of products from plug to kids for the shop plugin has been modified to improve language capabilities. - Solved an undesired visual merry-go-round group when clicking the merry-go-round menu of the Videolider team. - Improvement of e-mail verification in the Contact Us section.
  • Bug fixed that Firefox could not handle printing pages with number counters. - Images filter added to Fullwidth Portfolio now. - Screen Filter added to the Filterable Portfolio panel. - It has fixed a problem where the headers fontsize in the customizer preferences was overwritten by the fontsize of the Post-Slider modules in the special theme. - The missing links to the mail titles in the mail slider modules have been added.
  • Missing images and annotated contents in Facebook's in-app explorer corrected. - Increased the orientation of the Search Module buttons vertically when applying marginality. - The thumbnail views of the video sliders have been corrected in visual builder. - We fixed the problem that the module links did not work correctly in wireframe state. - Repaired the problem where the global module value was not moved to BB.
  • Updated the Import and Export buttons in the RTL Customizing. - Fixed Testimonial Profile Range Standard Value Migrations. - Means the problem where different front sizes were used, i. e. 1 - h6 headers in 1/3 and 1/4 column in VB.

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