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Sneak Peek Divi Feature: The Divi Theme Builder Divi has been loved since its introduction because of the performance and creative powers it brings to every WordPress fan. Almost as long as the same people wanted us to expand that strength and creative force to every page, every contribution, every section, and every WordPress templates to.

If the Theme Builder function of Divi is enabled, a new sub-menu appears in the WP-Admin under Divi. The Theme Builder sub-menu allows you to set the standard "Templates" for different pages and contributions. There are three fields in a template: Any of these areas can be created and adjusted using Divi Builder layout.

Initially, you create your style sheets at the macroscale by either customizing the contents areas or globally mapping them. Shared Globals distribute the same contents across your site on every page for which that Shared Globals have been enabled. If you want to change the shape, you can make each contents area on each pattern an individual one.

Even work granularly with your style preferences by viewing your style sheets by page, post, category, and more. Eliminates the need to repeatedly tap a WordPress page style sheet over and over again. As soon as you start creating the contents yourself, the adventure is smooth because you are back in the graphical builder.

Wherever your creative power, free of engineering constraints, is better than ever prepared to give your whole WordPress website pixel-perfect look and feel. Pending this publication, please let us know in the annotations what you want to do with Divis Theme Builder, Divi Active and Divi Enhanced.

As well as posting blogs, I work on our blogs, hotel our Divi Nation podcast and maintain our many contributions. With our everyday online Tutorials, favorite online media, and expanding help desk communities, my goal is to make the Divi Nation the strongest online comunity.

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