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With Divi, it's easy to take your custom layouts with you wherever you go with WordPress Importer. Divi allows you to set the homepage in the Theme Customizer. Use the Divi Theme & Module Customizer With Theme & Module Customizing, you have complete command over almost every item on your page. Do you want to resize or distance text or an item on your website with a click of a tooltip? Customizer is where you want to begin!

The customizer panel can be reached via the Divi > Theme Customizer and Divi > Module Customizer link in your WordPress Dashboard.

Topic Customizer gives you full command of location-wide theme items, such as your menus and logos, or your text and headline style. Module Customizer provides settings for sizes and fonts for each module. Would you like to decrease the amount of all your website's sliders?

This can be done via the Module Customizer in a few seconds! First, we will discover the Theme Customizer. Here are a hundred different choices, divided into different catagories. The first time you open the customizer, you will see several panes, such as "Headers & Navigation" and "General Settings".

When you open these fields, you see the choices for these areas of your site. If you customize the customizer setting, you get a real-time effect previewer. With Theme Customizer, you can do almost anything without ever having to touch a line of coding. To take a more in-depth look at some of the different customizer choices and some imaginative ways to use these choices together, take a look at the tutorial above.

Team Customizer works just like Theme Customizer, except that it concentrates on customizing single Team Customizer components as distinct from general Web page items. If you open the Customizer window, you will see a window for each of the Divi cartridges. When you open these panel s-you'll see customizer control items that allow you to customize the distance and type of each modul throughout your website.

If, for example, you think the FullWidth sliders title is too large, you can open the FullWidth window and change the control heading to the desired value. When you now insert a new fullwidth Slider on a page, the adjusted headersize is taken into account. It is not necessary to use a children theme or customize the advanced modules preferences for each of them.

Modules Customizer is a set of generic modules controllers.

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