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divi-theme Elegant themes

Elegant Themes Divi Theme helps you create beautiful websites. Installing the Divi theme We will install your design with the help of the up-load function in your WordPress Dashboard in this step. In order to be able to upload your theme, you must first go to the members area and click on it. Log in to your Moneybookers and then search for Divi on the Downloads page. Please click on the pushbutton "Download" to get the zip file.

In order to submit your design, you must first sign in to your WordPress Dashboard. Once you are signed in, click the Appearances > Themes tab to open the Themes page. Press the "Add New" pushbutton at the top of the display. In the next window, click the "Upload Topic" icon at the top of the page.

You will then be taken to a new page with an uplink. To open a browser screen to search your computer, click the Choose Files icon. Find and choose the Divi.zip that you just downloaded from the members area. Press the "Install Now" icon to begin installing your design.

It will reload, and after the topic is fully loaded, you will see the "Activate topic" hyperlink. Please click on this topic to enable your design and finish the install.

Updating the Divi theme

If there are new releases of our designs or plug-ins available, updates alerts are displayed on the Dashboard > Updates page of your WordPress Dashboard and in the Themes & Plug-ins manager. It' s important to keep your designs and plug-ins up to date to make them compatible with the latest WordPress release, keep your website safe, and take full benefit of the latest and greatest functionality!

When you have your user ID verified, you can click the refresh button when you get a refresh notice to refresh your design or plug-in automaticly. If there are new available alerts for one of our themes or plug-ins, a alert appears on the Dashboard > Alert page of the WordPress Dashboard of your Web site.

Members with live identities only have unrestricted rights to receive upgrades. In order to verify your identity, you will be prompted to enter two details in the preferences window of your design or plug-in: 1 ) your username and 2) your application programming interface (API) code. They will do so by inserting this code into your Topic or Plug-in Option page.

When you have duplicated your API key, you must use it to validate your user by inserting it into your Designs or Plugins page. Sign in to the WordPress Dashboard of your website and browse to your Topics or Plug-in Option page. To find this for Divi, click the Divi > Topic Option button.

After you load your design or plug-in option page, check for the Updates page. To view the User Name and API Keys boxes, click the Updates page. Enter your user name in the User Name box and insert the previously duplicated copy of the Application Programming Interface (API) code into the Application Programming Interface (API) code box. To finalize the bank authorisation, click Cancel.

After entering your login information, you can now refresh your design. On the Dashboard page, click > Updates, and usually use the WordPress Update dialog to upgrade your design or plug-in. So if you don't see updates alerts or get an authentification failure while upgrading, try to wait a little and come back later.

WordPress sometimes caches updates alerts and it may take some getting them displayed properly. When you use Divi on different customer sites, it is often a good suggestion to create a new code for each site.

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