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Awesome Divi Theme Samples - What to See (35+ Website) September 2018 So if you've been considering working with ElegantThemes' most favorite theme and WordPress page builder, now's the right moment to see as many Divi Theme samples as you can get your fingers on. This way you can be sure that you can get the desired results. Various topics vary in adapting to different sceneries, so you may want to see if choosing the products you have chosen makes good business for the alcove for which you want to create a website. What we are going to do is to scroll through a number of applications of this topic by niches or industries.

We have put our favourite Divi theme samples under this section, these are locations in different sectors that have really crossed the boundaries and produced fantastic results. They have to attend this just to see how we can translate this issue into dramatic results. They are a creatively designed company that sees itself as a designer and has used minimumism and room to drive results and create the Divi-Example.

Whoa - just wow, that's what we're talkin' about when we talk about breathtaking pictures. Given that the video market is video, they are perfectly suited as divi samples of the subject's versatility and what can be accomplished by focusing on it. Being a long-time Mumford and Sons enthusiast, I have a weakness for this Divi theme example, but if you look at it, you'll see that it's a properly done one.

Featuring a deep colour pattern that harmonises very well with the alcove, the site uses a number of web site functions to present this ribbontripute. Stay the styling simple, but the styling will achieve the effect you want by focusing on the tape itself, using things like art galleries, built-in videos, and the latest breaking news-blog along with a host of endorsements.

There is no one who can compete with the Swedes when it comes to minimalist designs. It creates a perfectly balanced relationship between shape and functionality that is immediately recognisable. No wonder that one of our best Divi theme samples comes from a Swede based designer company. There is not much that can be said to describe the perfection of the designs that The Generation has made.

The website is another great example of a theme where a visual has a great impact. Actually, the program is actually 3-D rendered and animated so you can be sure that they will use stunning graphics to present the features of their work. It is the website of a Bohemian marketer - Bookin - and a rather alternate one, as you can see from the end results.

However, it is an outstanding example of the use of ElegantThemes' most beloved theme, which uses a deep colour pattern and combines all kinds of visually rich mediums such as videos and images with outstanding effects. Videobackgrounds are used to present each page, and then great images complement the text and workflow of the site.

We begin our listing of Divi samples by going with the most beloved slot of all, the Divi slot. Of course, there are other things you might consider, e.g. StudioPress's Genesis is also a very much loved item, as you can see in this Divi vs. Genesis compare from CollectiveRay.

Let's see a few examples of websites that have made the most of this letter to still get an outstanding outcome. It is an outstanding Divi theme example used as a corporate/business site. You can see how the professionality has been brought to the stage where it conveys an outstanding reputation of the trademark.

This is another good example of an office, although this is a software company and not something new. Indeed, the site is a mix of what we would want from a web site and a private label that focuses on build confidence through experience, call to action and other transformation technologies.

The use of wallpapers and a simple feedback sheet are two things we like about this Divi example. Part of the main reason why humans create a website is to sale their goods and merchandise line, and ElegantThemes features a lot of features to help address all facets of sales-line. This section will present a number of Divi topic samples that are mainly used for eCommerce, be it manual or electronic goods.

We start with a store for handcrafted Thai teak first. Considering the beautiful nature of these items, it is no wonder that this website concentrates primarily on the visualization of the items on sale. Following the home page home page main screen you will find special areas for some of their latest product.

This page is a good example of how e-commerce works when created with the theme. Here is another whimsical e-commerce storefront that displays real minifigures from a bodyscan or three photographs. Considering the approach of the retail space / article, you can see that this site represents the trademark and the articles through a series of funny photographs.

We use this Divi topic example because we know that there are many who want to create and sell their own classes, their own academic from you. Actually this is a monthly charge based services, and not a conventional e-commerce store, but it is still a good example of e-commerce.

This website itself blends light and colourful designs with a shallow look with great impact. For a great example of the Divi price chart engine, visit the website's prices page. Altogether, this site is a great Divi example with many feature and functionality available in the theme.

Another store that promotes all visual permissions to make selling a breeze. Combining theme and WooCommerce, the store uses the most powerful theme feature with the on-line store for bodily goods with outstanding effect as a store for skin care ingredients.

It' all ended with a brickwork blogs sharing gifts with available items. Yet another creativity company that obviously stands out for its designs and the end results is another of the nice Divi samples we have seen with this theme. Minimalist in style, but still dazzling until many of the product features, functionality and module, e-commerce features included, this is a nice on-line appearance.

Probably with a target group of women who like to cook at home, the website chooses a girlish look with a look and feel for a confectionery store. The headline begins with a slide control with the latest and best quality product. As we browse, we find the on-line store with the items for purchase and a number of references to help us establish confidence.

Among the most powerful ways to use this topic is to use it for the portfolios of work done by a business or people. You will find that the theme is already suitable for the creation of a portfolios, also via the Divi Portfolios engine, so that you can simply select the portfolios theme or the children's theme and complete it accordingly.

Let's see a few Divi theme samples that will be used to build a breathtaking library. You can see below that combining the galleries with the wide range of photographs produces a great end product that shows the photographer's skills and is an outstanding example of a good photo album. A further website that uses outstanding images is a perfectly Divi theme example.

On this page you can see how descriptive text has been added to visually represent the final product, but also to give the viewer enough space to see what is going on. It is also able to use the theme to integrate several functionalities and feature sets, galleries, eCommerce, portfolios, slider... all of which fit well into a great design - which is what the site sells, great design effect.

We are always pleased to see a photographer's website because it is always a good example of what can be done when you combine powerful graphics. No wonder, then, that she concentrated mainly on the images and portrayals she took, adding a little text about her processes and the way she can make contact with breathtaking effect.

This is a flawless Divi theme example. Whilst here the images used are exquisite, a rather spectacular case will be made with the video of the results that can be obtained through the course. That' probably because you won't just be impressing the photographer with pictures, you have to show what you can get to the dinner party, and the video can do it well.

As part of this proces, the website also inserts the course as an e-commerce article. Yet another still image artist, yet another Divi collection of perfection. Looking at the stunning collection of animals and landscape samples compiled by Dan Carr, you cannot help but be amazed. We have another example of photographing, that's something else, but the results are no less great.

There' a lot of text faded in with great pictures to produce a good mix of results and stitching that produces a very beautiful outcome. There is a thin line between image and text, which is especially important if you haven't yet created a good private label and need to "sell" a little more to those who end up on your website.

For Divi portfolios, it is more than just a photographer who can use pictures to highlight his work. Designer, another branch of the arts, can use their portfolios very well to market their work. Kasey is creating an outstanding presentation of his own creation by using pop-up pictures to present his work.

It is a woodworking workshop where massive timber items, great looks, precision mechanical work and fine joinery are manufactured, resulting in a very high quality work. To the extent that there is an absolute minimum of text - the site concentrates entirely on presenting the end results of the designing work. The Divi theme example is an outstanding performance because even when using very little text, a great outcome is achieved.

No wonder her own portfolios are a beaut. It' s an absolutely minimalist look, but we like the end product. Featuring pristine image quality and outstanding room and image usage, as well as an unobtrusive side panel, it allows the operator to focus on the small pitch and convince you to work with it as quickly as possible.

We will present here a number of great Divi samples used in these niche applications. The first example is a blogs page about weblogs, so there is no better presentation than this one? It is a clear example of how Divi can be used as a topic for your Blogging, where the homepage is also used as a target page.

Another nice Divi theme example that uses images extensively to make it happen. This website is for a studio store on Sunset Strip, the website must radiate luxuriousness and radiate sparkle. It has been very well accomplished by the use of exquisite photographs of both the articles in the store and the clothes worn by the store model, which is made possible by the use of the theme.

Concerning the styling, palladium pictures are used to merge the store owners with great pictures of the clothes available. Another example on our Divi example page that is a great example of how to drive the company's service through a powerful visual emphasis.

This results in a minimalist website with very little text, but powerful in terms of images and prompts for action, which achieves a score that works well for both new and current customers. Some of the most productive web designer positions are restaurant, so it's no wonder that our Divi theme sample listing is suitable for this particular alcove.

Below are a few good samples of some of the good places in and around foods, e.g. a restaurant, a café, a bistro or anything else that has achieved a great end product. It is a great example of a delicious example of how the medias can really get a person in the right frame of mind for a stop.

Simple in style, but still a great Divi theme example. And another that quickly puts you in the right frame of mind by taking advantage of the great images of the beer choices and dishes available thanks to the picture controls. This is another delicious website outcome. An example of a trendy divi style dinner in a trendy susphi style dinner house, this Divi-Restaurant example uses the available theme module as an example of what can be enjoyed at this place.

It is not only the shop window of a public house / dinner, but also of an inns, so that the location merges all this into an inviting one. With a slide control as our introduction, we can see great samples of the White Lion Inn's best functions, a picture galery with pictures and corresponding Call to Action, and then a grating with pictures from our own post.

A great overall performance. From the Divi theme samples above, as we have seen, it is clear that this model is a versatile model that fits well into a vast array of niche markets, styles, looks and industry sectors. How you can see, the built-in theme layout will help you get up and running, but it's up to you to take the look of your website and WordPress to the next step.

However, the use of Divi is certainly a good option.

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