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Obtain a free Gardener Layout Package for Divi Hello Divi Nations! Thank you for being with us for the next episode of our Divi Web Site Initiative, where every weeks we give you two free, all-new Divi Web Site Packs from our web site designers. Kenny and his crew have designed an astonishing Gardener Layouts Pack for this week's second edition, featuring breathtaking pictures and symbols that you can use without restriction to create your website.

Are you looking for a package that underlines your passion for the outdoors? Garden layout package meets exactly what you want. A clear and user-friendly styling won't make the visitor uncomfortable. To see a demonstration of each of the packaged designs, click the link below.

Divi 99, you can find and directly export any of the Divi packaged designs (along with ALL Divi pre-built design packages) from within Divi builder. Click on the "Select a Prefabricated Layout" button. The Prefabricated Layout page makes it easy to find the new design by browsing through the package lists.

When you have found the package, click it. The system displays all the page layout contained in the package. Choose the page design you want, then click the "Use this design" tab. At any time within the Viewer you can also change your look by pressing the Lock From Library shortcut in the Page Setup pane (it looks like a plus sign).

In the Load From Library pop-up window, you can select the new lay-out you want to use. And if you've already enabled Divi updating under Divi > Topic Options > Update, you've already verified your plan and have easy accessibility to the themes. Once you have entered your username and API key, you have immediate control over the designs.

There are no license limitations on the images contained in these layout. You can use them in your own web sites, yours in your Divi-child topics, add them to your own Divi-layout packages or just use them in your own blogs. Every week new lay-out packages! Hopefully you like this package.

Be sure to try out next week's layouts packages as well. He is a free-lance author who is passionate about digital media blended with digital media, digital media, digital media and more.

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