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Theme WordPress security and protection information. It is recommended that you download only the latest version of Divi. If you decide to change to a new topic, what happens? Gotta delete my old version of Divi, but it doesn't seem to delete it. Make sure you have the latest version of Divi.

Update your websites that use Divi or Divi builder with Divi Security Patch!

Divi developer released January 17 that all WordPress pages using Divi or Divi Builders must upgrade their plugins or designs. Check out the Divi - Elegant Themes release on January 17. Our key products frame has been upgraded today to address an unintentional information overload caused by password-protected postal statements.

These include all our WordPress topics and the Divi Builder plug-in. Upgrading these topics and plug-ins to the latest version will fix the problem and keep the contents of your website safe. The WordPress application allows the protection of articles (and pages) with a passwort. Viewing or displaying password-protected messages in a Postfeed hides the message contents until you authenticate the message with the correct passwords.

Some of our product have not handled these contributions properly when presenting extracts. Corrected issue where mail extracts for password-protected messages (and pages) were incorrectly shown on topic index pages and in post-based Divi Builders module. Extracts usually contain the first ~40 words of a contribution, unless otherwise stated. Complete mail contents and single mail url were properly secured.

Sorry, this issue only affects clients who have posted password-protected articles and pages. It is possible that only the short extracts from these contributions were posted within the contents of the frontend website. There is no effect on the WordPress administration authentification or any other passwords authentification on your website. Upgrading your designs and plug-ins will fix this issue.

Refresh your designs or plug-ins from your WordPress Dashboard, or simply browse the Members Area and get the latest version and upgrade your designs or plug-ins later. All Elegant Topics and the Divi Builder plug-in are affected. When you use one of these tools and have posted password-protected articles, we encourage you to upgrade to the latest version.

If you can't upgrade now, what if? And if you can't immediately upgrade your themes/plugins, you can use our secure patching plug-in to fix the issue without upgrading your fix. The installation of this plug-in fixes the issue, and you can still use the Safety Patch plug-in until you can upgrade your product to the latest version.

If your license has run out, you can still upgrade your designs or plug-ins to the latest version using your WordPress Dashboard. Past balances are not prevented from refreshing. Since many of our customers do not have an Elegant theming account, you will need to get in touch with us to ensure that your website is upgraded as quickly as possible.

Even today, we still have the feeling that the Divi theme is one of the best WordPress themes we have used when creating WordPress page design.

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