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Find out exactly what you get in each package for the best Divi theme layouts at Divi United. With the innovative Divi Cloud Plugin you can design spontaneously! The Divi layouts will help you tailor the main theme of the Divi to your specific needs.

1. vacation

Some of the best things about Divi are the free layouts that are available from those in the Divi comunity. The layouts are simple to use and offer a great starting point - you save a lot of designing work. Apply your own style and your own photographs, move or modify moduls, extend or shrink the layouts, etc. to make something unique.

We' re taking a look at 17 free Divi layouts in this review that you can get today. Once you're done, take a look at our large variety of best-selling Divi layouts in our Divi-Marktplatz. The Holiday is a one-page layouts containing style, section, button, real paraallax, style, CSS paraallax (both with and without overlays), testimonial, symbols and image.

Its beautifully crafted icons with their heavy effect and sleek messages area make it special. The Logistic is a one-page design developed for logistic and transport businesses. There are 9 parts, one of which is a CTA with heroic picture and superimposed contacts. This section offers a combination of a testamentary article and a personal enquiry sheet.

There are even meters, test reports and a CTA area. Anschor is an elegantly one-page design that contains many animated styles. A picture is displayed behind the menus above the protagonist's picture. There is a quotation area, a two-column split-screen area in real paraallax, several full-screen pictures with quotations in paraallax, a beautiful crop that results in a user-defined bottom line with e-mail opt-in and more.

You can use a section with pictures and text as a link to pages. The Adventure is a nice one-sided design with many great and original parts. Your next Divi projekt will start with this good look. Elegant Themes' Modern Homepage Design Pack contains three distinct homepage themes.

Elegant Themes says "Each home page variant was constructed to accommodate a different alcove, although each contains fundamental items that can be useful in almost any kind of website. "So, this package will be good for everyone, look at them! Coming Soon Pages is also a kit from Elegant Themes that blends a wide range of very different layouts to create a pre-launch website for a new website.

While some layouts have a timer, others have progression bar, most have e-mail sign-in to alert traffic when the site goes online. When you launch a new website soon, you will find these layouts useful. More information about Soon Layouts and plug-ins can be found in the Divi Soon Layouts and Plug-ins section.

Stylant Authors is a nice lay-out optimised to tell folks about a new novel, whether you're an original writer or just creating a website for your customer. It' a funny and serious design. Stylish authors have many chapters for many functions; there is a section for testaments, a section about the writer, chapters for photographs and information about the books, and of course contacts information incl. a forms.

Customise this lay-out to suit the feeling your books are looking for. Happy is a one-sided wedding arrangement. Using an sleek styling, it presents a full-width picture with an overlays that fits into the next section and shows the name. It is the same theme that is used throughout the entire page lay-out.

There are stylized personal module for the newlyweds and grooms. You can see a message above a wallpaper. Colours and lettering fit the theme of the marriage. Stylish blog layouts are a one-page, not full page layouts specifically developed for blogging. It' s a great design with an elegantly name. It is a one-page design developed for trainers and advisors, but can be used for any kind of company.

The full picture shows a track, a Tagline and CTAs. Stylized bubbles show the working processes. One full width section contains a testament slide control. Stylized price charts are placed over a wallpaper. Latest blogs are designed as thin carded. There is also a stylized style sheet and a stylized section for displaying customer logo.

This is a one-sided design for a coach in any kind of coach or consultancy. There is a full width picture with caption and Tagline and a stylized line with a text and picture engine overlapping the next section. Stylized blinbs indicate the performance. The full width CTA shows the text and links on one side with an picture on the other.

There are also stylized number counter, test men, personal module and an overhead CTA. This is a one-sided design for any kind of grocery store. Shows a full-screen wallpaper with titles and taglines in one overlaid image and pictures overlaying the next section. Fixed colour pads cover the wallpaper and contain pictures that cover each other.

Upright line connects parts of the layouts. There is also a stylish art collection, testimonials and a feedback page. It is a one-sided format for teachers of Yoga that is also suitable for any kind of gym or spa coaches. Shows a full-screen wallpaper with four keys on the bottom.

Scroll displays four high resolution pictures containing title, overlay, and overlay effects to show the service or benefit provided. Lessons are displayed in bubbles and contain hidden effect, pictures, descriptions and a miniature of the trainer. There are also style personal moduls, a contacts page, a large bottom area with wallpaper and some interesting effect for pictures.

This is a 5 page web site designed for web designers. Contains Home, About, Service, Subpage and Contacts. There is a full picture on the start page with tags, descriptions and CTA. As you scroll, blurred pictures, titles, descriptions and CTA's for the various service items become visible. Stylized number counter within an overlays with CTA, bubbles as bullet, a contactsheet within an overlays over a wallpaper, a CTA with overlapped pictures and a contactsheet over a blank wallpaper are also included.

is a 5-page design package developed for any kind of small company. Contains home, about us, our products, our sevices, a unique page of our sevices and our contacts. Uses a full-screen wallpaper in parallel with Titel, Tagline and CTA in one inlay. Different parts of the layouts use captions with text as pictures behind the caption text.

Stylized moduls are pictures, pushbuttons, blurbs, contacts, Testimonials, Social Following and more. CTA' s contain wallpaper of parallaxes. The Agency is a 5-page design developed for small businesses, creative professionals and advisors. The pages contain homepage, about us, service, subpages and contacts. A full frame with caption and icon in an overlaid stylized delimiter is displayed on the home page.

There is a two-column section with an illustration on one side and CTA on the other. Testimonials are in a brilliant jewel that seems to be generated by cutting machines and backgrounds. Stylized contacts are also provided. The Elegant Themes offers every Divi fan many layouts packages with 6-8 pages each in many different styles.

They are available in the Divi Builder or you can retrieve them from the ET log and bring them into your Divi library. You publish 2 layouts packages every weeks. Now that you have it - 17 free layouts for Divi that look good and are simple to use. Whatever type of website you are creating, these free Divi layouts are a great place to begin.

We' ve also gathered the best free Divi plugins and free Divi Kid topics. Have you got your own free layouts that we would like to present to you?

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