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Upload Divi Theme layouts for art and photography websites. You can use these layouts for Divi with the Divi Wordpress Theme from Elegant Themes. Best Divi Theme Photography & Art Website Examples | View Photography & Art Websites created with the Divi Wordpress theme from Elegant Themes.

Is a Photographer Free Divi Layout? The Photography is a divi-child theme with Easy Digital Downloads integration.

Sixteen samples of photography websites created with Divi.

The photography is a favorite area, and like many other areas it demands a well landscaped website to show prospective customers the work. Photographic sites need a strong emphasis on pictures, art Galleries and portfolio. Luckily, there are many photography sites that have been created with Divi to help us get inspired. In order to help with this inspirational work, this paper provides 16 samples of photography sites created with Divi.

People use their own weblogs to show off their photo shoots. Some use their own journals to create their own journals and give photography advice. The majority concentrate on marriage photography, but they also offer other photography as well. In Paul Summerfield Photography, a full-screen slide show is shown, followed by a commercial slogan and quote, a small text section with page numbers, an overview section with text and picture, link to the folder with alternate text and pictures, a section of your Blog, a credential slide section in parallel axis, and a bottom line with contacts.

Blogs contain a grids theme with category above the blogs section. The Megan Kelsey Photography shows a full picture with logotype, slogan and calming backdrop. You can see the upper end of the main window in this picture. This is followed by a large picture, a possible section in two text bars and an elegantly handwritten welcome note, an interesting picture co-llage with CTA (Call to Action), a full-screen testimonial featuring a wallpaper motif, a full-screen mail slide control with a mail section that overlaps the picture (with Master Slider), and a separate bottom line with tags and logos.

Blogs are very stylish and match the website's elegant look. Photography by Jasper Van de Gein is a one-page print that contains a full-screen slide control, a blow area with service and CTA, an about area, several picture gallery areas displaying pictures in different dimensions and layout, price charts with bookings, shot information and contactsheet.

This page uses interesting picture layout. The Hannah Hall Photography features a full-screen slide control, a two-column section with text and photograph, a full-width picture with testamentary slide control overlays, a section with awards hadges, a two-column library, built-in instagram feeds, as well as a bottom line with contacts. Blogs use an elegantly styled fonts.

The Eddie Judd Photography shows a full-screen slide bar, an interleaved logo used in other parts, an area of the picture with various page references, a heavily designed section with the latest news item with an sleek wallpaper, a section with press icons, and a section with an instagram feedback feature.

It' s an elegant layout. The Jeebs Media shows a full-screen backdrop with dayline overlays, an interactive wallpaper icon, a full-screen pull-down and CTA. Pages use full-width pictures and built-in instagram slider. Photographs are displayed in photo box gallery and use a loaded more function (with an AJAX grid). Wayne La uses a full frame with tagsline and CTA in one inlay.

Scroll shows a two-column section with picture and text, a Full Frame in parallel axis with upcoming work, an item section with CSS hyper effect, an embedded movie, an overview section with library linking, a full frame with paral axis creepers, a web page grating section, a full frame with contactsheet, linking to certain items, and a bottom line with instagram feedback.

Fogarty Photography uses a basic homepage with an especially large logotype and numerated menus, followed by three example pictures. Menue contains hidden effect. On the Galleries page, the themes are displayed, which then display the pictures in a scroll bar. This blog page is designed to correspond to the remainder of the website.

The MK Weddings has a one-page layout that contains a full frame, a small section with page references, an overview section with pictures and text, a two-column folder, an information section, a blogs and a full-width picture feedback page. Paragraphs are inserted with a full-width picture to display the section name.

Pictures from photo shootings are displayed on the blogs. The Lane Weddings display shows a full picture with a scrolling menus. Numeric symbols offer hyperlinks to pages. Below you will find an over-section, a multi-layout hovered animated blogs grids and a loading key. You will see the same grating on the page.

On the Portfolio page, you can see a thumbnail. Pictures are shown with the Galleria plug-in. The Eden Photography shows a slogan followed by an animated picture merry-go-round that scrolls continuously until you move the mouse over a picture. The scroll shows an information section, a section with symbols and hyperlinks to pages, an overview section, a full-screen testimonial in Parallaxe, a presented galery, a quotation as an overlays and a contacts and follows section with an interesting wallpaper (matching the logo) dimensioned to go behind the forms and button.

Blogs are designed to correspond to the website. Ivette Craig features a full-screen slide, an icons area with page references, an overview area, selected locations shown in an alternate raster of pictures and references, a referral section with an picture and a reference to an item, an FAQ section with shift key responses, the latest postings are shown in a blogs section, another letter of recommendation is shown in full-screen parallel, followed by a contacts page and pictures with SnapWidget.

The Lorraine Claire shows a full-screen slide, a section with page numbers, a private quotation in a translucent overlays above an icon, a stylized section of the blogs with symbol and following button icons. Pages in the portfolios show full width pictures, text, pictures in the side bar, PDF and FAQ link in switches.

Blogs page shows the latest postings in a stylized slide bar. Blogs are used as picture galeries and show large pictures with several raster-layout. The Brett Florens uses a full-screen slide control with a scrolling visible menus. This is followed by an sleek slogan, a cross section that uses a system of numbers to show information with CTA's, a folder with alternate pictures and text, a CTA, a blogs section and a contacts section above an overlay.

Information area uses stylish picture effect and style. There is a three-column information section with searching, info and category on the blogs page. Pictures in the portofolio are displayed in a roundabout. The Jordanna Marston shows a full-screen Post-Slider with an intersecting logotype between the slide control and the overview section. This is followed by a slogan in full-screen parallel axis, a collection of hidden effect hovers, another full-screen slogan in parallel axis, a blogs section, a full-screen CTA in parallel axis, a section with press symbols, and an instagram feeder.

Pictures of the collections are shown in a roundabout. Blogs page shows a picture and a pad with category headers and a posts grids with title above the pictures and hidden effect. Blogs contain side bar styles. Sara Lauren Photography uses a one-page theme (except Blog) that shows a full-screen slide bar, a section with symbols and page references with numbers, an About section, a Portfolio section shown in a multi-layout raster, an Information section with references, a Blogs section, and a Contacts area.

Pictures in the portofolio are displayed in a slide control. Blogs use a full-width picture, a two-column blogs grids and a stylized sideline. This 16 sample photography sites created with Divi show that Divi can be used to make stylish themes for any kind of photography site. Those sites are sure to awaken your fantasy for your next Divi photo album.

Which are some of your favourite items on these Divi photography websites?

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