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Toggle between mobile phone and tablet previews and customize your design for each device independently. His intuitive WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get What You Get) preview is very impressive! When you do, you probably know that Elegant Themes' flagship theme has been waiting a long time for a major update. Topic comes with magazine template and blog template along with several features.

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Preview Divi 2.4 - The most intelligent WordPress theme on the face of the earth

Are you using Divi? When you do, you probably know that Elegant Themes' flag theme has been waiting a long time for a bigger up-date. The Elegant Themes has teased us about the coming enhancements and enhancements by posting several articles in recent month. Vivi 2. Release 4 is on its way and here we are with an exlusive preview of everything you get in this release.

In the last updated, the Theme Customizing has undergone an extensive overhaul. Admittedly, this is one of the most rugged theme customizers I' ve ever seen. Let's take a look at what's new in the Divi 2.4 theme of customized products. Here you will find various possibilities to select the width of the gutters, the width of the contents and the siderail.

It is also possible to select the Height of ad lines section. You can specify text styling for bodies and headings in the Type option. You can also change the type of headers as fat, in italics, as underline, etc. Interesting innovation in the "Footer" section allows you to select the page spacing of the bottom line and the bottom line of the page.

It' also possible to adjust the widgets headers style, widgets text style, credits text style and credits text style and links style for the bottom line. It is a completely new add-on to the Theme Customizing. In this section, you can select certain style for your portable equipment and tablets. You can select a particular section and line hight, text length, head text length, head text length, head text colour, head text colour etc. for each unit.

If the Divi 2. Select the text sizes, text style, frame style, frame style, frame style, background colour, radii, button symbol, symbol position and hyper style for the buttons. You will also find a large number of new navigational possibilities in the topic Customizers. Using these choices, you can benefit from useful functions such as scrolling fix and/or headers, centred embedded logos, translucent backgrounds, user-defined logos heights, left -hand style for main and sub-links, backgrounds and text colors for drop-down malls.

You can also set a value for the elevation of the navigational icon, text length, text color, text style, and wallpaper colors. This is another brandnew addition to Divi 2.

It' another big thing for the new Divi theme. Once you have enjoyed the theme's current built-in user experience, you will like the new user experience even more. Have you ever wanted to have a straight line check on the distance between the different items, this Divi upgrade will make your dreams come true. Here's a Divi updated.

Specify section fill, line fill, modul fill, module borders, line space, and line width for the entire Web site or certain section(s). Divi's latest installment comes with a whole new set of line choices. A few interesting features are the adjustment of columns structure, the creation of full width lines, the selection of width, columns distance, wallpaper / colour / video for the lines.

You can also balance the height of the columns and select a user-defined fill. Vivi 2. Of these, the full-screen head unit is the most popular and most detailled unit. This full frame modul works with any webpage. Select one of the 24 one-of-a-kind layout options for the modul.

Headers contain different layout items like logos, titles, subtitles, text contents, headers, background images, backgrounds, videos, backgrounds, colors, parallax, backgrounds, CTA button, etc. Further interesting moduls are the picture modul in full width, the coding modul in full width, the normal coding modul, the titling modul in full width for post/page and the normal titling modul for post/page.

Yes, Divi 2. A few useful features are the ability to show and hide page titles, meeta and feature images. It is also possible to select any layout in full width or in the side bar. Now you can define the border, text, colour and buttons style for each modul. This function allows you to adapt each of the modules to your own needs.

The Elegant Themes has chosen to recode the entire lattice for this Divi-upgrade. Topic's fully floating theme allows you to select the width of the contents, the distance between columns, the width of the side bar, and so on. Elegant Themes could have created a new design with this amount of thrilling new functions. Rather, however, they opted to promote the Divi theme as a trademark.

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