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There are 14 Divi sites with interesting service pages Interesting site content is critical for your on-line operations. We' ll take a look at 14 Divi sites with interesting sites in this section to help you get inspired for your next Divi game. As a rule, favorites pages contain price table items, blur, toggle functions, pictures, videos, and instructions. I show a picture of the section I like and argue about what I liked about it.

There is no particular order to the web pages. On this website, service is displayed on maps that use User Box shading effect. It shows an illustration, a caption, a separator, and text. An interesting bicoloured backdrop splits behind the cover and gives it an interesting look that does not leave the forefront. Process section is renumbered with an alternate lay-out against a large picture that matches the website.

The page uses a large picture in Parallaxe behind the name. Service is shown in a box with greens and symbols corresponding to the website brand. Every service also has its own section, each section being split by an icon into parallel axis and wave splitter.

Here a two-column, divided diagonal display with CTA on one side and symbols of service on the other side is displayed. One full width section shows targets with gray symbols and text in plain text on a dark backdrop and push button hovers. Every step has its own section with graphs and blurring.

Service is shown in small greens with symbols and text. Below you will find a stylized Contactsheet, a call to act in community settings, an Instagrameed with social following badges, an Opt-in and an About section. The website uses a full-screen wallpaper in parallel with large caption text to present the page.

The 6-circle diagram illustrates its 6-P approaches with a brief explanation of the individual approaches. Practical areas are presented with a heading in a brief section of paragraph. Practical areas themselves are represented by shift keys, which are designed according to the website design. The page presents the page with header and tags over a wallpaper with inlay.

Feature for the sevice is provided in a spreadsheet, followed by a section describing its methodology in three bubbles. There is a brief case history with a hyperlink to a detail page for further information. The page presents the page with an elegantly designed headline and text over a textured backdrop. One section that shows what is contained provides information about the various ministries with text in the middle and pictures in the outside column, followed by a descriptive add-on with a CTA.

It uses vibrant colours and presents the service with separate Blurbs that seem to merge into a large blend, with symbols, titles and text for each. Below is a section that shows the list of available products with a designed icon to view the product family. A further section leads through the procedure with numbers of title and outlines.

Folded cowhide printed reds contain a stylized section separator, sleek text and a stylized icon. This page is presented with a large headline and a brief outline. Service is displayed in large blur with pit shadow, hand-drawn graphs, captions, text, and designed icons on each service page. The service pages of this website are presented with headings, descriptions and graphs, followed by descriptions in two column.

Advantages are shows within a brief section in full width with blurring and hand-drawn graphs. Samples are displayed in a full-screen picture, followed by blurriness describing the operation. A further section emphasizes the advantages next to a stylized feedback sheet. Every service page on this website contains a section with symbols and a heading highlighting the various functions when you click on it.

The page begins with a heading and a telephone number that can be clicked on, followed by a section describing the advantages of working with the group. Blubs offer a descriptive text for each ministry and contain large symbols, a caption, a short descriptive text, and a beautiful shade effect that will appear on the over. One section on how to create web sites shows each stage of the entire lifecycle with sleek graphs, followed by payment information and a section containing a telephone number and a call sheet designed to merge.

The service pages of this website are mostly text, but they present them in an interesting way. A page is inserted with a brief, full-page header above a wallpaper. This is followed by a section of text in two columns: the first shows the heading and descriptive text, and the second is a quotation of relevance to the subject.

A further section shows an picture in para-laxe with a right hand information area. This is our look at 14 Divi sites with interesting service pages to help you get inspired for your next Divi game. Plenty of ET blogs feature features that specifically target service pages or items like price charts, bubbles, toggles, and more.

These are just a few of the people who talk about the Divi design: we want to know from you. What of these sites with interesting service pages are your favourites?

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