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Subsequently, a support ticket confirmed that there was no way to get rid of the translation! Theme Divi import/export function conflict with widget options plugin. Rent an experienced website developer to support Divi topics.

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Divi Theme is rapidly expanding its audience bases and communities with the continuing popularity of Elegant Themes and its celebrity Divi theme. Elegant Themes now has over 280,000 members, many of whom share your thoughts, codes, designs, as well as your lessons from each other on-line. Not only do Divi fans get great support from Elegant Themes, but there is now also a huge selection of Divi Theme sites and web related ressources from Divi developer, designer and enthusiast.

Here is an overview of the Divi Theme resource I came across. If there are more ressources out there, so if you own one or know of an unlisted person, please include a hyperlink in the comment. Theme Divi Dokumentation * - This is the right place if you are new to Divi.

Support Forums * - The offical support forums for ET members. Stylish Youtube theme channels - Videos for all ET and Divi. Stylish topics on Facebook - Stylish topics Facbook page off. 3.4 Divi Tutorials - New feature tutorials added to this great blogseries. Theme Help & Share - A Facebook group for Divi people.

A Facebook group for Divi visitors operated by Elegant Marketplace. The Divi Layout Directory - search, navigate, bookmark and retrieve the best layout available for Divi. It is the most up-to-date and extensive list of available Divi layout files. Theme FAQ * - From the Divi boosters author, this page also provides coding Tutorials that you can do yourself.

The Quiroz Blog - A compilation of Divi Tutors and Reviews. The Divi Magazine - A compilation of Divi guides and stories. The Divi Plugin Folder The Divi Plugin Folder contains all Divi plugins and is a browseable Woo-based folder. Rent Divi Designer/Developer - A roster of Divi experts.

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