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The testimonials are a good way to promote the trust of your visitors. With the Divi Testimonial Module you can quickly add testimonials to your Join & Sales pages. Upload this free Divi Testimonials Layout Kit from Elegant Themes and import it into your Divi Theme library to create fast Divi Testimonial sections. You can use the supplied Divi modules to display the testimonials on your website.

Adding a testimonial module to your site

The testimonials are a good way to promote the confidence of your website users. With the Divi Credential Engine you can quickly and easily append credentials to your Join & Sale pages because credentials are usually convincing quotations from your clients. Every credential has a quotation, the name of its writer and a hyperlink to its website (optional).

They are ideal in combination with the price table modules on retail sites. In order to be able to add your own testament to your site, you must first go to the Divi Builders. When the Divi theme is already on your website, each new page you create will display a Use Divi Builders icon above the Mail Editors.

When you click on this icon, the DiviBuilder will be enabled, giving you full control over all DiviBuilder components. Then click the Use Used Viewer to start the Viewer in Viewer mode. If you are signed in to your WordPress Dashboard, you can also click the Enable Visual Builder pushbutton when you search your website at the frontend.

As soon as you have called the Visual builder, you can click on the grey plus key to insert a new modul to your page. Find the Testament Engine in the Schedule of Engine and click it to attach it to your page. You can search the modulinglist, i.e. you can also search for "Testimonial" and then press return to find and append the test result to it!

As soon as the plugin is added, you will be welcomed with the plugin's option bar. Content, design and advanced. The addition of a testamentary section is one of the best ways to advertise your products or services. In this example, I will show you how to use the Test Drive Engine to build a test drive area at the end of a page to advertise your products or services.

Satisfied customers " is the title of the section entitled "Testimonials". These three testimonials are kept brief in a three-column arrangement, followed by a CTA icon at the end of the page. If you want to include the recommendation section on the page, use the visual builder to include a default section with a three-column line.

Then, insert a testament in the first line of your line. Refresh your preferences for the Testament Engine with the following content: After you have finished creating your first credential modul, double copy it and move the copied moduls to the second and third colums. Because all your theme preferences have been applied to the second and third rows of your copied cartridges, all you have to do is go back and refresh the contents for each cartridge.

Contents page preferences are further organised into groups that you can open to view more of. It is also possible to use the seek toolbar at the top to browse all the preference folders at once for the desired one. Here you can enter the name of the writer, the professional name, the name of the business and the contents of the article.

When you have a profiled photo or other kind of photo that accompanies your endorsement, you will be adding it here. Allows you to select whether to show or hide the quotation mark. Allows you to select whether you want to apply a wallpaper colour or an additional photo to your testimonial. This drop-down menu allows you to insert an administrator tag that appears in the Backend builder and in the skeletal views of the Viewer as well.

To help you find the desired setup, the preferences on the Designs page are divided into the following groups. Here you can change the colour of the offer symbol. You can use your portrait format preferences to customize the margin radii, width, and heights for the picture you've added to the Contents page.

You can use these options to modify the text colour and alignment. You can use these options to customize the fonts, weights, sizes, colors, distances, line heights, and more. The Distance Area allows you to insert your own cushions at the top, right, bottom, or top of the endorsement. On the Extended page of your testament modules you can insert a clear css-ID and classification.

Also, you can customize your own style sheets by adding them to various predefined (and preselected) style sheets within the Videoslider modules in the Customizing Style Sheet drop-down list. Lastly, in the Viewability drop-down list, you can customize the view of your modules on telephones, spreadsheets and workstations.

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