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topic approvals Introduction of mass processing and multiselect for Divi! Multi-select and bulk editing change the way you create pages forever! Divi Multiselect offers an awesome tool that gives you the power to manipulate and make your pages more effective than ever before. Tonight we introduce Multiselect and Bulk Editing for Divi, an unbelievable..


Providing an incredible new way to create in Divi Extension Styles, Divi's most stunning enhancement to styling efficiencies is Divi's ability to expand any styling styles from a simple modul across the page with a click of a button. Comprehensive Styles is a completely new Divi featured product that extends..... Brandnew column layouts for Divi are now available!

We are now significantly expanding Divi's styling capability by more than double the number of columns available..... Drag-and-drop files from your computer to the Builder to create automaticly! In Divi Builders, the new Drag & Drop File Upload user experience makes creating your page in Divi Builders simpler and more fun than ever.

The Divi Builders is now fully compliant with the forthcoming Gutenberg Notepad to be published with WordPress 5. Search and replace is a truly awesome function that lets you quickly customize the look of your whole site with a click.

We are very pleased today to announce Find and Replace complete page processing for..... Introduction of real-time chat room services for all clients. We' re significantly upgrading our technical system and our technical staff to deliver quicker and higher value customer service to all our clients.

We introduce Divi Builders Customizing Mail Typeupport! The Divi Builders can now be used for all kinds of customized mail formats, such as WooCommerce product! We are pleased to announce today that we are expanding Divi Builders native mail type functionality to include all user-defined mail type, plus automated mail type functionality for favorite mail formats, such as WooCommerce....

Magic Colour Interfaces introduces a new vibrant colour system that lets you be imaginative and create web sites more quickly. Now we introduce the brand new Colour Manger for Divi, a rather magic new user experience that makes it easy to organise colours, get to recently used colours and.... Now it is even quicker and simpler to quickly and easily locate and retrieve modular sub-element theme preferences.

We' re publishing today another important improved Divi styling efficiencies that makes it simpler and quicker to locate and pick up styling.....

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