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If the theme was downloaded in a folder format, you may need to create a Zip file. Bar Bones bright Divi Starters Divi Children Theme free downloading The Bare Bones is an empty children's theme for Divi that you can free of charge try out. If you enable the Bare Bones children theme, nothing will affect your website because there is no customized style in the style cookie and no kernel added. It' a empty screen for you to make changes to your Divi website without worrying that your changes will be forgotten when you upgrade the Divi-theme.

When you want to modify one of your topics, simply copy it to the sub topic and make the changes that will overwrite the Divi masters. If you are looking for a fully featured theme that can be upgraded to a ready-to-use website within a few moments, you should go to the Divi Kind Theme page.

And if you're still not sure what a Divi-Kind theme is for, you can find out more under Divi-Kind Themes:

Is a Divi Kind Theme Pack?

Did you always want to resell Divi-Kind topics but didn't know where to begin? What if you repackaged the Divi sites you have into a children's theme that you can offer for purchase? So if you've ever been looking for a Tutorial or manual on how to wrap a Divi CI theme, you may have found that not many are there.

We want to make a difference in this section by educating you on how to sell your Divi Kid theme. Have a look at our other current contributions on the creation of a children's theme and our children's theme generators. Is a Divi Kind Theme Pack? The Divi Kind Theme Bundle is a set of data and assets that can contain pictures, style, functions, template and more that together make a complete Divi Theme.

Each of these is compressed and can be used as a sub-theme for Divi. We' ll discuss in this lesson all the necessary procedures to wrap a Divi Kind theme. When this is your first chance to offer a children's topic for purchase, I strongly suggest that you take this step-by-step guide so that you fully appreciate the pack you are going to create.

First, we will start by downloading and installing the Widget Importer and Exporter plugin. Click here on Expand Widget. You' ve got your Widget now. Like files. The next step is to extract the contents of the website. Navigate to Tools > Tools > Exports and click Load Exported Files. You should have a theme.wordpress.2017-07-21 at this point.

Now you have your contents. X-ray image data. The next step is to get and deploy the customized Export/Import plug-in. Click on Export/Import and then on Import. Here you should have an exportfile for your customized preferences named theme-export.dat. You' ve got your customized now. Dat files. Be sure to use your own theme name.

Here you should have a zip archive with the name TGM-Plugin-Activation-2.6.10-your-theme-name.zip. Open this zip and search for the classic gmgm-plugin-plugin-activation.php script using the following commands. From your subordinate topic tree, make a new auto-installation named and place the classes -tgm-plugin-activation. php in it. Search your features. find your subfolder of the php and open it in your favorite source tree.

Append this to your function. PHP files. require_once get_stylesheet_directory() . The following is a list of your_theme_name: /auto-install/class-tgm-plugin-activation. php'; add_action('tgmpa_register','your_theme_name_register_required_plugins'); make sure you substitute your theme name for each instances of it. Name' =>'One Click-Demo Import','slug' =>'One-Click-Demo-Import','required' => true, ), ), ), );'id' =>'votre_nom_thme','default_path' => '','menu' =>'tgmpa-install-plugins','parent_slug' =>'thèmes.

php',' capability' =>'edit_theme_options','has_notices' => true, ' dismissable' => true, ' dismiss_msg' =>'','is_automatic' => true,' message' =>'', ); tgmpa ($plugins, $config); make sure that you substitute your topic name for each instances of it. Hint: If you offer a Divi Kind theme for purchase, you have to make the just uploaded file public so that it can be uploaded from the plug-in.

Put this in your features. PHP below the plugin registeration. Import_file_name' =>'Your Theme Name Import','Import_file_url' =>'YOUR_URL/content. xml','Import_widget_file_url' =>'YOUR_URL/widgets. wie','Import_customizer_file_url' =>'YOUR_URL/customizer'. Your_theme_name' ), ), ), ), ); add_filter('pt-ocdi/import_files','ocdi_import_files'); make sure you substitute your_theme_name for each instances of the_name. Append this to your function. php under the source file codes of the imported file. update_option('sidebars_widgets', array())); update_option('acme_cleared_widgets', true); add_action('pt-ocdi/before_widgets_import','ocdi_before_widgets_import'); Append this to your function. php under the source file codes of the resets now.

Put this in your function. below the registry of your plug-in source. add_filter('pt-ocdi/disable_pt_branding', '__return_true'); hurray! You' re done with the features. Phil files. Generate a new directory named Your Theme Name Full Download Package v1.0.0.0. Inside this directory you will find your zip theme containing your style sheet, function sheets, screenshots, all other template folders and the class-tgm-plugin-activation directory.

Tap your Theme Name Full Download Package v1.0. Zero to generate the zip that is actually selling to the customer. Successfully offered a Divi Kind Theme for purchase! Check out the one-click installation and contents importer. Packing a Divi Kid theme for sales is a laborious and protracted process.

I hope this guidebook will help you on your way to create, pack and eventually sell Divi Kids topics. Have these guidelines helped you pack your child's topic?

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