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The Divi is an incredibly versatile WordPress theme with a drag & drop page builder that makes it easier than ever to create beautiful WordPress websites. The Divi is a Drag & Drop WordPress theme from Elegant Themes. Divi lets you create custom layouts and use custom colors to create a fantastic website. The Elegant Themes Membership includes the Page Layout Builder, the Divi Builder, which allows us to create any type of layout within minutes.

Dragging and dropping Wordpress themes

Want to create a WordPress page that looks original and inspirational? Click, pull, drop, done! Create nice WordPress web pages without having to write a line of coding. Customise your typefaces, modify colours, customise headers and more with just a few mouse clicks using these page creator WordPress topics.

With these pre-built bricks, you can quickly and effortlessly design your website by just using your drag-and-drop interface to draw items onto the screen. Just make a nice Wordpress page with these WordPress topics using simple and easy WordPress copywriting. In 2013, this compilation of Page Builders topics for WordPress was hand-picked by our employees.

divi - The ultimate WordPress topic & visual page creator

Customize font styles, color, size, and distance, and even customize your own style guides. The Divi comes with 46 different contents. Divi builder's really quick. It is not necessary to open a preferences window to append text to it. Preview your photos in real time and make changes to your own way of life by applying your changes to certain key points. Store your layout in your libary for later use.

Imports, exports, splits, and downloads layout from the web. Begin your designing with one of over 20 ready-made layout templates shipped with the Builders. Just click on your page and begin entering to insert new text. Pulling width and height is such a marvelous experiment for the client.

You' ll be amazed at how simple it is to make a nice clean room. Divi Builders is the first WordPress Page Builders to provide a truly adaptable user experience. Customize the UI controls to complement your display and your contents. Easily insert new lines, column, and contents items. It' never been simpler to organise your contents in DiviBuilder.

It is also a great opportunity for new clients to get to know the Divi Builders features. Prefabricated custom Divi layouts can be stored in your Divi libraries for later use and then immediately uploaded to new pages. Create your own libraries with your favourite layout and use them to spend countless minutes on your customer work.

It'?s like you have a hundred subjects in one! If you create a new design with Divi Builder, it can be easily export and import to new Divi Sites. We' ve produced tens of gorgeous designs that you can downloaded from our blogs and post on your website, and the Divi audience is growing with tonnes of fantastic free and world-class Divi Builders designs.

It' s such a great thing for WordPress web designer! This is a great example of what Divi can do! Take your designs and bring them to live! Below is an example of how Divi can be customised to build a very different type of website. BrewLife developers have done an amazing amount of work customizing Divi to their needs.

The Hupla is a great example of a contemporary application website created with the Divi. It' simple to understand what this application does when you scrolled down the page. The Divi is an incredible starter tools for start-ups who want to create their own website! If you use Divi, you become part of a fellowship of hundred thousand Divi people.

We' ve been creating the most favorite WordPress topics in the globe for over 8 years and you can be sure that Divi and his development staff are not going anywhere! The customer loves Divi because it gives him the opportunity to change his own contents without the peculiarities of an often bewildering WordPress user experience.

The Divi is one of the few topics that offers a complete role system. Narrow down what your Divi Builder customer can do to avoid confusing your work! Our vast technical staff is committed to help our valued customer get the most out of Divi.

Contrary to some of our premier WordPress topics, we don't ask you to buy extra licences every times you launch a new customer website. He is a pro ffesional marketing and editing expert and a WordPress enthusiast. It has created its nice website with our Divi-topic. Using our topics to start her own web developer Pamela now dreams of travelling the globe and working from her computer.

With Divi she built her own adorable travelling website. He' s an enthusiastic WordPress fan, and he recently redesigned his whole website with Divi. The Divi comes with a variety of headers to help you create truly stunning looking sites. Divi's Topic Option feature is very simple to use thanks to the customized Topic Option Panels.

Activate Divi's various functions, post your own logos, create third-party scripting and customized styles, customize your website's colour scheme, and much more! Everything you create can be converted into a splits test, and Divi Lead tracks automatic statistics on the interaction with users, based on the target you have defined.

Modify your contents, your designs and your position to find out which combination is most workable. With Divi Lead, you get the insight you need to make informed designs choices that will boost your revenue and convert your business. In addition to translating front-end items, we have also extended the topic localisation to the Divi Builders user interfaces, along with all forms field and description information.

If you activate an RTL in your WordPress Dashboard, Divi switches to RTL operation for you. In addition to the front-end website, the Divi-Builder user experience has been fully adapted for RTL use. As Divi was published in December 2013, it quickly became our entry-level WordPress page for all.

Adapting Divi is so simple that most customers can't even tell that it's the Divi topic. This makes the Builders so simple for my customers to use that it's child's play to assign them to administer all of their own contents. Anyway, it did happen, but Divi is so simple to administer that we can quickly jump on-line and customize/fix any errors they made.

About 7 month ago I found Divi and used my boyfriend and customer Pat Sharp as a test on Divi. The Divi is made by a unbelievably enthusiastic crew of people...you can sense it in their blogs posted, you can sense it in their videos...but most important of all, you can sense it in their product because they're getting better and better without me asking.

When you don't know how to encode your own WordPress topic, but you want a nice, customized website, Divi can be just the topic you're looking for.

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