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With this in mind, Divi is a much more manual matter that is best suited for relatively small websites. For Divi themes see example Because Divi can be used to build virtually any kind of website, there are many samples of sites that have been designed with Divi to stimulate your fantasy. Here we take a look at the 22 best Divi themes and sites that have been produced with the Divi themes. Here's a listing of the 22 best Divi themes we've found from across the web.

Those sites had to differentiate themselves from the masses, take Divi to the next stage, and finally show what can be achieved with the Divi themed. When you have created a website with Divi and would like us to add it to this Divi them sample collection, please let us know in the comment below.

Ideally, it uses a full-screen slide control that shows pictures, information and CTAs. One CTA section shows a shaded purple speaker that looks perfect. There is a graph in the e-mail section that intersects the bottom line. A CTA is also included in the meal. This website uses great blues for logo.

This is a great example of a professionally designed website created with Divi. One of the few Divi topic samples we could find from a bench, Bill Southern shows a full width picture slide with dayline, CTA and log in. The information is completely displayed in two column and contains an picture, button, text and movie.

Headers show the tags and information with the possibility to test the products inside the headers.

There is an about section and a one-of-a-kind endorsement section that depicts a endorsement as a large map. There is a neat and professionally made CTA on the menue. One of the best examples we've ever seen, and sometimes you can hardly tell that it's even Divi. Not too conspicuous and not colliding, but the colour range is an eye-catcher.

Its large typeface, unusual headlines, pictures, and stylized soft symbols go well with the site's look. There is a nicely designed customer form icon above the main window. When you are interested in an example of using colour samples, it will be hard to find a better example than this one.

We use a full frame with an overlays homepage. Display the name with a tag line and a pushbutton. It uses a minimum layout with motion symbols that look like hand-drawn graphs and motion text. Use of the logo in your website. So if you are looking for a web site that has been constructed with Divi, this is an outstanding Divi themed example.

The Root of life uses a creamy backdrop of colored whites throughout the site. A wallpaper of the headline shows product information and a CTA provides a button to subscribe to the newsletters and view the store. When hovering, the pull-down menus display a point above the hyperlink. Many other Divi sites cannot rival Root of Life when it comes to e-commerce sites created with Divi.

S&M Graphics uses an elegantly colored range of blacks, whites and malts. It has a neat lay-out and is an outstanding example of perfect para lax. When you are looking for a designer that has been made with Divi, you will hardly find a better example. Similarly, the menus use this colour scheme and sample (the sample becomes visible when scrolling).

The website is an outstanding example of a basic website designed with just a few colours that work well together. It is a truly imaginative example of the Divi topic in operation. The Woodyfuel uses a full-screen wallpaper with editing and animated hyper animated knobs that display symbols on opposite sides of the knobs.

Colours and lettering are a perfect fit for the brand. This page contains a uniquely designed menue with CTA. Wallpapers use superimposed greens that correspond to your logo. Highlight the page in question in yellow and enter two telephone numbers. The Divi page is a great example of what a vet website should look like.

As you scroll, a full-screen information section with videos and sounds is shown to show service samples. Photographs of vocalists are shown in a full-width raster and include box style and hyperimagery. When you are looking for a Divi website you have just found it. Kingslow uses a full-screen head that shows pictures with the Ken Burns effect and videos with a slogan and CTA.

This website makes outstanding use of the colour. Concerning the Divi pages, this is an outstanding example with many adjustments. BD's Mongolian Grill elegantly uses large type ography and a range of colours in browns and reds. There are many pictures that involve the visitor in their call to trade.

You even have a menue for each place with a booking system. One of the best restoration concepts I have seen with Divi. Walker Vin provides great evidence that Divi is a great subject for writers. This sleek menue provides a CTA that asserts itself and at the same moment avoids the heroes' area, which is an almost full-screen CTA.

So if you are looking for a good example of an author's website created with Divi, look no further than this website. The Funk Engine is a good example of how to create a one-page website to promote your work. Stylized pictures show the members of the bandmembers beside a representation of their story together with a small testamentlider.

This website uses Parallaxe and background with pictures from the gym. It' difficult to find a better one-sided tape website than this one. Headers also contain taglines and CTAs. A CTA is included in the submenu. It is a great example of a website created with Divi.

Colourstone is a great example of a multi-page ribbon website. There is a full-screen movie of the tape, followed by three large colour sets with large additional softwares. Every bandmember is represented in a full-width area with monochrome backgrounds, large types and a large picture with shadows.

YLA Sessions contains Audioplayer with pictures. That page uses a lot of colour and is by far one of the best ribbon pages on the net. This is an outstanding example of how to use large handwritten typefaces with sleek colour motifs. An episode of a protagonist shows the titles in a golden script, a dayline and a descriptive phrase next to a large picture on a brownish-grey backdrop.

Pieces change between monochrome whites and pictures with deep superimpositions, and the golden writings look great with each of them. Megamenu uses whites and shades of golden on a backdrop of sable. So if you are looking for a great example of a training website, you have found it. CTA' s have the shape of big blues keys which contrast on the whole homepage and in the submenu.

It also uses a one-of-a-kind point navigator style. Portfolios page shows the work in two column with picture, descriptions and links. It is a great example of a small web agent that has been built using the Divi themed. Rolling past the heroes section shows a backdrop with wave-like sections, followed by an interesting section with text and solar light in Parallaxe over a shallow skyscraper.

And even the bars use the vibrant colours found throughout the site. An ordinary CTA shows four colour blocs with angular sides. There is a donation panel at the bottom of the page with a slow color-changing icon. The site is an outstanding example of slim styling and vibrant colours.

Sault Hailey shows a full-screen news backdrop videotape. Keep the character section in place while the next section rolls over it to unveil a large CTA in para-laxe over a wallpaper. But the next section is my favourite - it's a blogs section in two sections with large pictures and no spaces.

The large amber CTA is a striking feature and matches the website highlight. The page is an outstanding example of colour and lay-out work. See also our blogs posting for samples of special themes to see some stunning sites created with the special themed. This Divi-themed website samples are just radiant with inspirations.

Next year, when you look for ideas for designs, these great Divi themes will awaken your fantasy. What is your favourite among these Divi Themes?

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