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Wordpress Divi theme torrent

Download, check out and streaming free of charge Three zero. - Error corrected that prevented the page from being saved in Visual Builder when a section on the page was deactivated at all three key points. - Switch off the JS fault of the key unit if its wallpaper colour is changed. - Fixed a design issue where you could deactivate the Google Maps API.

  • Suspended point navigations are now updated autmatically when new segments are added in the visual builder. - When deleting colours in the preferences of the Viewer Manager tool, the item now returns to its standard colour more efficiently. - A new visual improvement of the Visibuilder Script Editor was made. - Quick preview mode in VB now displays text orientation preferences more clearly.
  • Now the Blog page is displayed properly in the visible creator when using the WP Pageavi plug-in. - Better look and feel of the WooCommerce reviews tabs on the WooCommerce products pages. - Modal snaap left/right in the Visual Builder with activated User Language Layout on. - Addressed a problem that could cause inconsistent drag and drop of lines in the visual builder within certain layout with certain section sorts.
  • Improvements have been made to the look and feel of motion animation for moving modules. - Edit links to display correct colors when applying them to the Fullwidth Menu modules. - It fixed a problem that prevented the Viewer from loading on stationary home pages in certain hostings. - Load speed of our program is now slightly higher.
  • The Visual Builder inline editors have provided all symbols with informative quick infos. - JavaScript issue that occured when you clicked the hovering page navigator in your visual Builder was resolved. - Reported a problem that resulted in queue queuing idle frontend scripts after using the inline editors. - Called the key module's custom CSS preference to make sure the keys in the Visual Builder and frontend look the same.
  • This allows you to enter user-defined texture colors in the colour chooser of the Viewer. - Resolved a problem that prevented the Blogs engine from displaying correctly when adjusting the number of posts during the Ajax loading process in FS. - Modified unit and value to the movable Padding flags in VB.
  • By holding [shift] while pulling the section / line pad, the pen fill is now limited to steps of ten px to make it more convenient to fit to frequently used settings. - While you hold down [shift]+[alt] while pulling the towing section or line cushion ing, the opposite side's cushioning will now be pulled at the same speed, making it possible to easily match the distances.
  • While dragging the section/row cushion, pressing [alt] limits the cushion value to less than or the same as the opposite cushion value. - Improved pad and margins mismatches in Visual Builder in comparison to the frontend. - Error corrected that resulted in portfolio pageination being displayed when the WP-PageNavi plug-in was disabled.
  • A bug has been corrected that causes the Max Width preference in Image Modules to not be saved properly. - Introduced coloring of module in all cases in Visual Builders when used as a split test object or target. - Error preventing tool tips from using VB from overriding the WordPress administration toolbar. - Now text within the Fullwidth Header Module is centred in IE vertical correct.
  • Column 4 lines are now resolved properly when you switch the fast response previews in the Viewer Manager. - Fix a JavaScript bug that occured when split tests were terminated but could not be stored properly. - fixed a problem where certain symbols were stored wrong in the Visual Builder.
  • Equal height colums are now displayed properly in VB while responsive preview is on. - Not published contributions are no longer displayed in postfeeds during processing in the Visual builder. - The blog engine will no longer break when quickly changing between different layouts during the Ajax loading process.
  • fixed a problem that causes inner lines within Specialty Sections to use the wrong columns classes when adding via VB. - Now the " Remove space below image" for image modules works properly in VBilder. - New TinyMCe text editing button added to the modular preferences of the Visual Builder team.
  • The drag and drop of Fullwidth Section padding in VB has been simplified. - Improvements to the CSS selector for tab module theme setting. - Improvements in troubleshooting Divi Library import errors. - The special character within the Load From Library utility tip is now properly encoded. - Bugfix for JavaScript that occurred during reactive previews in JavaScript Viewer.
  • Undesired fills under the column were deleted, resulting in a different fill quantity in the Visual builder than in the frontend. - When you do not enter a typed address, Visual Builder now hides them. - Troubles with Firefox e-mail login not working have been resolved.
  • Changed the user-defined text colour to overwrite the basic colour of the text modul. - We have solved problems with IE based problems with IE based problems with FS2016 not supported. - Troubleshooting problems when you add moduls to special areas. - There was a problem with motion pictures that were not displayed outside the Viewer Builders. - This fixed a problem with the Fullwidth Code-Module which prevented the user from saving the file.
  • Solved a problem with the Portfolio Engine where the Viewer was unable to store for some people. - When saving pages from the Home Page Manager, they are now stored properly as home pages. - Rendering problems with the Audiomodule in view in Visual Builders solved.
  • typo in line width switch in visualbuilder fixed. - An overlap (+) problem occurred when the footing line menus and footing line widgets were not present. - Problem with the display of the post navigation modules in the Visual builder has been solved. - Improved right-click menus to work properly for special areas.
  • Enhanced the Notepad for credit footers to the Theme Customizer. - fixed several conflicting issues with third-party modules in our tool. - Fix issue with misaligning contents width in the Visual builder when box design was on. - button now appears when you try to exit the Viewer without storing.
  • Bugfix. Problems with IE11 and the slider modules were solved when they were displayed in the viewerilder. - This fixed a bug with the display of the elevation settings of the splitting modules in VB.

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