I use Divi2 theme from elegant designs. Division 2.0 has come and gives "countless possibilities" a whole new meaning.

We introduced Divi 1.0 last year and it quickly became our most favorite topic. After Divi 1.0 was published the next morning, our staff started to extend our strongest and most versatile topic ever. We are very proud to present Divi 2.0 with a totally of 3 different profile models, 20 support structure and 33 rugged moduls.

It is a smooth upgrade for the latest Divi, yet gives you the option to make each page from scratch with an even more sophisticated Page Builder. The Divi has been in development for almost a year, and we can't await to see the stunning sites our clients are creating.

We have never before devoted so much of our attention to a subject and the outcome is a much more comprehensive, sensitive and user-friendly range than anything else in our range. Featuring dual moduls, dual layouts, and dual topic choices, Divi 2. Divi Page Builder has seen some remarkable enhancements, among them the possibility to copy a modul, a line or a section, and a completely new special area that adds 9 new columns as well.

Divi Builders now gives you the option to copy any item with all its preferences, ideal for building more than one module with shared features. They are especially useful for the creation of dynamical side bars. Divi's headers allow you to select the colour of your headers, the position of your logos, an emphasis strip for your contacts and contacts, and even your headers to navigate horizontally and vertically.

Vivi 2. In addition to the all-new headline choices, you can also rearrange your whole navigational experience vertically. Coupled with our new headers option, this allows you to build some truly original sites that look and feel totally different. They are ideal for large logo and main navigational features with many menus.

You can now select whether you want to present your website in a box design or not. One of the best utilities for building custom landings pages is now available for you. Into Dive 2. Getting Dive on her way never felt like you ever went away. Every new function and module of Division has been designed with reactivity in view.

Divi's Portfoliomodulen allows you to present your work anywhere on your website in a wide range of ways. In fact, you can even create your own pages with the Builders! With Divi, you have what you need to get your shop up and run in no time at all. In Divi 2 we've added some new ready-made shop partitions.

With the broad palette of professionally minded dive engines, you can effortlessly design serious yet contemporary looks. Vivi comes with different blogs with different layout to select from. You can place your blogs anywhere on your website with Divi's Builders. You can now use the following mail types: Default, Sound, Gallery, Offer, Movie and Links. Transform your blogs into a vibrant, enjoyable multimedia share your content.

Vivi 2. Vivi 2. Zero presents a whole new suite of ready-made layout files. We' ve been spending more of our attention making sure these layout are a good place to start for anyone who wants to use Dive to create their website. Prefabricated layout can be preloaded to prefill each Page Builder using a predefined module library created for a particular use.

If you want to use a design in another part of your website, you can store your design and upload it to another page. Yes, you can even have your stored layout exported to use on a whole different website that uses the Divi themed!

Module are components with which you can attach contents to your website. The combination of different moduls with different line patterns results in innumerable creative options. Divi 2. Zero, we have added several new moduls, and we have also upgraded many of our classical moduls. 2.0 saw us introduce 13 brands of new module that will extend what has been possible with Divi so far.

Adding new moduls is indicated by a red dot at the top. When you click an image, a full-size light box opens, and you can even select whether to display your galleries as thumbnails. Splitting your sound looks great in Divi. They can even be uploaded along with cover artwork for albums or tracks that appear next to the Divi Audioplayer.

Instead, try to use your own brand design, which is clear-cut in Divi styling. There are two more meter module in the mailing lists. And you can even select your own color and design! Vivi Blubs now use the full performance of our ElegantIcon package. Select from over 350 symbols that you can use in your blurbs, either above or to the left of your contents.

Now you can insert a tattoo portrayal picture, select your wallpaper colour and even specify the attribute location and your name. The contact form has been updated with a design that is more reactive and visual compliant with other module designs. We' ve been spending a great deal of our attention making sure Divi is well drafted and simple to use.

Featuring 50 full-length Tutorials, each with full-length footage walks, backed by full-length items, you'll find everything you need to know about Divi in one place. We' ve worked more on this topic than any other and I really think it has been worth it. There are so many astonishing ways this particular topic can be used to build such a broad range of sites.

Vivi does more on her own than any other subject we have paired, and with the liberty to take every angle of your site under full command. Not only is this a topic, it's a new basis for creating a website that will make you rethink the way you create it. It makes it easier for a beginner to create sophisticated and extremely customized web sites than ever before.

If I' m not working on new topics too much, I like to write one or two articles in our blogs!

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