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Got deejays to buy their music?

They are one of them who remains legally responsible for copyrights and the use of music. A lot of dj' s don't want to perform their music but rather combine pop tracks in one single song, so they have to be very cautious not to infringe copyrights. Does that mean they have to charge deejays for their music?

They have to buy the single, album, track and anything else they want to change and add to their mix. In addition to this legitimate buy, however, they may need a special licence that allows them to perform copyright protected music in front of a large number. A number of jurisdictions are imposing this legislation, so a DJ will have to charge a royalty for this licence, while others will not, as the sites and federations in charge of them will have to do so.

Unlike in the UK, Canada, Finland, Italy and several other jurisdictions, the Act is very peculiar to the way DJs must make payments in order to obtain a licence. Under the terms of this royalty, they may reproduce, copy, and modify titles of copyright protected materials, as well as CD's, records, tapes, digitally recorded materials, and other mediums.

You can also copy them lawfully to a computer's built-in sound processor, harddisk, MP3 etc... In these jurisdictions, a DJ must obtain this approval before beginning their pro life, which means using copyright protected music for their music. If it' s about the USA, DJ's don't have to buy this license to perform the music.

Obviously they still have to keep it legitimate and buy all the tunes they want to use, but there is no need for the free trial licence. Places like bars, pubs or bars are the ones that are paying for the DJ's right to make music. Performing Rights Organizations, or PRs for short, exist that act as intermediaries between music makers, writers, artists and the place where they want to perform their music.

For the USA these are the ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, etc... After they have paid their dues to the owner of the music, the venue can now perform them for the group. If a DJ works for such a place, he is also permitted automaticly to perform these songs for free.

This means that US based dj' s are not obliged to have BMI or ASCAP licences to appear, as the clubs or even the person they appear in are liable for this. Certain locations, however, require dues from the deejays and you cannot gamble there unless you have paid this dee and are entitled to gamble the copyright protected music.

Be sure to contact the organisers of Evens beforehand to make sure that you are not illegal on the music. When a DJ in the USA is planning to perform music outside a licenced location, he is liable for the license fee and other charges that would otherwise be incurred at that location.

In summary, yes, yeah, deejays are paying for their music in one way or another, but they'll usually make it quite easy. Everyone has to buy or download the music they want to blend lawfully, and some jurisdictions even demand a seperate licence that allows them to perform copyright protected music for the group.

For the USA, these licensing fees are the sole responsability of the location, and in most cases the DJ does not need to pay for the licensing.

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