Dj Wordpress Theme free

Wordpress Dj theme free

The Deejay will be a very useful topic for musicians and DJs. WordPress Leiden is a new and exciting wordpress theme that will make you feel at home in the world of music. Earphones - Headphones Free WordPress Theme.

The Deejay

The Deejay was developed for musician, DJ's and events-planner. Design is accessable and reactive with a variety of menu and wide areas as well as colour and lay-out choices, plus headers wallpaper movie playback as well. The Deejay has 3 user-defined Wididgets for current articles, current commentaries and test stories (The test story needs Jetpack).

Also uses voice and streaming mail so you can present your favorite tunes, and contains a customized mail style that lets you fade out the artist, category, and tag. The Deejay is designed for use with these plug-ins: Event Manager, WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads and Jetpack to present your event, resell goods, split your contents or view your product range and experiences.

60-plus best WordPress themes free & premium songs

Best free and premier WordPress topics for the musicians, sound studios, portals musicians, artists, band, concert, band musicians, concert website with clear designs and powerful functions that are aimed at the satisfaction of your supporters. Many of us are living every single passing moment trying to be lucky. One of the aspects of our lives that can help us make our lives better is our musicality.

If you use WordPress to operate your website, consider using these free and high-quality WordPress topics for your website using your own songs, they have tonnes of customisation possibilities, you can build your own custom website with just a few mouse clicks and provide your users with the best possible viewing experiences.

The theme is fast and efficient, ideal for groups, radios, DJ's, on-line and more. Has all the enhanced functions for a musical website such as artists, album, DJ mix, photo gallery, videos and event displays, each with its own unique mail-style. he comes with a ghost of his own, which means he plays automatically, so the visitor is welcomed with fantastic songs.

It has the functions everyone is looking for, such as user-defined albums label and genre taxes, artists links with albums mentioned in blogs post, and is SEO-optimized so that postings appear first in searching machines. It' the ideal blend of light, cheerful colours and simplified black-and-white that really complement each other in the end.

Using a fantastic soundplayer, Apple can show your latest track, it also shows forthcoming shows in an organised way, showing the place, venues and available seats for each of them. The Kentha is a WordPress theme designed for the new generations of musical pros such as DJs, performers, artists, bands as well as singer.

WordPress' theme of the most cutting-edge musicians is here, turning your website adventure into a singular and exciting trip into pure soundtrack. Your site stays loyal to its users and can be shared anywhere in the globe from any machine, resulting in increased revenue, concert and event activity. One of the most popular WordPress themes in contemporary Music, designed to become a private page of a DJ, artist or group.

The WordPress theme is the best efficient and professionally designed way to advertise your company or your work. Your website will be very professionally designed with a contemporary, minimalistic and eye-catching theme. Select between the theme's bordered and broad layouts, three pre-defined colour scheme and the bright and black version.

Unyson Page Builders are based on the Unyson design and to make the fitting procedure simple and seamless, you have a Unyson Drag'n'Drop Page Builders utility that allows you to drag and drop pages according to your needs. Page segments in the desired order! The Amita, WordPress theme is especially conceived for musicians, bands, artists, musicians, fanclubs or other companies in niche markets.

The MusicFlex is WordPress theme, a full-featured, versatile and easy-to-use WordPress theme for the entire WordPress world. It is a vibrant and contemporary WordPress theme for performers, musicans and anyone working in the entertaining world. The Audioatro is a WordPress theme developed for podcasts, artistes, tunes, dj' and web sites. Follow the number of times you download your sound file with blubbry's statistics.

Add a new, contemporary look to your podcasting page, your favorite tunes or your favorite sounds with this theme! It is a contemporary and neat WordPress theme developed with great love of detail, versatility and power. Contains all the functions you need to build a professionally-looking website quickly and simply. The theme contains some really awesome functions like an events and albums system, a visual compiler, a sliders revolutionary and much more.

Contains also a musical playlist and the possibility to buy ticket and goods directly from the site. This is a volume, studio, label, DJ or vocalist WordPress theme developed solely for volume, festivals, DJ or vocalsites. One-page WordPress theme for your favorite songs, easy and user-friendly, with 7 page designs.

An artist, producer and label about Wordpress. Comes with 7 nice homepage design and flawless design to encourage your favorite newsletters, merchandising shops and your nice soundtrack. The Lush is a great WordPress all-in-one application for everyone in the musical world. Are you a jazzmaster, vocalist, punk rock star, pianist, bandmanager or even your own website? These Topics are for you.

The EPRON is the ultimative solid WordPress theme for a widespread musical world. No matter who you are - DJ, event producer, musical director or just loving the work. The EPRON is exactly what you need. It is a key characteristic based on concise code that gives you almost limitless opportunities to customize the theme to your needs.

The design has a very versatile lay-out and is extremely simple to use, so it looks great on any type of equipment, from your smart phone to your upgraded balloon to your desk top is immaculate. WordPress uses fundamental WordPress functions to make it simple enough for novices, but good enough that even the most experienced user won't get tired.

Any theme customizations are made using a theme modifier that allows administrators to see the changes they make as they make them. The theme has a very hot, classical, western atmosphere that makes it all the more ageless. is a new WordPress theme approach developed specifically for musicians, bands, DJs, producers and other individually minded individuals.

The ZONA was built with AJAX - now you can be sure that the sound won't stop when you browse the site. The theme contains Visual Composer to simplify the management of your contents. The theme is stuffed with funky, contemporary vibe. There are 8 different designs of Feat: Up to 12 pages can be built, you can choose from 5 different Widget types and it's even a great way to play your own songs, so you can even upload your own play list to the website.

Completely reactive and handset ready, it gives the user full control over all the functions of the subject. Section includes homepage, blog, events, gallery, video, music and countdown. The WordPress theme comes from the experiences of many station owner and includes a full listing of all kinds of management related publication for radios, station plans, station plans, pop-ups, team, top 10 graphs, and more.

Best thing about this topic is how simple it is to adjust it. Featuring an appealing look, limitless colour choices and more than 600 Google fonts, Onair2 is a great way to really bring your tunes to the screen. This theme's feeling has a very rocky Indian viola, but it can be adapted to any style just by working on some of the colours.

There is a Home, About, Events, Discography, Gallery, Blog, Contact and Videos page that does a great work to show what's going on in the artist work. A WordPress theme, you can use for managing and selling your customers' radios, tunes, audio clips, and so on. There'?s nothing that calls for more joke than this!

The Mesh contains so many stunning functions that will really help start any musical or entertaining business. Absolutely recommended this site for any club or festival or any other group. This theme gives you the opportunity to resell your ticket directly from your own website, allow your supporters to easily return a dinner or drink set from the website, synchronise everything on your website, synchronise with all your favourite online content, and integrate an astonishing non-stop play list to keep the event going.

You can also have a multi-lingual website so your website can be accessed by any fan from anywhere in the world, and all the functionality will still look good on your tablet/mobile phone because Mesh looks good on all your equipment. The theme blends professionality and enjoyment with a very distinctive design. It comes with interesting little Widgets like a vinylic shape Musicplayer for the flawless blend of classic and contemporary, a straight musicplayer that is actually sound clamp compliant, Master-Slider function for soft transition between contents and is also Woo-Commerce pluggable so that you can resell your tapes directly outside the website.

The Lucille is a wonderfully crafted WordPress theme that' s perfect for performers, band members, musical groups, growers or anyone working in the musical world. Lucille's theme is highly customizable, highly interactive and simple to use, with premier functionality and plug-ins, making it a high-performance and complete end-to-end application for the recording world. Explosions of reds and fuchsias in this theme make it really festal and you really get the feeling of a good one.

This website is perfectly designed for those who go on tours often or for several days, as the design shows that they have made it very event-friendly - it is simple to find places, tours and even have a built-in diary where you can keep an overview. The Lush is the ultimative topic for humans in the musical world.

Comes with an audioplayer, a gig management, an events timer for those who need to see shows, a one-of-a-kind image reader and amazing hidden object features without programming skills. The AQURA is an adorable piece of art and simple to use theme that allows you to tell your tale in a vibrant, storytelling and pleasant way, making it ideal for artists and deejays.

That one-sided design does the work. You have the possibility to save, view and edit all necessary information about forthcoming performances and performers in the theme of Anqura. And the way information glides easily and easily onto the monitor is proof of how easily slim this topic is. There are a number of interesting features and it is the ideal theme for the managerial side of the musical business, as its design makes it simple to present all the performers and talents in your list.

Developed in cooperation with true artists who know exactly what a group needs, SONIC is the perfect solution for your needs. There are 3 different designs available to match any design you are trying to present. The Sonik is a versatile and powerfull WordPress theme with all the necessary features to create a professionally designed website with your favorite songs.

More than 12 kinds of customized posts allow you to produce any kind of creative entertainment related to the newsroom. Clearly defined contours and a minimalist look make the perfect setting for your work with this completely appealing and device-friendly theme. It is a theme that is professionally presented and will act as an astonishing website that your visitors will keep returning to.

Nowisa is a strong musical theme, light and incredible versatile WordPress, which was developed especially for musicians, groups, netlabels, dj' and producer. Now you can be sure that the sound doesn't stop when you play on the page. Now you can be sure that your sound doesn't stop when you play on the page. It' s a great way to present your musical work at the highest possible quality.

There are two Noisa themes - full or boxing; boxes are only slightly smaller than the full one. This is a very fashionable and trendy design. It' the kind of musical performer that comes with this theme, it's just the thing because no matters which page you choose on the site, it remains steady while the remainder of the site changes... it's always there.

Adjusting the backdrop makes this a truly appealing design. The Croma is a WordPress theme for vocalists, artists, bands as well as artists that is both imaginative and reactive. Croma lets you build a nice website for your soundtrack. It' an perfect theme to advertise your digital media folders, your e-commerce and your nice tunes.

The Croma is a premier musical theme aimed at everyone in the musical or entertaining industry. This works with any kind of mail types that a musical or entertaining theme should promote, such as sound, events tracking, photogalleries, videos and more. An unlimited number of performers can be managed by you, categorising them with their own user-defined taxes and putting them anywhere on the site, using the performer' widget provided with the theme.

Meanwhile, WordPress Theme allows you to continually listen to your favorite songs to buy your ticket, book, events, etc. and comes with six month full service coverage. We' ve brought together all the important functions needed for entertaining websites. Its name says it all: MIESH is ideal for anyone who enjoys night life. Offers two different version of the theme: They' re both simple to navigate with a unique scrolling log lay-out and the auto-play musical performer makes the event sound fantastic while guests surf.

This WordPress theme allows you to customize your page as you like, even if it's your first web page fumbling. The theme can be used for different niche applications and it gives you the right functions to make your website look good and help you attract your people.

A complete overview of this topic can be found here. Another of the WordPress musical topics that is great for groups, performers and individual musicians who want to prove their artistry. A great thing about this theme is that it adapts well to the display of the machine from which it is accessible. This means that it works well with portable equipment. The graphic artist is built in, allowing the users to work at their own discretion using simple dragging and dropping.

There are many functions that are easy to customize. Enhanced information system: The function for managing incoming ticket sales enables the user to publish information about forthcoming sales promotions, place and ticket prices. It is one of those WordPress musical topics that is technically progressive and contains many innovative functions. It is ideal for sites dealing with musical messages or musical journals.

There are functions such as foldable menu, trend entries and more the seven style for use with the presented pictures. Of course, WordPress has become the right place for the many website users without programming skills. Over the years, WordPress topics such as WordPress theme songs have evolved to attract even experienced web designers there is no need to re-invent the wheels if you can find the right theme for your WordPress website.

After all, there are literally hundred of topics to pick from and one thing that you can be sure of is the fact that you won't be disillusioned. Musical Volume live event is WordPress theme musical theme for musical artist studios, website, musical artist groups and groups, musical artist club, nightclub, musical artist event, and on-line tracks display cases and musical artist blog and musical artist groups like musical artist website, any kind of useful amusement as well as nightlife and thematic theme musical artist.

The themes come with a customized pre-recorded sound card that lets you present your favorite tunes brilliantly on your website. That' not all, switch the sound to the audioplayer, the most attractive! The WeMusic is a WordPress-theme! Topic is theme based redesign for bands, concerts, event organizers, record companies, nightclubs/concert DJs, the festivals website, such as when fine-tuned built-in ecommerce solutions to ticket events to selling on-line records and other music-related items.

With one of the most advanced tracks and sound managements found in any WordPress theme, you can append song texts and a buy icon to tracks published on the site, provide fan client assistance capabilities, and are translatable. There is an audioplayer, a contactsheet, two mouse data sets, multi-page or one-page ad, community content, menus and sub-menus and much more.

This may not be like your face like other subjects, but it's like every thing you could ever need as an performer, so who says you have to be conspicuous to be the best? This is a simple and user-friendly one- and multi-page WordPress theme that is both professionally and easily operated. Audiotopic lover of sound, bands, musicians, DJ a producers, an organisation devoted to the film maker, label or event and festival.

It' made for the amusement world. The theme is very professionally and is ideal for tours of performers or festival. It'?s the embodiment of a good times, just the way it looks. Showing the slideshows of your pictures on the homepage is a great thing, followed by the latest postings of your favorite music, event, pictures and blogs.

Thanks to this sophisticated audioplayer, you can listen to your favorite tunes or even listen to your favorite tunes while you search the site for forthcoming shows. Featuring a pro loudspeaker WordPress theme from the simplest side. No matter if you shoot or not, loudspeakers are present and have all the functions necessary for a tape or record label to make your on-line operations easier.

We are passionate about our work! The Jam Session is a great looking WordPress theme for artist, groups, musicians as well as anyone working in the musical world. subject has a contemporary styling, very adaptable, so you can adapt it to your musical styles and needs. JuSession provides musical theme soundtracks, event themes, photogallery and videos full-screen slider, answer stone archives layout, customized mailings.

The JamSession WordPress theme is very easily configurable, both the experts and beginner-user. With WordPress, building your own website doesn't have to be a pain, it can be really quite straightforward. Since these topics are only a small part of what is available to performers, it can be an hassle-free operation to turn your website into a website that reaches a wider global public.

The WordPress topics are perfectly for everyone in the musical business, all you have to do is pick the one that works best for your imaginative work! Cleaner, trendier, and fast reacting free WordPress theme designed specifically for musicians, concerts, bands, artists, shows, or any type of musical website or blog.

There are several interesting and efficient functions to create a user-friendly, interaktive and optically appealing website. Functions include custom menu, social media options, adjustable banner slider, adjustable center section, multi-page layout, adjustable bottom line section, blog layout, logo colour setting, bottom line setting, custom CSS. Transactional TA Entertainment website or TA Entertainment musical site to establish an on-line site and a plethora of enhanced functions, the best free WordPress theme for groups and musician in the musical music niche of the sector.

It' s remarkable that the theme you choose free of charge will help you get a competitive edge at the show DJ DJ, no matter what it is that the mail guy, sleek note, performer, album, videogallery, photogallery does not mingle. Using electronic performers, electronic performers, electronic and electronic records and show a galery, you can set up a page for the performer to view his works through the high-performance digital sound players works on all popular web browser and portable device can be categorized into their own category.

We are designed to assist you with many cases of visitor s and supporters are slightly superior qualitiy of the Eventmanagers to get current information such as meeting schedule, tours or venues, place or place of the meeting, date of the card, ticketing and you can buy tickets on-line or ribbonware.

The Muso is a Wordpress theme specially developed for bloggers, artists and groups. While it can work as a normal blogs theme, it contains some specific functions that should address groups and musicans. The MusicMacho is a free WordPress theme for musical performances, groups and stores. It' s backed by our highly skilled design and development staff, so don't hesitate to use it and get the most out of its fantastic functionality.

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