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Broadcasting of domains from network solutions. In order to transfer a domain from Network Solutions to Go Daddy, you will need the following information:. In this article we will guide you through the process of transferring a domain from web hosting and domain registration service Go Daddy to your Bluehost account. Would you like to establish an online presence for yourself and/or your company?

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Next to Domains, click Start. Select the domain you want to move. DOMAIN UNLOCK: On the Preferences page, locate the Locks area. When " On " is displayed, it means that the domain is blocked. Select "Manage" and unlock the device. CHECK THE ADDRESS OF THE ADMINISTRATION E-MAIL: The " Accounts " register card contains various information on the accounts of the registrant, the administrator, the technician and the bill.

Don't make any changes to anything other than the administrative e-mail address. If you make any further changes, GoDaddy will apply a MANDATORIC 60-day ban on your domain. When the administrative e-mail address needs to be repaired, click "Edit" next to "Administrative" and ONLY correct the e-mail address. Return to the "Settings" register card, you will find the "Authorization code" line and click on "Send my password by e-mail".

Transferring a domain from Go Daddy to Bluehost: 13 Stops

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Learn how to set up a custom domain on Blogger with's customized domain set-up is used to build your own blogs URL. If you buy a domain from, you allocate an IP adress ( A-Record and CNAME-Record) to the domain. Therefore, you must modify these data sets to link to your blog. Sorry, this posting can help you modify the A and CNAME entries in your Gottaddy accounts.

You can see the domain name lists under Domains. When you click Advanced Detail of your domain, it will be displayed. You will be redirected to the Domain Managers page. On the A (Host) tab of the DNS Manger, type the 4 IPs as follows, one at a time, to modify the A record using the Quick Adds icon.

Have you already made a CNAME entry for the mailing list of your blogs? Click on the ink symbol next to the CNAME entry. Once you've added all the records, click Submit Changes to submit your edit. Type only the subdomain of the domain you want to use for your blogs.

If you have, for example, chosen as your adress, type www here. Type as your hostname. So you can modify the domain name' URL, which now points to your Blogger name. Allow a few dozen minutes for the changes to take effect in your DNS entries.

Then you can say goodbye to your old web log URL by modifying it with your own domain name.

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