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When you need to know what kind of hosting you have, this article gives you the details you need. There is no domain name or business email in the Starter Plan. That makes it harder (i.e. more expensive) to do simple things with GoDaddy.

Are they making many of the same mistakes as some of the other well-known brands in the hosting industry?

Go Daddy Keeps 52 Million Domain Up to Date

Well known for the sale of domain names, Go Caddy is also one of the world's leading web hosters and one of the world's leading suppliers of web site content and safety certification, enabling e-commerce on billions of websites. Goaddy runs a worldwide datacenter ecosystem to ensure these virtual offices work for you.

You may know Go-Daddy because of his nervous and funny Super Bowl adverts. When it comes to the web infrastructures that support the 52 million domains it administers, Go Daddy is a real businessman. "We' re handling 10 billion DNA requests a day," says Goaddy CEO Warren Adelman.

" Well known for the sale of domain names, Go Caddy is also one of the world's leading web hosters and one of the world's leading suppliers of web site content and safety certification, enabling e-commerce on billions of websites. Go Daedy runs a worldwide ecosystem of datacenters and Points of Reference (PoPs) to ensure that these offerings work seamlessly together on-line.

Go Daddy's heart of infrastructures is concentrated in the Phoenix area, where it runs three large datacenters and networking operation centres that control its worldwide activities. It also has datacenters in Los Angeles, Chicago and Ashburn, Virginia, and offices internationally in Amsterdam and Singapore.

Accessibility marks a shift because Go hasn' t said much about his datacenters in the past. "Goaddy currently hosted more than 5 million websites on 35,000 server in its datacenters. More than 23 Petabyte of information is stored on its messaging system and the organization handles more than 350 million email messages every single day. What's more, the organization has more than 20,000 records of information at its disposal.

A long way has been covered by the company's corporate culture. Jomax Technologies was founded by Bob Parsons, Jomax Technologies' founder and publisher, in 1997. In the Phoenix area, however, they had retreated after having sold the accountancy vendor to Intuit in 1994 for $64 million, but wanted to get back into the business.

Named Go Daddy today, the firm became an online registration agent in 2000 and began to sell domains at significantly lower rates than the top registration agents. "â??We began with server computers that live in the cupboard at Bob's ranch,â remebers Go Daddy Chief Technology Officer Wayne Thayer. "We then got our first computer centre in Mesa, began with a few rack units and continued to grow.

" Dad' s cheap offers were very much appreciated by registrants. At the end of 2004, Go daddy was the dominating registration agent and a driving force behind the web site industry. There was a lot of trafficking to the website. It then became clear to the enterprise that it had to extend its existing infrastructures. "We' re at a point where we need our own datacenter," Adelman said.

"â??We found this great place in Phoenix and found it for a good prize. "Go Daddy purchased the $9.5 million telecommunications property in November 2005 and began remodeling the room. This 320,000-square-foot facility comprises several mezzanines and provides nearly 430,000 sq ft of floor area for the use of datacenters.

See Inside Go Daddy's Datacenter for more information. Its first two datahalls went into operation in June 2006 and used most of the initial telecommunications infrastructure on a ceiling soffit. This development was clearly evident in a tour of the Phoenix site with Go Daddy Director of Operations Sam Rudek and Critical Facilities Manager Rene LeBlanc.

When Go had booted these first two datacenters, he began to develop his own design for the following rooms. And Goaddy has incrementally increased the performance densities of his pod's from about 100W per sq ft to 300W per sq ft and beyond. Recent pod technology separates the rack from the electricity and refrigeration infrastructures, which are located either in adjoining aisles or in dedicated rooms.

When Go Daddy's operations grew, it extended to both shores and several continents. "We' ve really begun to downsize our DNA infrastructures. "It' s dispersed infrastucture is helping to quickly resolve these 10 billion a day DNS requests and is also crucial to support Go Daddy's SSL franchise. It is an SSL Certification Body that issues and manages electronic credentials that secure information transfer between a Web site and a customer's Web browsers to enable the secure exchange of electronic trading information.

Thayer says Go Daddy processes more than 1 billion OCSP replies every year. "A significant portion of Go Daddy's infrastructural activities are focusing on safety efforts to keep its DNA and OCSP server up and running and responding quickly. "Thayer says, "One of the things that makes Go Daddy special is the product line we offer.

" Goaddy is not only responsible for protecting its SSL and DNA infrastructures, but is also frequently responsible for electronically attacking some of the 5 million websites it hosted. These defensive measures are overseen at the company's head office in Scottsdale, a Phoenix outskirts, where Go' Daeddy has done business in office space in three spacious premises.

Employing 3,500 people, around 2,100 of them in after-sales services. Scottsdale operates an IT Networks Operation Center (NOC) that keeps track of the health and power of the company's 35,000 server assets and a Security operations center that watches over Go Daddy's attack on IT infrastructures. The majority of threats are distracted without incidents, but large scale desktop threats are moved to specific sections of the Go Daddy networking that are provided with extra bandwith to accommodate greater packet volumes.

As well as using automatic utilities, GoDaddy' own secure personnel also track Twitter scans, which can indicate that a GoDaddy host has been compromised. Go Dady runs several of its own datacenters, but also works with datacenter vendors. The project began in an AT&T datacenter and has also worked with IO and Equinix to extend the company's existing infrastructures.

Opened in 2009 and 2010, the Amsterdam and Singapore offices offered both extra capacities and a more widely spread infra-structure to help drive worldwide expansion. Given that the Group sees further potential internationally, further expansion is likely in the computer centre both in Phoenix and at remote sites. "It wasn't long ago that our datacenter was small," Adelman said.

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