Does Wix Cost Money

Is Wix costing money?

That's all to be expected, but it's nice to know that Wix did well in terms of fundamentals. Is Wix offering a money back guarantee or a free trial version? Wix Apps Market can cost you more money to run your website: Impartial reviews that save you time and money. When you approach your bandwidth limit, Wix warns you in advance.

What would it cost to engage a professional to design my own website?

Wix should only be used if you want to try your luck at creating a website and you don't want to engage a webmaster. Everyone who names it a Wix Pro that I would handle with a high level of distrust, like anyone who does web designing for a livelihood, would not need Wix in any way.

When you have the money to employ a design professional, then rent them directly and they will probably (if they are good) make a much better website that is matched with more of what you want. Site owners like freelancers and divers will have Asian design professionals who are likely to have a quarter of the quota of someone from North America, Europe or Australia, and some of them will be producing high value web pages, but the only issue is that on balance communications and services can be lower, especially the latter as Asian client support is not a big issue.

When you need to check the website contents, you can choose a CMS and have your designers customize a theme. The only thing you would need is a CMS, if you would keep your website up to date and have new contents, otherwise, if you only need to make changes from text to text from times to times, you can always get the designers to do so.

WIX? is it any good for SE?

I' m about to optimize for WIX and after I have seen some older articles, e.g. 2012; I have seen that some WIX advisors don't like them. I' ve been spending a lot of my life creating this site, and I don't want to spend any more optimization effort if I don't get Top 3 Bio Serbia.

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