Does Wix Host Websites

Is Wix Host Websites

From where does Wix come and where do they host my website? Wix does not support the option to export websites created with Wix to an external destination or host. Wix sites must be hosted on Wix servers. As most hosts, Wix can do some things better than others. At the moment Wix does not offer this kind of hosting.

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Your website is your single web site location where your website can be found. Up to 500 megabytes (.MB) of disk space and up to 500 megabytes (.MB) of bandwith are included. There is a free domainname on your website that looks like this: In order to get your own customized domainname or link to a domainname you already own, update your website to Premium.

With your own customized domainname it is easy to find you on-line and enhance your trustworthiness. With the purchase of a premium plan, you can substitute your free Wix Domains with a user-defined Domainname, e.g.: Find out which premium plan is best for you.

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Buy your own Wix! domains directly from Wix! If you buy a Wix branded website, the website will connect to the Wix server immediately. to find out more about buying a Wix branded website. to find out more. Update to an annual Combo, Premium eCommerce or Limited plan to get a free one-year premium combo!

Can I host a website created by Wix on a different host than Wix itself?

Wix does not export websites generated with Wix to an outside target or host. If you are embedding a website in an offsite site, Wix no longer has complete command over how your website looks or works, and therefore cannot offer technical assistance. At Wix we have easy assistants for websites.

They are also involved in the web site hosted. However, I don't think this is currently available at Wix, which is regrettable as clients should get their own hosted solution. I think you can put the host on Wix, but not away from them. When you need a utility similar to Wix with the ability to always be able to extract the source file, please checkout AppDrag.

They have a drag-and-drop page creator, layouts, ready-made parts (layouts within layouts) and everything is adaptable to the T, the sources are available for you on every part. They offer hosted on AWS, so it's already as good as possible, but in case you need to move it to another location, just dowload the home directory and host it wherever you want.

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