Does Wix own my Domain name

Wix own my domain name?

Infinite and combo plans, Wix gives you a free, unique domain name (web address) of your choice. Site- and content owned by Wix Help Center It is our right, at our sole discretion, to decide and/or transfer title to any User Agreement or Website, whether or not an independently performed survey has been performed by us. Free sites: Web site or site owners or owners of contents are the owners of the Wix accounts under which the contents were made.

For the most part, the holder of the bankroll is regarded as the individual or corporation who has contact with the e-mail addresses shown in Wix's record. This is for premier websites that are associated with a domain: When a website is/was linked to a domain whose registry information is accessible to the public through the World Health Organization Information System (WHOIS) data base, the website proprietor is deemed to be the individual or organization registering as the domain proprietor.

When a domain is not linked or we cannot check the registry information in the World Health Organization's registry data base, we may use all pertinent accounting information to identify the domain holder or site name. In the event that payed Ministries are bought through the Service User Agreement, the owners of such accounts or any website or site linked or contained therein shall be deemed to be the individual or corporation whose invoice information was used to buy such payed Ministries.

Everything about domains: Ins & Outs of your website name

When your website is your home page, the domain of your website is your main adress. The domain is the first experience of your company that your customers have and the first step into your own property on the web. However, like any first experience, you will need to take a few simple actions to make a good first impression.

Choosing the right domain name is something like choosing your company's name - it can be a big thing if you don't do it right, so take your sweet moments and put some thought into it before you do. free domains: When you have a Wix website, you already know that you can create and post your website 100% free.

Are you not sure what the domain name of your website is? When you are a free Wix member, your domain name consists of this easy formula: your member name + your unique website name to look like this: In contrast to pay domain names, you can modify your free domain at any time by following these instructions.

Personalised domains: When you want to make a web site that fits better on your visiting card (not to speak of being easy for your customers to remember), it's your turn to connect your Wix site to your own domain. Upgrading to many of Wix's annual upgrades will give you your own domain for the first year for free.

Did you already buy a website from another domain registrar? A domain you've bought from almost anywhere can be connected to your Wix Accounts simply by updating your website to a Wix "Connect Domain" schedule. Domains has a great offer that combines the Wix Website Builder with a great domain bundle.

Best of all, Google Domains & Wix has made the tech part even simpler, so you can link your personalised domain with your Wix page in one go. As we have said above, selecting the right domain name for your website is a serious deal. As a protected company, your website name should be unique, memorable and appropriate to the overall sound of your trademark.

Since no two sites can have the same domain, it may take a few tries to find a single domain that fits your business best. That can mean the addition of an alternate extension to your domain,.ca or maybe something more funny Do you need help to create the right name?

Read our advice on selecting the best domain name for your company.

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