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Latest tweets from DollarPhotoClub (@DollarPhotoClub). As Adobe has announced that the Dollar Photo Club will be closed, we are examining some alternative websites with similar offers for stock image buyers. Thrilling Dollar Photo Club Alternative After Closure Dollar Photo Club members may be surprised that they closed their website for good on October 31, 2018. They announced that they would close their door forever after being bought by Adobe Stock (Fotolia was also acquired).

We would like to show you our Dollar Photo Club alternatives in this review. The Dollar Photo Club and its mother Fotolia were bought by Adobe on January 15, 2016. When you are not familiar with the Dollar Photo Club, it is/was a stick photo member site that has been selling pictures for $1. Current Dollar Photo Club members do not get their memberships back.

In order to receive the rest of the files you need to move your account through Adobe Stock. Users can also upload pictures until October 31, 2018, but the site will be closed after that date. Our Club 99 range is full of high-quality, royalty-free pictures that can be uploaded and used forever without having to worry about royalties.

And for those with an outdated Dollar Photo Club member account, our photo database is constantly expanding and offers more for your dollar without the expense of migration to Adobe Stock. Subscribing to 1999Club is free and automatically renews after one year. And you can get as many pictures as you want, and if you get more than your 200 pictures, each extra picture costs $0. 99 per file.

It' s just like the Dollar Photo Club, but with a little more, the Dollar Photo Club is the Dollar Photo Club option that offers quick, easily understandable terminology and the best value for money. It is also important to remember that the pictures you download from your 1999Club account are royalty-free, so even if your account ends, you can use any pictures you download forever and as much as you want or need to.

Photographs can be used for commercial purposes, and all of our pictures already have your models and ownership released, so you don't have to worry about the little things. You can safely use A3 at 300 dpi or 6' x 6' at 72 dpi in XLS, and all our video vectors can be download in EPS as well.

Available only for a restricted period and for a restricted number of clients, so to prevent problems with your past Dollar Photo Club subscription, register now for a better option before it's too late. Your subscription will be cancelled at the end of the year. It is also important to remember that Club 99 memberships only provide high quality pictures and no video.

You can also browse the whole 4 million+ image book before you buy your 99 Club subscription! Simply use the browse button at the top of the 95club page to enter a keyword, sort the results by filename types and fine-tune your query with various different settings. You' ll see the high level of craftsmanship and diversity of the range to be sure that the pictures will match all your work!

The 99club can also be extended automatically: your 99club subscriptions are extended for another year when the planned expiry date of your existing subscriptions expires. Renewal is always at the same rate as your first member, i.e. you get the $99 low-cost business as long as the facility continues to exist.

We will notify you before the automatic renewal expires and you can terminate your subscription at any point. We' re dissapointed that Dollar Photo Club is going, and we are hoping that their customers' switch to Adobe Stock will be a smooth and simple affair for their present members. Whilst we are sorry to see them go, we are convinced that our $99 Club is the best dollar photo club alternative that wants affordability and the same viewing experiences, but also gets twice the amount of royalty-free pictures in any format at the same cost.

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