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View reviews, compare customer reviews, view screenshots and learn more about Dolphin Web Browser for iPad. The Dolphin Browser is a web browser developed by MoboTap for the Android and iOS operating systems. This is one of the fastest web browsers for Android. The Dolphin Browser for iPhone, free and secure download. Have Dolphin do all the work so you don't have to.


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Dolphin Web Browser for iPad in the App Store

Make your everyday lives easier. Have Dolphin do all the work so you don't have to. Dolphin's tabbed browse lets you immediately distribute all web contents to your favourite network and surf between your desktops and mobiles. Upload Dolphin for the best iPad web browser viewing experiences. Dolphin's free iPad browser offers a variety of unique functions.

From Dolphin you can twitter websites, upload them to Facebook, e-mail them or copy the contents and store them directly in Evernote (Beta) or Box. You don't have to change between monitors, using tabs you can open and change websites in a flash with just a few clicks. -Dolphin Connect:

Scroll without mess by simply changing to full size picture view. Have a look at the Dolphin Browser on the iPhone! Upload Dolphin browser enhancements and share web between your phone and your desk. Get it now Anyone who loves Dolphin browsers, we always review your review and work very closely to make Dolphin better every time.

Due to the permanent collapses this once big browser is almost unusable. I' m using an iPad Mini 3 and iPad 11.3.1. I' ve removed and re-installed the browser, but the same issues persist. And I think the tool crashs started with a recent version of 11OS. Now the browser reacts irregularly.

Your browser seems to run more slowly than before, even if a tabs is open and all cookie and contents are deleted. When you start working in the browser, it finally begins to mill and behave more weirdly. Then the browser freezes between page views for 30 seconds or longer.

Till the browser crashed all over. Being patient with this browser has become a frustrating task. And the only thing I show him this patient attitude for is proof of the unique size of this browser. A seven month period is much, much too long to do without a browser up-date. This browser down?

It has both an iPhones and iPads on it. I' m not recommending this browser anymore until they fix these issues. Starting with IOS12, most of this browser is pointless. Don't dowload it, it's a pointless squander of flooring. Works with the iPod. Altersestufung You must be at least 17 years old to be able to access this application.

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