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Dodle3D is a very simple sketching tool that allows anyone to bring their own drawing to life with a 3D printer. Donodle3D WiFi Box is a WiFi device that connects your iPad/iPhone/Laptop or other device to your 3D printer. <font color="#ffff00">Doodle3D by <

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Donodle3D WiFi Box is designed to link any cordless drafting equipment to any 3D printers. Promise to get our latest news and post your comment and a reference in our Hall of Backers section on! Doodle 3D T-shirt! Grab your own Doodle 3D T-shirt. <font color="#ffff00">EARLY OVER RADIO <font color="#ffff00">Doodle3D WiFi

Become one of the first to get our finished WiFi box with Doodle 3D hardware at a discounted rate! Dodle3D Complete: Dodle3D WiFi Box + Hall of Backers note + a plastic pocket with 7 colours of rainbows (1,75 or 3mm thick black or PLA) and the T-shirt! Donodle3D Limited Edition: Dodle3D Full 3D Rewards (WiFiBox, T-shirt, plastic) with individually designed 3D pressure housing.

Get your hands on Donodle3D early and join our in-house testing team. They will be part of a small group of individuals who will give immediate feedbacks and proposals on the progress of Donodle3D. Once you' ve finished your design, you will also get a finished WiFi box containing your own Doodle3D. Please contact us for more information. netherlandse eatery! Bring a Dodle3D class for your college, university, club, business or friend anywhere in the Netherlands.

Donodle3D Full rewards inclusive. INTERNATIONAL Workshops! Bring a Doodle 3D class for your college, university, business or friend anywhere in the globe (travel & accommodation not included). Donodle3D Full rewards inclusive. Doodle 3D Special: Come and see the Doodle 3D crew, come to our amazing venue on the FabLabAmersfoort site in the Netherlands and join us for a great evening meal!

You will also get the Doodle3D Complete rewards and a Hall of Backers honor.

3D Doodle Transform Review | 3D Print Blog

So, how can 3D modelling become more available and enable everyone to use a 3D printing device? Doodle 3D's 3D staff are looking for an easy-to-use 2D-to-3D visual application that can be used by children. 3D Doodle Transform is a new type of 3D styling tools.

Behind it, the guys call it an easy-to-use "2D-to-3D app" that focuses on 3D print design. Behind this development was the development of an application that makes 3D modelling simpler than any other application on the market. It' s about making the move from drawings to 3D modelling as smooth and intuitive as possible.

To make 3D print truly available to everyone, 3D modelling must also be possible. However, the Doodle 3D Transformer crew didn't want to make any compromises on buildability. They needed to be able to produce exactly the 3D models they had in their minds without having to spend long periods studying how the user interfaces worked.

Doodle 3D Transformer's surface differs from most 3D modelling applications. It is divided into two parts that make the change from 2-D to 3-D as smooth as possible: With Doodle 3D Transform, it's easier to share your designs with your 3D printers. 3D Doodle Transformer is currently on Kickstarter.

They can help you turn their 3D modelling application into real life by supporting their projects here.

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